Selfoss and Hekla (Traveline Iceland)

– Hello
– Hello! – I’m Nataly Maiboroda, I booked a room in advance, in your place
– That’s right… – Long long time ago, because I know that it’s very
hard to book anything in Iceland just in one week before. – It can be very difficult, yes.
To start, welcome to Selfoss, to Gesthus. – Thank you, ok, what kind of room you can offer me? – Well, it’s a double room, the price for that is
11,000 ISK per night without breakfast, if you want to have breakfast then it’s 12,900 ISK. – I’m alone staying in such huge cottage, I have
my own kitchen, very nice bathroom, and it’s nice, I really like the view from the window,
finally I see the real forest. Selfoss is an important town, which allows easy access
to some major tourist destinations in the country. – That’s a perfect place because it’s situated not
far from the Golden Circle and from Hekla, which I plan to visit… time to sleep. Talking about continued activity, no volcano in
Iceland gets even close to the Majestic Hekla. – I knew about Iceland because of Hekla, one
of the most famous volcanoes in the world. – Hekla is over there, this huge mountain,
which is about 1,500 metres high, but it was so active that it was called the gates to
the hell, because it erupted more than 1,000 times, and it covered 85,000 square kilometres with ash. That means nearly 85% of the total surface of the
country, so there are traces of Hekla everywhere in Iceland. – That’s the volcanic ash from Hekla and it’s warm. – Actually the name Hekla from Icelandic language means the
“hooded one” because mostly all the time is covered with clouds. – It has a cycle of eruptions,
every eight years it must erupt, but ten years passed from the last one
and every day they are checking. Hekla, and of course all of Iceland, is a must see place
for everyone who has ever been interested in Earth sciences. – That’s stones for my professor of
geology and geomorphology from the University. This road also marks the limit inland where
you can drive with a normal car. To the interior, roads are only suitable for four wheel drive cars,
and in cases you even must ford rivers because there are no bridges.

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