Seduce With Style | 5 Clothing Pieces With High Sex Appeal

Seduce With Style 5 Clothing Pieces With High
Sex Appeal [0:00:00]
It’s a fact, gentlemen, certain pieces of clothing can level up your sex appeal. Quick story. So, I’m in cafe with my friend Tom. There’s a beautiful woman that just comes
up puts her phone number on a piece of paper right in front of me says, “Hey, if you’re
going to be around, please contact me.” And I’d like to think because it’s just my
rugged good looks, but I know when I was wearing a certain piece of clothing, I had women approach
me. Now, what was that piece of clothing? Guys, in this video, I’ve got five. One of those is the — my secret weapon, so
stick around guys, you’re going to enjoy this video. [Music]
I’m not going to leave you hanging guys here, number one on my list and what I was wearing
in that café, a leather jacket. I find that leather jackets well-fitted leather
jackets, there isn’t anything else in your wardrobe that you can wear that in my opinion
is sexier. Why? There’s a number of reasons why the leather
jacket is very attractive especially to women. Number one is the material – leather. Leather has been shown again and again when
women are shown different materials they see leather as strong as masculine. It’s something primal. It’s also something that society reinforces. Other things about the leather jacket can
be the style a little bit of the whole rebel without a cause. And it doesn’t have to just be the type of
leather that maybe you’re thinking right here, it can also be suedes and you can have fun
with variants. Now, what’s interesting about the leather
jacket is it also utilizes the power of the form of the jacket. They build up my shoulders, they make my hands
look larger. They overall give me — they trim up my waistline. All of this makes me look stronger it makes
me look more masculine. Overall, the form and the fabric comes off
as very attractive, therefore number one on my list the leather jacket. Number two on my list and a very close second,
gentleman, a well-fitted suit. Why do women love a well-fitted suit? Because it gives a great silhouette to a man. A silhouette is how they see you at a distance. Basically, it has all the things I talked
about with the leather jacket minus the leather. I guess you can get a leather suit. But for most suits out there, you’re going
to see a worsted wool. This is something from a distance it just
builds up your shoulders, slims you up, gives you a very strong masculine look. And that’s why the suit — and the suit by
the way the definition is a jacket and a pair of trousers made from the same material. So, it can be a solid suit, it could be a
striped suit, you can even have some pattern in there. Now, if you have a jacket that doesn’t have
trousers with it, this is an odd jacket also known as a sports jacket, navy color it could
also be considered a blazer. These are great as well especially wearing
them with a pair of dark-colored well-fitted jeans. But, the difference between this and the suit
is slight. I would say that this is nice and definitely
maybe comes in really close to the suit, but I like the suit because what it does is allows
the eyes to go up and down. It just trims you up makes you look taller
makes you look leaner makes you look stronger. Remember, the pads right here on these shoulders,
they’re going to just make you look more masculine and that right there is attractive. Now, everything I’m talking about in this
video, guys, is clothing, but understand to really be attractive you have to be confident. You have to be comfortable in your own skin,
you have to know what you stand for, you have to not be afraid to go your own way. We’re talking about going your own way, guys
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Grain, so go use the link down in the description. It’s got a great discount code for you. Good company, go check them out. Item number three a cashmere sweater. So, you can also go with a lightweight wool
maybe even a cotton, but you’re looking for something that has a very beautiful napped
weave that makes you want to touch it. And that’s why the cashmere sweater is on
this list because when women see a beautiful cashmere sweater on a man especially when
it’s well-fitted it’s of high quality, they want to touch it. What happens when a woman touches you? Instantly you have a barrier that’s broken
down. Oftentimes, they don’t even know what they’re
doing, they just reach over and, oh, this sweater is beautiful. You don’t know this person super well, but
they have broken a barrier and that’s why the sweater is on this list. Item number four statement shoes. So, these can be dress shoes, these can be
boots, these can be casual shoes. At the end of the day, you’re wearing something
that grabs attention that sends a statement. [0:05:05]
So, this pair right here, I think that the color is incredibly beautiful. I love the stitching right here it’s kind
of cap toe. Overall, I’ve had these pairs of shoes for
over ten years and I love them. And I think that because of the color when
I wear them the casual looking suit they really just they just look beautiful. Now, this pair right here it’s going to be
the broguing, so you can go with something that looks dark doesn’t grab too much attention,
but when people see the details and believe me, women notice the details on shoes. And it can be something small like buckles. Instead of going with a regular penny loafer,
all the sudden you go for a double monk strap or boots. I’ve talked about this in the past, but the
boot gives a feeling of strength, masculinity. You go with the color that can take to a nice
shine and polish or you go with a fabric, it’s really going to draw their attention. In this case, we got a blue midnight suede,
but you could go with a gray suede. Suede, for a lot of guys they want to stay
away from, I think it’s a great fabric to bring in the shoes, but it is something that
sends the signal this man cares about the details and that right there is attractive. Item number five. So, I’m going to use this one as an excuse
just to dump out a lot of things that I read. I couldn’t decide on which one I think should
go with the number five category, so let me know down in the comments what we should have
added. So, first off, a t-shirt and jeans. I saw white t-shirt and jeans for a lot of
ladies is just something they find incredibly attractive. But, I think the caveat here is you’ve got
to have the body for it. Next stop, I saw jewelry. A lot of people talking about wearing something
extra like maybe a bracelet maybe a necklace. It’s just something that makes him look mysterious
they’re drawn to it. Next stop, we’ve got leather bag. So, I did see that, yes, leather was popping
up again, but a lot of women talk about a man carrying a nice leather bag maybe satchel
maybe briefcase could be even a leather backpack, they found that interesting they found it
very attractive. Finally, let’s talk about fragrance. So, this could be an entire video in and of
itself and it’s not really clothing, but I agree that fragrance when worn appropriately
you have a signature scent that you have chosen for yourself when you develop a signature
scent women take notice. Why? Because they’re more open and they’re more
basically sensitive to fragrances, so that’s something to think about. Now, guys, let me know down the comments which
one did you think was right. And, guys, what did you think about this video? I had a little bit of fun with it. And go check out Original Grain, guys. Remember, I’ve got some extra watches I would
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    Video Summary:

    0:45 – Item #1 – Leather Jacket
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    4:18 – Item #3 – Cashmere Sweater
    4:54 – Item #4 – Statement Shoes
    6:15 – Item #5 – What do you think? – Click HERE To Join our online Facebook Community

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