hey welcome back and in today’s video
we’re going to be taking a look at the live interview that poppy had on stream
earlier I wasn’t going to do this video today but you guys flooded the Twitter
you were saying you really wanted me to do this video so postponed the other
video that I had planned for today in order to make this video for you I got
some really good theories on this one and I am so glad to bring this to you
because I know you want it a and B we got so many questions we had this little
headphones right here these are the greatest headphones in the entire world
I’m an alien so we’re going to go ahead and talk about this guy right here this
is obviously an actor a Super Deluxe actor don’t know who it is but maybe the
Repzilla team can look into this and figure out what this guy’s name is now I
really like the fact that he just kind of stares at the camera it really gives
the poppy vibe right great moving on now let’s go
straight to the the poppy the poppy come welcome to the show her name
is poppy you got to love this guy’s going to show her in just a moment but first
let’s take a look at the news now they do bring up they bring up a live survey
they want you to pick between options to show her new single on the live stream
or not I would have thought that you guys would want to see it live but
everybody said no let’s watch that 40% yes 71% no that makes absolutely no
sense I’m going to go ahead and call it rig that was rig there’s no way that you
guys would not have want to seen at that that is totally rig
who wouldn’t wanted to see that poppy makes her entry poppy what inspires
you as an artist do you remember there was another interview this one where she
was asked the same thing all the questions were different and she was a
little bit out of character but these answers are definitely different I’m
inspired by so many things and that is pretty much the answer now the guy’s
voice is just perfect for this part man it is so creepy this era I’m going to
release my new album this year I’m going to go on tour for the first time she
proceeds to tell you every every place that she’s going to be going on for two
I’m going to go ahead and skip across that because there’s no way you want to
sit here and listen to that I’m so excited to perform in front of real
human beings for the first time now when I first saw this man there’s this movie
it’s called I think it’s called simone and then it hit me
Wow the poppy project is mimicking a movie called sim one it’s like where the
Creator creates this artificial human being and a lot of other people he
convinces everyone else that this person is real
but it’s actually not real it’s a computer-generated AI
and I’m thinking that maybe that’s what this poppy project is poppy is
titanic Sinclair’s artificially created AI on tour there will be no
screen between us so there you got it right there there will be no there will
be no screen all you guys were speculating that possibly there could
been a screen pulled down and she was just her image was going to be casted
out but it looks like her physical body is going to be there also do want to
point out where the interviewer is mimicking and portraying how the other
interviewers interview her were he’s doing the awkwardness pretty good what
are the secrets behind poppy oh this was this was so big in the
community the secrets there were two secrets and best believe we gonna figure
them out I like secrets to secret of the forbidden zones the forbidden zones got
it written down I also like the secret of the Forgotten children man but this
dis exactly is the secret The Forgotten to huge mysteries for us to look into I
am so excited another thing that you guys wanted me to talk about was
what does she mean when she says they who is she referring to well I’ll be
honest with you in the movie simone and I know you guys are going to will watch
that movie now I’m pretty sure this is what the poppy projects based on in the
movie sim1 the the creator of simone actually succeeded with getting
everybody to believe that simone was a real person I got a message was this
pizzas on the way again and then he decided he didn’t want to do the project
anymore so he got rid of simone so he it was a computer AI so he drove out in
a boat and dumped the computer AI in the ocean he was seen doing this they
actually thought he murdered somebody that he people were convinced that
simone was a real person and that he killed them there was footage of him
dumping the computer in the water which was crazy crazy I remember the first
time they had me sing into a microphone they told me I could be a famous singer
absolutely no doubt this is base off simone because there I think that’s an
actual line from that movie now after the creator was accused of killing
simone someone this is a movie but the net actual name of the woman in there
was simone this one in this case we’re going to call it poppy
that is crazy but yeah they do do I think it the dude we went to jail
because he was trying to prove that it was a fake person very interesting movie
project is going I don’t understand what you mean by that exactly because poppy
he the guy asked her what how is the project going
but just like Simone someone in the movie they didn’t realize she didn’t
realize that she was actually a project and it looks like here poppy does not
realize that she is a project is poppy really Moriah or is poppy a figment
ation that is created off the image of a girl named Mariah is she actually an AI
she is not aware of the project she thinks that her existence is real
what’s the name of your new album I have a new album coming out it’s called I really like the name of the album is that is
genius because actually let’s name the album is also name the website such good
promotion you can kind of do it kind of like on all of one top things people remember
URL’s that they do that they do and as interesting as this is I have
theories so you know what you got to do that’s right
go ahead and bring it on out so here’s the theory we got the interviewer here
who is an actor who doesn’t probably know that poppy is actually an AI
artificial intelligence if you do not know what that means
poppy being an AI doesn’t realize that she’s not but thinks she’s a real person
her handlers are actually computer programmers the creators actually
Titanic Sinclair is moriah real is poppy based off of a real
person is she real or is she a I and the questions the plot thickens we got two
secrets now two secrets and we need to figure out who this man is we need to
figure out who this actors name is this is crazy this is a lot and so very
interesting but there is always one other thing that’s so much more
interesting than this that’s right you guessed it I want to know what you think
so why don’t you go ahead and leave your creative and/or interesting responses in
the comment box below thumbs up for those likes and as always
brothers and sisters I will see you in the next video and you ain’t gonna
believe what I got for you shout out you probably you probably kind
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write your message and I will give you your shoutout but you got a better you
better turn those notifications on so here we go this is from a couple videos
it’s going to be a minute you know an advance I apologize for messing up any
of these names of a do so much respect and love the system bring Mariah back
Dane Rob loves Meghan mister scream double-oh-seven aircraft carrier
Francisco Rodriguez more personal stuff number one fan of emoji movie
Katie Dixon Chucky solid dairy product no law that’s that’s an actual name
Janet Valdez ax the sad DRAM cry-baby home home asleep
candy 101 mr. camo max 504 for whom at home at Nikita Wilson Leone Laurel
rainbow drops music Amy Cordero called Alero Diego Molina Todd tech WWE Sam’s number-one fan oh and uh my man
got a birthday coming up Saturday so happy birthday Saturday happy birthday
to you and you your be regret I could have done this so better I need to start
writing that in a more legible sense try to run it curse it don’t listen curses
write it in my spawn print man I am feeling good
whoo you know it family you guys like that motivational video I did the other
day and I like doing it it was so freakin awesome man all right
ro so we we are we are so close family we are so close
all right so notifications have been messing up the last couple days and I
have been uploading it just a little bit different times so I’m going to do this
one again at 5 a.m. and you can’t suggest in the comments if you want to
what is your time zone and what’s a better upload time for you and that’s
just another reason that this channel loves you

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