Secret Tinder And Mum Having Sex | Friends Phone Swap

It says, “Sex sessions for £13.” Just messaged Rebecca saying your
mum was having sex when you called. Is that true? 15. 15. Dick pics. Yeah. Roseanne. Oh, my God,
she’s sending lots of pictures. Hey…you don’t want to see this. This girl gonna be single
after this. She was just being adventurous. This guy claimed to be loyal
and that. Seen that? Been talking to one, two, three,
four, five, six, Mr Loyal. I’m getting away with it,
I’m a good boy. Oh, my God. Dick pics. I’ve lost count, I don’t know
if I can count that many. 9, 10, 11. 15, and no pictures of my whole
hand. Like you promised. So we’ve got a Gareth from Growlr. “I would definitely only
respond by moaning, “parting my legs
and keeping my eyes closed.” This is getting quite graphic.
Yeah, I mean…I do my best. You’re not going to find nothing
in there, fam, I’m telling you. Are you serious?
You have to play smart. Whoa! What the hell is this? It says, “Sex sessions for £13
and a threesome.” Listen, listen. What’s that about? That’s in there, yeah…
Is this Hazel? No, wait. It’s part of the work,
what I was doing. What work? Uni work? Yeah, yeah.
That’s uni work? Yeah. That is uni work. That’s uni work, man. You do sports
management. You do know that? Mate, your banner is shite. I bet you’re on Grindr as well,
aren’t you? Arsehole! Oh! Right, I’m literally
on his album now, he’s got loads of dick pics. Let’s make this fair and show yours. And he’s got a hold of whatever
he’s got in his hand as well. That’s my penis. Right, so apparently
this message, Rebecca, saying your mum was having sex
when you called her. Is that true? They sounded very out of breath. So I just tried to get off the phone
as soon as possible. So she was shagging your dad? Her words were, “I’ve got to go,
I’ve got something on my feet.” On your feet? So I thought,
I just have to go now. It’s where he aims, it’s not up
to him where he aims. On her feet?

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