Searching in Slack

Communicating with your team in Slack helps
you work in real time, and it also helps you go back in time when you need to. Everything
in Slack–messages, files, posts from integrations, and more–is automatically indexed, archived
and easily searched. This includes all of the actual content in your files–PDFs, Google
Documents, or anything you share–so you can find exactly what you’re looking for even
if you don’t remember who sent it or what it was called. Searching in Slack helps you find what you
need quickly without hunting through your bloated inbox or trying to remember which
folder is hoarding that one file from three months ago. Since everyone on your team has
access to most conversations in Slack, you don’t need to worry that what you need is
walled off in someone else’s email. This is really helpful when new people join your
organization. Instead of starting with an empty email inbox, they can search through
your team’s history for the context and info they need. When you search in Slack, you can use modifiers
to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for. Whatever info you have–who sent a message,
who was mentioned, what channel it was in, when it was sent, the document’s file type,
and more–can be used to narrow down your results. Suggested modifiers will appear in
the search box to help you figure out where to start, and combining modifiers helps you
get even more specific. You can filter results by how recent or relevant they are, and by
file type. You can search just for messages from teammates in channels you have open,
or expand your results to include messages from bots and integrations or conversations
in all channels. If you know the message you’re looking for
is somewhere in your current channel, simply type command-F on Mac or control-F on Windows
to search there instantly. Or if you know a channel is not a likely contender for the
info you need, you can exclude it in your search preferences Also, once you find a past
message through search, you can easily refer to it in a current conversation–just hover
over the message and click the ‘copy link’ button. When you paste the link, people will
be able to view the original message and sender information. When searching in Slack, having stars in your
eyes is a good thing. If a message or file is important to you, star it! This makes it
much easier to find later, because you can look for anything that has a star. Slack’s search features also work on mobile,
so you can find what you need on the go. When your team works in Slack, you spend less time
looking around, and more time getting things done.

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