Searching History (Git Tutorials for Beginners)

Git provides you with much information about the
history of your project, and the individual files in them. There are several ways to review this history,
which may be helpful for you in determining what previous programmers were intending for the files in the project. You can scroll through the tree visualization, and
see the different commits that have taken place
in that branch. You can see the changes to the files of each
commit, the author of the change, and the comments that they provided in their commit
message. You can also search through the repository
history in SourceTree. You can search by commit messages or authors. You can see the history of a single file throughout
its history (since it was added to the Git
repository), by right clicking the file in the preview area, and
selecting “Log Selected…”. This will show you the different commits that this
file has been affected by, and has been a very
useful tool for me in my career so far. Before I make a change to a file on the big
project, I first lookup the history of the file, and
determine what previous programmers were working on. This can be a useful tool for tracking down the
introduction of bugs and other coding issues that
may be present.

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