Search Party with Miley Cyrus and the Cast of Riverdale

♫♫ -Oh, our first team tonight
from the hit show “Riverdale.” It´s “Riverdale” party! [ Cheers and applause ] And from Nashville, Tennessee, it´s the Cyrus party. [ Cheers and applause ] Oh! All right. Jimmy and Lili,
you are up first. Come on over. Come on down. [ Cheers ] Here´s how the game works. I will read you the start of
an Internet search question, and then you will fill
in the blank. We have four of…
-Use your TV voice. -…the most popular answers
on the board, and you´ll both type
as fast as you can. We´ll see if any of them match
the top four answers. -All right.
-Here´s our first search. Here´s our first search. Round one, Jimmy and Lili — Should I pierce my “blank”? Should I pierce my “blank”? [ Laughter ] Is everybody locked in? -Did I lock it in?
-Lock it in. -Yeah.
-It´s a family show. All right, Jimmy,
what did you write? This is a Website I tried
to start and it didn´t take off. [ Laughter ]
-No. -Tumblr type of thing. This is called Nipplr.
And, uh… [ Laughter ]
-Nipplr? -Well, I meant to type nipple,
but I typed “nipplr.” -Nipplr.
[ Laughter ] -It´s a weather app.
-It´s a weather app. -See it´s the weather app
if it´s nippy out. -See if it´s nippy out.
-Yeah, exactly. -Sure, sure, sure.
-It´s a weather app. -You got to keep abreast
of the weather. -All right, Lili —
-Thank you. -What did you type?
-I mean, I am strategic. So, you know, I did with
what I thought would be the right answer. [ Laughter ] So I —
-Oh, my God. The sarcasm is insane.
Wow. -I did nose.
-Nose. Nose and nipplr, let´s see them. Whoa! Got nipples and nose!
You got it! ♫♫ All righty.
-You got it. -See?
-Rigged. -Nipplr, man.
-Nipplr. -Free the nipplr.
Free the nipplr. -Free the nipplr. Miley, how are you, my love? -I´m great, how are you? Once again, most popular word
to complete the search — Should I pierce my “blank”? -You´re asking me?
-Yes. -Remember —
-This is bad. This is a family show. -All right, so my first one
is out the window. -Right.
-What other things? -So is your second and third. -All right, I have to go to,
like, my fifth answer. -Yes.
-But do I say it out loud? -[ Laughing ] Yes.
-Okay, it´s — -Yeah, say it to yourself.
-I´ll say tongue. -Tongue.
Should I pierce my tongue? -That´s good.
-Let´s see tongue. [ Buzzer ]
-Boom! -That´s a fail.
-That´s a fail. -I bet my real one
would have been good. -I bet it would have been.
-Yeah. You can whisper it
to me later. Noah, how are you?
-Good, how are you? -What is the answer?
Should I pierce my what? -Should I pierce my ears?
-Ears! -Yes, of course!
-Let´s see ears. Ears. [ Cheers and applause ]
-Yes! -Number two answer. Tish, darling. -Keep it classy, Mom. -Up there at number four.
-I´m going to keep it classy. -Keep it classy.
What you got? -My lip?
-Should I pierce my lip? Let´s see lip. [ Buzzer ] -[ Shouting indistinctly ]
-That is a fail. Over to “Riverdale” to steal.
K.J.? You guys got an answer? -There´s only so many things
you can pierce. -That´s true.
-On the human body. -Well, you maybe. [ Laughter ]
-Zing! You guys can confer,
confabulate. -Can we call family members? [ Talking over each other ] -What is it?
-Belly button. -Belly button.
Let´s see belly button. If they get belly button — [ Ding ] [ Cheers ]
“Riverdale” won! Wow.
-What are we talking about? That was a barn-burner! Time for round two. K.J., Miley, you´re up. Come on. [ Cheers and applause ] All right. Complete this search question — Can you milk a “blank”? Again, family show. Can you milk a “blank”? Type it in,
whatever you think it is. Tell me when
you are locked in. -Okay. -Locked and loaded.
-I´m locked and loaded. -Press the red button.
-All right. Press the red button. Miley, what did you write? -Kitten. [ Laughter ] -And, K.J., what did you write? -Goat.
-Goat. Kitten and goat.
Let´s see it! [ Ding ] Cat, oh! Team Cyrus the Nashville team
over here! K.J., take a seat! -Everyone knows
you can milk a goat. Come on, man. Can you milk it —
That´s the question. -It´s a little convenient
that the house keeps winning. -No. Come on.
-We have no idea. -I´m just kind of saying. -Can you milk a cat? I mean, who would know —
that´s great. [ Talking over each other ] -All right, Noah, to you. -I don´t know! -Just think of one.
Think of one. -A dog? [ Laughter ]
-No, no no. -I bet it´s on there.
I bet it´s on there. -I bet it is.
-Let´s see dog. [ Ding ] [ Cheers and applause ] -Good job.
-What world do we live in? Yikes. What is going on? -We are from the South.
This isn´t fair. -This is weird.
-We´re all Southern. -All right.
-We milk everything there. -Right. You milk everything
in the South. -Can you milk a — -I mean,
I´m just gonna go with cow. -Yes, thank you.
-Cow. Let´s see cow.
-Thank you. [ Buzzer ] -What?
-These are people… -What?
-…asking the Internet. -I know.
-They are asking the Internet, can you milk this thing? What is a thing that people
might think you can milk? -Okay.
-People. -Ew.
-No, it´s my turn. -Okay, sorry.
-It´s Brandi´s turn. -I´m gonna go with llama. -Llama.
-Llama! -That´s interesting.
-Okay. -Now, if you don´t get this one, it´s “Riverdale´s” to steal. -Can you —
let´s see llama! [ Buzzer ] Ooh!
That´s the second fail. “Riverdale.” -Cole, what are you thinking?
-What do you guys got? -It´s our turn now.
-Yeah. -It´s team “Riverdale.”
-What are we thinking? What are we thinking?
What are we thinking? -Or, or or —
-Huddle, huddle. -What are we thinking? [ Talking over each other ] -All right. You have it?
Your answer? -You guys seem very confident.
-Take it away. -We are. -Cole, go for it. -Pig.
-Pig! Let´s see pig! -Not bad. [ Buzzer ] [ Shouting ] -No pig! Let´s see
what the answers were. [ Ding ]
Horse! -I told you.
[ Ding ] -And man.
[ Cheers ] -Hey, now — stop it. Stop it. Stop it! -Jiminy Christmas. Let´s get to the final round
and get this over. -All right.
The final round, Noah and Cole, you are up. -Noah! [ Cheers and applause ] -You´re going down. -Okay, this is the final round.
This is for the game. -Complete
this Internet search. -No! [ Laughter ] -He didn´t ask you yet.
-No, not yet. -And then delete your history. -Why are people
afraid of “blank”? Tell me when you´re locked in. -Wait, what? -I did it.
-Did you do it? -Yeah? -All right, what did you write,
Noah? -I wrote dogs. -Why are people
afraid of dogs? -Cole, what did you write? -I wrote me. -Why are people
afraid of me? -People afraid of you?
No one is afraid of you. -All right, watch. -Oh, really? -Let´s see. Let´s see.
Me and dogs. [ Buzzer ] -No one is afraid
of either one. -Jimmy. -Well, that´s comforting to me
at least. -Why are people afraid
of the dark? -Ooh, the dark.
-That´s mine. -Let´s see dark. -Are you speaking
from experience? [ Ding ]
-The dark! All right, team Cyrus
is going over there. -Here we go.
Here we go. -Ready to go back over there? [ Applause ]
-Another one? -Miley, it´s up to you. Why are people afraid of… -Clowns? -Ooh. -Yes, of course.
-That´s a good one. -“It”!
-Very topical. Very topical.
Let´s see clowns. [ Ding ] -That´s number one! [ Cheers and applause ] -Okay, Noah, round two? -Again?
-Again. -Oh. Okay. -Things you are afraid of. What are people afraid of? -Oh, heights. -Oh, that´s a good one.
-Heights. Let´s see heights! [ Buzzer ] -First fail. Tish. -Oh, I know. I know.
I know. -One more fail.
What are people afraid of? -Ghosts.
-Yes! -That was a good one.
-Let´s see ghosts. [ Buzzer ]
-Fail. -Oh!
Over to “Riverdale” to steal. They can win this entire game. -If they don´t win this,
we win the whole thing. -No, if they win this,
they win the whole thing. -That´s right.
But if they lose this, we win. -Then you win the whole thing.
-That´s what I´m talking about. -They get one guess. You guys get one guess
to win this entire game. -I know.
-Insects, insects. -I know, I know. -This is it,
for the win or the lose. -Spiders.
-Spiders. -Spiders.
-That´s a very good answer. Spiders, let´s see spiders. [ Ding ] [ Cheers and applause ] We have a winner. -My thanks to the Cyrus family,
my team. The cast of “Riverdale.”

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