Search – Nozbe 3 tutorial 11/13

Search Welcome back! Did you know that there are two ways to search
for items in Nozbe? There is the search bar at the top of the
project list. This will help you easily find a project you
want to work on. Another, more exhaustive, method is the search
module. Here, you can search for a specific phrase
in tasks and comments across your entire account. Use this feature when you don’t know exactly
where to find a task you delegated to your colleague some time ago, or when hunting for
that conversation you know you had with your boss before Christmas 😉 Nozbe remembers your search history so you
can always repeat your search with just one step. You can also delete your previous searches
using the “clear history” button at the bottom of the list. Of course, you can filter the search results
in the infobar the way you would in every other Nozbe view. This is very handy when the list turns out
to be really long. In the next video, we’ll take a closer look
at the filtering and sorting options in Nozbe.

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