Scanning Documents Using an iPhone or iPad Camera | HP Printers | HP

Capture documents and photos using the camera on your iOS mobile device. Capturing documents or photos with your mobile device camera requires a minimum of five megapixels and auto-focus capability. Select the document or photo you want to capture, and for best results place it on a flat surface. On your iOS mobile device, open HP Smart. Tap the Scan icon. Alternatively, you can tap the Scan, Scan
to Email, or Scan to Cloud tiles. If prompted, tap Camera to scan from the mobile device camera. Tap OK to allow HP Smart to access your camera and then set the scan source to Camera or Scanner. Auto mode detects the edges of your document automatically. Tap the blue arrow to end an Auto scan. Manual mode disables auto detection and allows you to scan each page manually by tapping the button to take each scan. Select Auto or Manual. For this video, we show Manual mode. Align the document in between the markings and then take a picture of the document. HP Smart automatically detects the borders of the document you captured. Tap and drag the blue dots around the document to adjust the borders manually. Tap Next. To capture any additional pages, tap the Additional Pages icon. With the document or photo captured, it can be Edited, Renamed, Saved, Printed,
or Shared through email.

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