Saving a Search in IEEE Xplore

Saving a Search in IEEE Xplore First, sign in with your free personal account or choose Create Account to register for a new account. We’ll need your name, email address, password. I’ll sign on with my personal account. To start, perform a search in the basic search box or any of the other searches, such as Author or Advanced Search. I’ll type in cloud computing. That’s a pretty broad search, so I’m going to want to limit it quite a bit by adding an additional term. So, I’m going to put in secur* with an asterisk wildcard at the end. The asterisk represents any or no characters. So, words such as secure, secures, security, etc., will be found. Once you are satisfied with your search results, click Set Search Alerts. Name your search and click Save. You’ll see a little message that says “Your search has been
successfully saved” at the top. You will now start to receive email alerts any time new content that matches your search has been loaded. Whenever you are logged into your personal account, go to My Settings and click on Search Alerts to review your saved
searches. You can save up to 15 searches. Click on the search title to run the search again. You can create an RSS feed, rename your saved search, delete it
completely, or just disable the alert, which turns off the emails, but retains the
saved search in your account. That is how you save a search in IEEE Xplore. Thank you.

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