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If you look at our planet right now anywhere that’s cold is being affected by climate change. But realistically the polar regions of our planet have seen the most dramatic changes by far. It’s very clear to me that ice is an endangered species. Pretty soon the only ice we will have will be in a climate controlled box in a museum. Thirty years ago we had two hundred and eighty parts per million of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. We’ll hit five hundred parts per million. It’s happening that quickly. It’s catastrophic for every child on this planet because they are going to face a world which is virtually uninhabitable. Unfortunately I don’t think we fully understand the extent of the harm that’s being done. Because we’re only making these first few little interactions. I feel like it’s everyone’s responsibility to do the little things that they can do in their everyday lives to make a difference. Everyone can make a difference in trying to support the health of these ecosystems. When you look at a problem like climate change that seems like our actions will not have any impact. it’s all about doing that first thing.

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