Save Search Results in Collections, including Favorites

This video demonstrates how to save search
results as collections in your free My NCBI account, including how to add citations to
your Favorites collection. Saving a collection is different from saving
a search. Another of our videos called, “Save Searches and Set E-mail Alerts,” is linked
here. Collections can be made for many NCBI databases,
but I’ll demonstrate with PubMed by searching for obstructive sleep apnea in children. This
query produces a fairly large set of records, but you can narrow this set by using the filters
on the left. To learn more about these filters, see our video called, “PubMed: The Filters
Sidebar.” I’ll select ‘Review’ under ‘Article type.’ If you find a citation that you’d like to
add to your Favorites collection, click the title name to open the abstract, then click
‘Add to Favorites’ to add it to the Favorites collection that we’ve already created for
you. If you are logged in to your My NCBI account, this citation is automatically added
to Favorites, or you can use the drop-down menu to add the citation to an existing, or
new, collection. To remove a Favorites citation, either click the Favorite button, the collection
name, or go to “Manage collectons” to edit your Favorites. I’ll go back to saving my set of reviews in
Collections. To save the complete set, use the Send to menu, select Collections, and
then Add to Collections. If you are not signed in you are taken to the My NCBI sign in page,
then after signing in you will end up on a collections page like this. Here you can either
create a new collection or append your results to an existing collection. I’ll create a new
collection, give it a name, and click Save. This takes me back to the results page with
a reassuring notice that my collection was saved and a link to edit the collection. I’ll
click ‘Edit your collection’ to see what options we have. In addition to downloading these results in
two different formats, you can choose to share your collection with colleagues or friends
by clicking ‘make it public,’ which displays the URL that you can share. If you want to view or edit your collections,
click ‘See all collections.’ You’ll get back to your complete list of saved Collections.
Note that the Last Modified column tells you when the articles in the set were last changed,
and if you mouse over an entry, an explicit date appears. That’s a quick look at saving collections.
To get back to your My NCBI home page, click on the logo in the upper left of the page.

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