Sanders Campaign Senior Adviser: Medicare For All Saves “Substantial” Money | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

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  • 15/hr=600/wk. Bernie's "health" plan, raise taxes 52% for anything over 29k/yr. This means after his plan you got 7.20/hr= 288/wk for yourself and everything else you need, to live …and 7.60/hr sent to private insurance companies with your job being only to hand over the money from your employer. …yep, that employer who'll be lucky to afford you, at 15/hr.

  • Yup, and when nobody finds a doctor or hospital who will take them, Cost Savings will be over 75%. (Remember the Russian Bread Lines? Food was CHEAP. It's just that there wasn't any.)

  • How uneducated and lazy do you have to be to not do your homework in a candidates record. Asking to name the number of legislation that Bernie has passed is something a journalist/ anchor should know ahead of time. This is why MSM sucks.

  • go…Bernie…go i believe .The winds of change …. without fear of happiness.

  • Healthcare for all… when are we going to be realistic. He failed with the VA for the 2 years he was on. He passed a $15 billion legislation to bring in extra doctors but didn't help address the issue on secret waitlists… So healthcare for all??

  • Sanders is absolutely crazy none of his proposals will pass through congress.

  • Bolshevik Bernie is a communist.

  • …and what happens to all of the unemployed when the private health insurance companies are made to go out of business…


  • Hey…please convey this message….people need to see visuals concerning what medical care costs people now and where the money really goes….then what it will cost them for medicare for all……remembering we already pay into medicare….many folks need to SEE it…visual learners… would go a long long way!

  • Still no epstein and investigations Jeff? Lmao

  • You idiots got your tax cuts that the poor people has to pay for.

  • 'Tis quite amazing it appears that over 98% of all negative accusations against Sanders are false smears. I imagine the percentage points are fewer than 50% perhaps for most other candidates.

  • When is Rachel Maddow going to hold an hour long special detailing Russia's hacking for Bernie? ?

  • Israel has medicare with Americans' taxpayers money.

  • I would vote for Bernie even if he's dead

  • Bernie the Clown 🙂

  • It's crazy how they keep asking how Medicare For All is going to get paid for but no one asks how we are going to pay for all of these wars though. They want to put a price tag on healthcare and a blank check for the military and all of its advance weaponry.

    "VOTE FOR ME!!! I'll make sure the government takes care of you all….What a joke…..

  • Chris Matthews needs to go, so do most of his co-workers… MSNBC is as bad if not worse than FOX

  • Any Democrat that voters against the people's mandate with a Bernie win will be primaried asap.
    By Joe Manchin , Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer.

  • Sanders already gave his medical records and they are the same as everyone else

  • When are these usually poor news casters going to give up on their crusade to destroy the best candidate in the race. Sad.


  • MSNBC tuck in your sickening bias against Bernie and other progressives. You are trying to push the corporate, corrupt agenda of the establishment and the greedy. We the people are awake! We need Bernie and other progressives more than ever! Thank you Bernie for dedicating your life to helping make our country better, for the people. ???



  • Why would you want to pay for medical care if its free. Dont you think your life is more important than money?

  • UN World Health Organization/WHO has 2030 goal of #UniversalHealthCoverage #UHC U.S. needs to get there yesterday!

  • MSNBC keeps asking him the same questions he’s already answered. We see through your propaganda.

  • It’s not “free” when WE pay for it! Tax the RICH! We pay 1.5 TRILLION on a military plane that we can’t use, but how are we going to pay when it’s US! You guys have become worse than fox! Propaganda & lies against Bernie! Chris Matthews, Chuck Todd, most of your anchors are TRASH! Unsubscribing like MANY ppl & many more to come!!!

  • MSNBC isn't against Trump, they are against the American people.

  • Jeff is a Bernie Bro. Bernie was an MLK Bro. Craig is an Ozempic Bro.

  • Read"Cuba in the 70s, Pragmatism and Institutionalization,"
    -Carmelo Mesa-Lago

  • The states that voted for Bernie are gonna want that healthcare for all. And any Senator that's not promising that won't be consider. That is how you very it passed.

  • bernieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Your network is a partisan attack machine against the front-runner. Besides the constant bias your network shows, I am still deeply troubled by your employee Chris Matthews' deep anti-Semitism. To try desperately to smear and derail the man who would be the first Jewish President of the United States, he literally compared a Jewish man to hitler invading a nation to expand his genocide there. You need to take anti-Semitic vitriol from your employees actually seriously and dismiss such an anti-Semite as Chris Matthews. His brief, weak apology was not nearly enough. He can afford to be let go so he can go learn about why calling anti-racist Jewish leaders nazis is itself at the level of nazi ideology. You have hurt me and many others by broadcasting anti-Semitic hate-speech as your own programming. I hope you will do what is right for once, and end your network's overall rabid bias against a Jewish candidate too.

  • President Trump proposes to cut Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) by $21 billion over ten years, which would leave many families with less assistance when they fall on hard times. The cuts include a 10 percent reduction in the annual block grant funding for states and an end to the $608 million TANF Contingency Fund, which gives states additional funds at times of economic distress.

    The budget also would impose new TANF spending restrictions, which together with the funding reductions would likely prompt states to cut basic assistance — the funds that go directly to families — as they’ve done in the past. And, like TANF’s current work requirement, the proposed work requirement would retain TANF’s rigid policy of conditioning one’s benefits on meeting certain hourly requirements, which families would continue to find challenging. The harm from these proposals far outweighs other proposed programmatic changes that actually could improve TANF.

    How did we pay to BAIL OUT THE BANKS THAT SCREWED US???
    Well like that then…

  • MSNBC is part of the problem Bernie and ALL OF US are up against. So glad to see so many
    here that see through this obvious ploy.

  • Saves Money.
    Saves Deaths(also saves money).
    Saves Bankruptcies(also saves money).

  • Climate change is real…

    @scoldsore On Twitter
    Current Location : Miami, FL – Earth

  • Russia has been undermining us for decades. They call it “ideological subversion”, explained by a defected KGB agent:

  • Yes that is why the US pays %15 of GDP on healthcare vs %7 by countries with national health and considering that not every one is covered this would be a massive saving with better health outcomes -its a no brainer.

  • Michael Moore released part of Sicko for free – its needs to be viewed now more than ever. keep fighting.

  • Chris Matthews should be fired!

  • Bad faith questions. GREAT honest answers.

  • #MrBurns make the rich pay 99% . ?. How it will be paid for out of finally taxing the rich for the last 60 year's.

  • Medicare for all (at all cost) will decide 2020. Period.

  • This news man is BIAS, HORRIBLE

  • These MSNBC ppl I swear. All of this animosity toward Bernie is going to backfire big time. Just watch..

  • EVERY STUDY has shown Medicare for All will save $2 trillion.

  • After listening to Democratic debate we have to vote Republican. God Bless America

  • What other candidates are you demanding health records from, Biden? Anyone can die @ anytime. Bernie has always worked for economic equity. Do you know of anyone who has done a better job?

  • How much did this dude's voice not match his face when he started talking?

  • MSNBC asking hard hitting questions in defense of status quo. If we listen to these guys, nothing will ever change.

  • MSNBC desperate to find an attack that will stick… keep trying, Beenie is heading to the White House

  • I unsubscribed because of Matthews's comments against Bernie Sanders

  • Bernie Sanders is an Economically Illiterate Life-long Loser

  • Disney CEO RESIGNS!!!

    Gee, I wonder why, ?!

    "There are no coincidences." – Q




  • I am with you Bern! A trump promised to release his tax returns , medical records then made excuses. Don't be a trump Bernie. Please, don't be a trump.

  • How do you tax a "speculative" trade. That's a trade that hasn't happened?

  • When Sanders talks about his health, why do I keep expecting to hear " Mantlebaum, Mantlebaum, Mantlebaum" lol……Seinfeld anyone?

  • Remember Obama promised health care for all, So he passed Obama care with not one Republican vote.Congressional Budget Office (CBO) updated the cost of Obama care amount to $1.8 trillion for the period between 2012-2022, offset in part by $510 billion in receipts and cost savings. By 2018, when the law is fully implemented, total expenses are estimated to be closer to $2.5 trillion. Spending $5 to save $1 and still not covering everyone is why all Democrats are promising better health care. Bernie's plan we would spend $50 to save $1. Wasn't OBAMA'S failed plan enough?

  • Bigmacz101

  • Why should I care what these corporate puppets have to say, get out of my recomended

  • But how are we going to pay for all these endless wars?

  • Melvin: <establishment talking point framed as a question>

    Weaver: <truth>

  • I want to know if Bernie wins and implements Medicare For All, is Bernie and the Federal Government going to hold people with unhealthy habits accountable?
    Why should my Tax Dollars support Healthcare for a person that treats their body like a garbage dump? There are too many people out there that eat horrible,
    overweight, get no exercise and lazy around in front of a TV all day and wonder why they have health issues.

  • OMG. Question about his actual record???? No.

  • What an all out attack

  • Yeah the government can't even run the DMV correctly, I don't want them touching my healthcare. And those of you who compare us to Canada, europe, etc, keep in mind that we have a MUCH larger and diverse population. It will be a logistical nightmare for the government to oversee our healthcare in an efficient and cost effect manner.

  • Democratic Nazism!

  • Donald trump and the republicans will do everything possible to let the 30,000 people a year to continue to die because they cant afford health care premiums and deductibles and they are doing everything possible to get rid of Obamacare so the deaths will triple and they will do everything possible to let 500,000 people a year to continue to file bankrupt because they get cancer.the senate leader mitch mcconnel said he will be the grim reaper to make sure the middle class and poor don't get medicare for all to save their lives.donald trump and the republicans don't give a dam about the lives that have been lost from health care and made it very clear,they will continue to block all health care plans from democrats who try to help the middle class and poor.the middle class and poor should fight for their lives by electing Bernie sanders for president and voting against all republicans in 2020

  • MSNBC is the enemy of the middle class and the poor–they are working with republicans and billionaires to make sure Bernie sanders don't get elected to stop the middle class and the poor from getting medicare for all-they too are like republicans,they don't care about the 30,000 people a year who die every year because they cant afford health care premiums and deductibles

  • BERNIE ????????????????????

  • You pay for it all by taking the money from the bloated offensive military procurement budget. Trillions are wasted on cost overruns for billionaire defense contractors, even on items that are never produced or needed. Also trillions are spent on NASA to send a few people to Mars, probably to their deaths, when millions of people here need health care, good nutrition and decent educations. NASA is basically welfare for highly overpaid scientists. We need to spend our money here in America where it benefits far more people.

  • Please no Bernie or Bloomberg hes another Obama again.. I was able to open back up my pet supply thanks to Mr. Trump tax help after Obama within 2 years shut me down when I lost 3 vendors to Obamas destroyed economy . Now I can afford and my all family is working again and happy. My nephew was always on the street in trouble now hes working and bought a car I never seen him so happy. Love you Presidente Trump

  • He totally skipped how to pay for Medicare.


  • Nice job putting "substantial" in quotes.
    Totally not designed to mislead viewers.
    "Unbiased" journalism indeed.

  • Thumbs down for the corporate hack and tired smear tactics. #Bernie2020

  • This is pure B.S. It's fine to debate Bernie Sanders past. But there is NO debate on his future plans. The costs of his plans for Medicare for all, climate, job guarantees, college loan forgiveness, etc. are very clear. What Tio Bernie will NOT tell you is that these programs are IMPOSSIBLE from a numbers standpoint. The tax increases he espouses ($23 trillion over 10 years) will not even cover 25% of his proposed new spending ($97 trillion). HIS numbers, not mine. Tax rates on EVERYONE (because no…the rich cannot make up the deficit – not even close – even if the rich foolishly decide to keep their assets in America – which they wouldn't…and even if ALL of the Fossil Fuel industry were liquidated, much less sued by President Bernie) would be more like in the 75% range with a Euro-style VAT (like a Federal Sales tax) upwards of 25% – and THAT is conservative. If you would like the actual numbers broken down – or put here – let me know. Again…it's BERNIE's numbers, not mine. He just hopes most of you won't bother to examine them closely.

  • What about the retired senior citizens already on Medicare who like the plan that we have, great insurance . I like ? the coverage.
    Will that change ??

  • Bernie, if you win the primary, please don’t use Michael money as what you claim you are high stand than Michael. Don’t hypocrites as usual talk one thing and do another thing. You and Liz are the one Evilizing the billionaires and millionaires, so please don’t take any donations from corporations and billionaires or millionaires. Be proud like as you said yourself.

  • Sanders supporters claim that his spending plans will "reduce costs" and that "America should be able to do the same thing they do in countries like Norway, Sweden, Canada, etc." They fail however to understand that the detail of Sanders spending plans do NOT account for how they will be paid for – due to a combination of just wanting them so badly to work, to not really delving deeply into the numbers, and because of Mr. Sanders personal charisma and deft speaking ability. THIS IS ABOUT WAY more than HEALTH CARE. Even Mr. Sanders cannot account for how he will pay for the costs – as brought out in his recent 60 Minutes interview….and the South Carolina debate.

    What follows is FIRST…..a recap of the costs of Sanders NEW proposed spending programs – based on HIS numbers – Read that again…these are HIS numbers for a 10 year period.

    After that…SECOND…will come a recap and analysis of what Sanders and his supporters says will PAY for the new spending programs.


    1. Medicare for All : $30-40 Trillion (We will use the middle point of $35 Trillion for discussion purposes)

    2. Climate Plan: $ 16.3 Trillion

    3. Jobs Guarantee (@$15/hr. w full benefits) Plan: $ 30.1 Trillion (as discussed below, likely MUCH higher, but to remain conservative – this amount is used)

    4. Student Loan Forgiveness

    & Guarantee free public

    college tuition plan: $ 3 Trillion

    5. Social Security Expansion Plan: $1.8 Trillion

    6. Housing for All Plan: $ 2.5 Trillion

    7. Paid Family Leave Plan: $1.6 Trillion

    8. Infrastructure Plan: $ 1 Trillion

    9. K-12 Education Plan: $ 800 Billion

    10. Higher Public School Teacher Salaries: $ 400 Billion

    11. Free Child Care Plan (Announced on 60 Minutes) $1.5 Trillion

    Total NEW spending plans = $ 94 Trillion

    SECOND…..How Bernie proposes to pay for it. While Sanders tends to speak in somewhat general terms, here is what he has stated in terms of numbers…and in terms of "theory" as to how he will pay for the NEW spending plans. Again, these are all 10 year numbers.

    1. State Governments/State administered programs will SAVE $3 Trillion under Medicare for all. Although a large part of this will stay with the States, let's just assume it will reduce the cost of Sanders Plan.

    $3 Trillion.

    2. Sanders Medicare For All financing worksheet contains $16.2 trillion in mostly-broad-based tax increases, which rises to $19.3 trillion after replacing the worksheet’s original $1.3 trillion wealth tax with the recent $4.35 trillion version. Just to get to THIS amount, tax rates would soar. Sanders would raise the current 15.3 percent payroll tax to 27.2 percent due to an 11.5 percent Medicare For All payroll tax (with some exemptions), and a 0.4 percent payroll tax for paid family leave. (The full Social Security payroll tax would also be applied to wages exceeding $250,000.) Sanders proposes a top federal income-tax rate of 52 percent. Capital gains and dividends would be taxed as ordinary income, plus a 10 percent net investment-income surtax for the wealthy. (The resulting 62 percent top tax bracket for investments would be so far beyond the revenue-maximizing rate that it would produce little actual revenue). Overall, upper-income taxpayers would face a marginal tax rate as high as 80 percent from their federal income, state income, and payroll taxes. They would also be assessed a 62 percent investment tax rate, an annual wealth tax of up to 8 percent, and a 77 percent estate tax. These are all included in this number.

    $19.3 Trillion

    3. Social Security expansion would be financed by $1.8 trillion in new payroll and investment taxes.

    $1.8 Trillion

    4. The Congressional Budget Office estimates that the financial-transactions tax intended to pay for Sanders’s college agenda would raise $777 billion.

    $777 Billion

    5. The climate proposal and family-leave proposals each contain approximately $200 billion in specified tax increases.

    $400 Billion

    6. Repealing the 2017 tax cuts—beyond what is already accounted for in other proposals—would raise at most $1 trillion.

    $ 1 Trillion

    7. Carbon Tax – Sanders has backed away from his previous support for a carbon tax.

    Total NEW taxing plans = $ 27 Trillion

    Difference $67 TRILLION (The Sanders Deficit)

  • This is typical of msnbc, this is why i don't watch this station anymore.

  • Anything the government controls is always inefficient and more expensive – ANYTHING.  The only way to control government is to starve it of $$$.

  • Bernie's Socialism is going to get Trump reelected- guaranteed- just like I never Liked Trump, I just voted AGAINST Hillary. I don't love Trump but looks like I'll just be voting AGAINST Bernie. SAD

  • It's hardly established fact that Medicare-for-all would save the taxpayers money.
    Indeed, some analyses suggest it would increase spending.

    But more to the point, we already know when and why the healthcare industry is so expensive. This began in the 60s (with the advent of Medicare and Medicaid) because our government had radically increased demand while greatly hindering supply. Prices skyrocketed in response and it's gotten worse and worse since. Yet, we're to believe that the answer is to give this same government (which even Bernie admits is corrupt) even more power over the market. The best way to make healthcare affordable without sacrificing quality and efficiency like so many other nations with "free" healthcare have done, is to revert back to a largely free market.

  • Where do all these totally ignorant comunist socialist idiots come from supporting and leading Sanders campaign. They have absolutely no clue of reality even Putin loaths Stalin and Lenin and communism

  • The VA has a budget of $243 billion and they can't even manage that right.. Why do people think Medicare for all is a good idea? The government is the most inefficient, most corrupt institution ever erected.. So let's put them in charge of everyone's Healthcare? The US government couldn't even keep epstein alive in prison…why should we give the government control of Healthcare? Healthcare is 20% of the economy btw..bolshevik Bernie wants central planning which has always failed.. It failed in Greece, failed in Rome, the redistributionist welfare state of communism crashed in the soviet union.. Failed in Cuba… How is it going to work here? I have no faith in government run programs.. They don't work

  • For those who think that Medicare for all is not possible. I live in France, 3 years ago I was diagnosed with leukemia, I had chemotherapy, radiations, bone marrow transplant , I still have expensive medicine every day, you know how much I have paid? ZERO. I see the prices of treatments when I go to the pharmacie and I realize it would be just impossible to pay it if social security was like in the USA. I have always paid my taxes (social security included), when something like this happen to you, to your relatives or friends you feel just thankful about the social organization of this country (which by the way, the extreme capitalists are already trying to throw).

  • the one thing I noticed that the Medicare for all doesn't mention is not the cost or who is going to pay for it. But is that medicare for all even sustainable in the long term? I am getting the feeling that this is more short term rather than long term, in which short terms rarely leave a huge impact. Like Would Medicare for all take the harsh times like the coronavirus, recession, war, etc. Would I see me use Medicare for all when I am 30? 40? 60? When I retire? Will it benefit the next generation? As much I don't want to use a loaded question, but I am pretty sure many insurance companies are asked this and HAVE to answer if they want to get buisness.

    Plus will it deliver results? if not then it's just a waste of time and money.

  • What other xountries are hqve noticed abou this virus.

  • Teump 2020,

  • Bloonber is your Hikary Bernie, but i he was friend with the dectator.of my birth country no communism please.

  • I would like to see Biden's medical records published as well. His increasing dementia looks much more worrying.

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