SAIC – A Brief History of Internet Domain Dominance

I just wanted to
talk again about the connection to SAIC and internet domain names – sorry my voice
is starting to get scratchy here something happened to it for some reason – Network Solutions used to run a lot of the domain names back in the 90s you
can kind of see their history here I just want to show you really quick the
connection between them and SAIC they were purchased by them in 1995 okay I
just give you a little bit of a history here I won’t go into all this this
article here says “SAIC won’t let go of Network Solutions. Science Applications
International Corporation may have sent Network Solutions Inc to the public
market but it didn’t shorten the company’s leash. Network Solutions, the
Herndon, Virginia registrar of internet domain names and purchased by SAIC two
years ago, made an eye-catching debut on the Nasdaq national market September
26th. More than 4 million shares changed hands that day giving the
company a one day gain of 30 percent and a market value of 350 million dollars. San
diego-based SAIC let the public by 22 percent of Network Solutions to the
initial public offering SAIC spun off Network Solutions but it
does not want to let go of the work-in-progress yet. “The success of
Network Solutions was extremely important to SAIC” because a systems
integrator is using this offering as a test for future deals set of sorts of
Network Solutions. “If this goes well, it could pave the way for other spin-offs
from SAIC.” Mike Daniels sector vice president for SAIC and Network Solutions
chairman said that SAIC has made an effort to move into the commercial
markets over the past five years. So you can see they are really looking for
dominance in the domain assignment, Internet Protocol address assignment,
that types of things and then down here it says, “Having a monopoly on that market has
given Network Solutions healthy growth over the past two years with 1 million
domain names registered, the company’s revenue almost tripled to 18.9
million last year over 1995. But the future that business is in question. The
National Science Foundation said that it will not renew Network Solutions
exclusive contract when it expires in six months. Instead, domain name
registration will become a competitive business and new entrants in the market
will undoubtedly undercut the company’s registration fee, currently set at $100
for two years. So you can see there was a lot of – this is where it all kind of
began – kind of interesting coincidence their name is Gabe Battista. Not sure
what that’s about but it says, – With the direction of Network Solutions’ businesses up in the air, decisions made by SAIC are much more creative crucial. Sorry, my
voice is really getting shot for some strange reason. Next article. The Untold
Story of SAIC – Network Solutions on the Rise of the Web – “Even when the internet
boom was happening – even during the incandescent gold rush years of late 1990s, Networks Solutions was not exactly a household corporate name. Not compared to the first wave of companies like America Online. So you know, you can see here a
little bit of the history. Point is, I’m going to leave all these links here so you
can kind of see, SAIC had a lot of history in managing Internet domains and
they have the ability and all the internal knowledge to do reroutes if
they so desire. Just putting that out there as a possibility, that they have
that capability. And then I just wanted to point this out as an article
from Vanity Fair that was from 2007 where they talked about
SAIC in relation to the founder Bob Beyster and there’s an interesting
little excerpt down here it talks about “The Young Boy Network”. I’m gonna leave
this article for you, but you can kind of see that he used to travel with
young guys and shared rooms with them and they called them “Beyster’s
Baby Boys” and that it was part of traveling with Beyster. He is the founder of SAIC and this person is no longer with us but this company has basically
dominated the internet and they split off and formed Leidos. Leidos has a lot
of partnerships with Lockheed Martin so if you notice see there’s Bob Beyster, that’s who we found in this article
earlier I was telling you about, Bob Beyster’s Baby Boys, then – check out that
logo – you can see they have a lot of connections right here, Booz Allen
Hamilton, Boeing connections at THINTHREAD but you never hear about their name.
no one ever talks about it. I see [clears throat] excuse me folks this is very strange
what’s happening to my voice right now. so there you go guys uh you know it’s
it’s interesting, this company, I’ll have more on this tomorrow.

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