Safari can not open websites in iPhone

In this video today we will see what to
do if Safari browser cannot open websites in your iPhone. Now the first
thing what you have to do is you have to check if there is internet connection in
your iPhone. So try to play youtube videos or
try to open other websites by using other browsers such as Google Chrome. So
if you see that YouTube videos can play and other browsers such as chrome can
open websites but only Safari can’t then let us see how to fix it. For that one we
will go to settings. We will scroll down and then we will look for Safari. Select
it scroll down and go to advanced. Select website data and these are the websites
which I have used which is saved in the Safari browser memory, so I have to clear
all of this website data. I will select remove all website data and then select
remove now. Also I will go back and there is an option here clear history and
website data I will select it and select clear history and data. So once I do
these two things I will again go back to the settings here and then I will go
back to screen time. I will select content and privacy restrictions. I will
select content restrictions. I have to enter the passcode so after this one I
will go to website content. Right now if you see the option which I have selected
is unrestricted access that means all the websites will be open as long as
it’s not blocked by the ISP Internet service provider but if I select limit
adult web sites then many of the web sites will be restricted automatically.
Specially adult website or as if I add a website here suppose
even will not be able to open in Safari browser. So what
you have to make sure is never, under this option “never allow”. There should not
be websites here and so it should be always selected
unrestricted access. so once you do these settings, try to open websites in
facebook in Safari browser and this time it should be able to open. Thank you for
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