Sadhana Shivdasani – Biography

“Hug me, this pretty night might
not happen again.” “Maybe we might never meet again.” This girl was interested
in acting since childhood. Her forehead was a little
broad so did a hairstyle.. ..which later started
going by her name. Yes, we are referring to
Sadhana of the Sadhana cut fame. Sadhana was born
on 2nd September, 1941. Her father named her Sadhana.. ..after his favorite
actress Sadhana Bose.. ..who was also a great dancer. Young Sadhana was growing up.. ..when India underwent partition. And after that she moved
to Mumbai from Karachi. Since Sadhana wanted
to act since childhood.. her father put in some
efforts in the film industry.. ..and she was seen
in 1955 film ‘Shree 420’.. ..for the song,
One grain, 2 grains as a chorus girl. Though this role was so small.. ..that hardly anyone saw Sadhana. At the age of 15 she started
participating in college plays. She was such a great actress
that a producer noticed her. And she was given a
token amount of 1 rupee. And she was signed
for Sindhi film ‘Abana’. And here destiny had something
else planned for her. While publicizing film ‘Abana’
her photo was printed in a magazine. And then great producer of those times
Sashadhar Mukherjee saw this photo. Sashadhar Mukherjee took
her to Filmalaya Acting School. And launched her with
his son Joy Mukherjee.. film ‘Love In Shimla’
directed by R. K. Nayar. The same RK Nayar with
whom Sadhana later got married. This film proved to be a super hit. And then Sadhana never looked back. Bimal Roy’s ‘Parakh’. Dev Anand starrer ‘Hum Dono’. Rajendra Kumar starrer ‘Mere Mehboob’. Sadhana did wonders in every film. She did wonders with Raj Khosla. Who can forget film ‘Woh Kaun Thi?’ All of its songs became famous. Madan Mohan’s music.
Lata’s voice. Raja Mehdi Ali Khan’s lyrics. And Sadhana’s acting. “Tears fall down like the rain.” “Tears fall down.” “They fall down.” “They fall down.” It is also well known
that she refused film.. ..’Mere Mehboob’ when
it was offered to her. And she told famous film
maker Hrishikesh Mukherjee.. ..that I don’t know what I
should sign the film ‘Mere Mehboob’. Hrishikesh asked who
is the hero of the film. He was told Rajendra Kumar. And then Hrishikesh advised.. ..Sadhana to sign the film. Because Rajendra Kumar
always chooses good scripts. And even this film will be a success. And the same happened too. She also did great work
in multi starrer film ‘Waqt’. But still she was
not winning any awards. Meanwhile she developed
thyroid problem.. ..because of which she
went to America to get treatment. The world thought that
Sadhana will never return now. And she has bid farewell
to the film industry. But she came back and took revenge. In fact she did the film ‘Intaqam’. This film proved to super hit. With this came film
‘Ek Phool Do Maali’. And ‘Geeta Mera Naam’. Even these films did
great job at the box office. And after this Sadhana gradually
drifted away from films. She believed that she
will only work as a heroine. At no condition I will
play a character role. The one who saved
my life if he wanted.. per our customs he would have asked
my hand for marriage the very day. But he is a brave and decent man. He considered it again
his honor and decency.. take advantage of our customs. The anecdote of how Sadhana got the
Sadhana cut is also famous. Actually she had a broad forehead.. ..and the film director RK Nayar
thought that she will look.. ..even more attractive
if she had fringes in her forehead. So inspired by his favorite
heroine Audrey Hepburn.. ..he imbibed Sadhana
with the fringe cut. And later it became
famous as Sadhana cut. Girls in school and college
would often sport Sadhana cut. She had a hit pairing with every hero. Like Shammi Kapoor, Sanjay Khan. Dev Anand, Rajendra Kumar
and even Sunil Dutt. You won’t stop?
– No. Do you know I am the queen here? I can even give you orders. Even I am a prince. Of the kingdom of heart. I don’t have the habit
of listening to anyone’s orders. Interestingly actress
Babita is her relative. Kareena Kapoor and Karishma Kapoor
are also her relatives. And with regards to
her personal life we see.. ..that she married director
of ‘Love in Shimla’ RK Nayar. Though they didn’t have any kids.. ..but this marriage lasted
till the end till Mr. Nayar lived. After retirement Sadhana
didn’t return to films. Though she wished to stay connected
to films as director and producer. Also please be informed that
she never won any awards. But in 2002 she won the
lifetime achievement award. Without a doubt Sadhana’s acting,
her smile.. ..her emotional scenes, dance.
Everything was incomparable. In the last days of her life
she was connected to court cases. She fell very ill and she
also had to get herself operated. Later it was found that Sadhana
was suffering from cancer. On 25th December, 2015 Sadhana died
at Hinduja Hospital, Mumbai. Without a doubt there
was no one like Sadhana.. ..and there won’t be
one in the future either. To know about the skills
of great geniuses.. ..subscribe to People and History.

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