Sacramento County Students Compete at 2019 History Day

So, today we’re here for the 2019 Sacramento County History Day competition and kids have been working on their projects all year. There’s a theme this year, which is “Triumph & Tragedy in History.” And, so, the kids have created projects. And, today, they’re showcasing their projects. Civics education is a really important thing for kids to understand where we come from. And where we’ve been. And where we’re going. Kids get experience learning about different things that have happened. And it informs them. So they become better citizens.
I think History Day is a great opportunity to interact with your community and get to know more about a topic you might not usually learn about at school.
It’s a good way to learn about your history. Not just things that you learn in social studies. Or history class. And it’s a good way to show your artistic ability. It teaches them good public speaking skills, because they have to go in front of judges and talk about their project. And it also teaches them good study habits. They learn how to—on their own—go and research their topic. Go find information about it. And, then, present it and showcase what they know. In history, we learn a lot of valuable lessons. We learn how society is today from people throughout history. They’ve worked hard for what we have today.
We’re living the luxury that people worked for. And we don’t know that. So, it’s very vital that we know how we came to this state in life. And—all the events before—why they’re significant. Everything I learn seems really relatable to me. I get to understand how things came about. It’s not just a little story anymore. It’s reality. You learn. And, it’s also very fun. Exciting. History, you learn new things that you’ve never known about. The more that they know about a topic, and about history, the more involved they usually get in their area. In their school. And everything else. So, it’s really eye opening for them. As well as for me. I’m excited to see what they learn. [Applause] They get excited about new discoveries. If they work with a partner, they get to collaborate. They get to do things that you don’t normally get to do in a history class. I mean, they’re actually doing what historians do.

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