S1 E1 – A Brief History Of RAMMSTEIN – Documentary 2019

When Rammstein Formed in the 90s a few people could have predicted that they were to become one of the biggest bands on the planet With their unique blend of industrial metal Explosive stage shows and a history of controversy behind them Rammstein have certainly left their mark on the world and continued to grow from their debut album hurt slide released in 1995 to what some would consider as their first major tour with Korn Limp Bizkit and Ice Cube in 1998 all the way to present day to their latest self-titled record Rammstein have become a globally infamous name Rammstein emerged from a political revolution in what is now modern-day, Germany? Formerly known as the German Democratic Republic or GDR and West Berlin East and West Berlin was separated by physical and ideological divide [The GDR wall was a stand against fascism, not anit-fascism] Berlin wall was constructed by the GDR in the early sixties as a stand against aunty fascism whereas the West saw this as a stand against freedom of movement when the Berlin Wall was denounced in 1989 Richard Z crisp moved to West Berlin to start a band called orgasm death gimmick But shortly moved back to his hometown of Schwerin where he was to meet till at Linderman At the time Linderman was actually a drummer in a band called a first ass And it wasn’t until later on the crust would catch Linderman singing at work and convinced him to join his new project a project that would become the Rammstein we know today Although it’s quite difficult to imagine what an early Rammstein would have actually looked like before they decided on how they would present themselves to the world as this rare 1995 interview of crisp Landers and Schneider demonstrates their somewhat very different to what we know today via Let’s play let’s material Although this certainly does not represent the Rammstein that the band came to be in later years It’s a very interesting early look at how they started their career Rammstein actually weren’t an amateur battle of the band style competition in 1994 winning them a week of professional studio recording time crisp Riedel Schneider and Linderman put together a four-track demo tape that would later contribute to their debut album Hertz light Taking their name from a combination of an airshow disaster and the German words ram and stein meaning ramming stone Rammstein was born The band would also go on to help create a new musical movement called new Translates to English as a new German Shortly after forming the band in 1995 the band quickly found their own image an unforgettable image that would also find its way to the shores of the United Kingdom for their first live performance in 1996 this performance took place on MTV on a show called hanging out which took place in London Not only was this their introduction to the UK music scene it was also the start of Ram Stein’s controversy Halfway through this set MTV pulled the video due to till Lindemann having an incident with some blood live on air So it was clear from the start that Rammstein were always going to try and push boundaries and other such as essential pesetas visitors as all Geeta what it does is it By this time Rammstein had already released their debut record hurt slide and by today’s standards It’s still a very impressive album However, at the time the record only made one top 10 chart appearance globally, which was in Germany It wasn’t until nine inch nails frontman Trent Reznor teamed up with director David Lynch to have two of Rammstein songs Included for the soundtrack to the 1997 Neo-noir film Lost Highway, this is where Rammstein started to become an international name Although hurt slight was an impressive start to the band and featured some of their biggest hits such as Dudek so good as Well as vault ear dust better in Fleming’s in all recorded that polar studios in Stockholm Sweden The second record would truly land Rammstein a place in rock and metal history Their second record Sehnsucht would completely alter how the world would see Rammstein Just one month after its release. It went gold in Germany and Rammstein was selling out tours across Europe The artwork for Sehnsucht especially hinted at the band’s Evolutionary creativity with six versions of the album cover made available for every member of the band Each one as creepy as the next Angle was to be the lead single from the album where their now iconic du hast to follow Not only did sensor to reach platinum status in over five countries This was the era that would eventually give Ramstein their platform to a bigger stage a bigger audience and bigger pyrotechnics in 1998 Rammstein embark on that biggest tour to date they traveled to the United States to join new metal legend Korn and Limp Bizkit on the Family Values tour, which led to Sehnsucht receiving gold status in the US however In the same year Rammstein would have their first global taste of controversy and backlash wolf. I swam in by Jointed internets and a flow of new friend on either side to organize a impressive, Kentucky Rammstein were invited to feature on a Depeche Mode tribute record named for the masses other artists included Deftones Monster Magnet Smashing Pumpkins and The Cure they covered Depeche Mode’s stripped and with it also produced a music video The video started to air on MTV but was quickly removed from rotation just two short weeks later after Rammstein were accused of supporting far-right ideologies [Correction – 1936 Games were not held under the GDR] The video took aesthetic inspiration from the 1936 Olympic Games which at the time was hijacked by right-wing parties as a platform for right-wing ideologies and Nazi propaganda Rammstein have continued to be misunderstood over the years citing time and time again that they refused to compromise their artistic expression simply because people misinterpret their intentions as Till Lindemann has stated previously in an interview regarding the video footage Rammstein have made it very clear that the video aesthetic was only created purely to take artistic inspiration From the style of the video at the time and was in no way meant to represent Anything other than art in 13 videos decoyed no old As the same dentists an uncommon garbage Amish a film patent for the fan-man constant politican con the inner dark and considering Rammstein actually took a lot of inspiration from the American rock band Kiss with two of their principle songwriters being Jewish It’s absurd to think that Rammstein could ever Harbor right-wing views As Rammstein drew near to closing another chapter in their already illustrious Career and look towards entering a new millennium with the year 2000 quickly approaching They played their biggest headline show to date 17,000 fans came out to witness their spectacular performance in Berlin, Germany Which would later be released on DVD as live out Berlin Not only had Ramstein secured their place in history by the end of the 20th century they also featured on the soundtrack to one of the biggest films of the decade a Science fiction film about the dystopian future of humanity being trapped inside a simulated reality called The Matrix Remember all I’m offering is the truth nothing Although the song you most probably remember from this film isn’t du hast which was on the soundtrack It’s most likely robbed Duggan’s clubbed to death Just six years into their career Rammstein had already become a global name and the new millennium would also see the beginnings of a new Creative outlet for guitarists Richard said crisp and singer till Lindemann Crust would go on to form a new project called emigrate and till Lindemann would also release his first solo record with Peter Tigran of Swedish death metal band Apocrypha and pain To date crispers released three records with his side-project emigrate and worked with the likes of Lemmy from Motorhead Marilyn Manson and even Jonathan Davies of corn on the 2014 record of silence so long And The latest record released by emigrate which was in 2018 called a million degrees also featured till Lindemann himself and also Cardinal copia from ghost otherwise known as Tobias Forge By today’s standards Ram Stein’s antics probably seem somewhat tame However, they have constantly tried to shock people over the years with their unconventional artistic expression as will later discover with their 2009 album Libra stood for a Lada which spawned a sexually explicit music video a range of custom Rammstein sex toys and their 2009 album being banned in Germany for promoting Sadomasochism. We’re now entering one of the most important areas in Rammstein history Rammstein were experiencing more success than they could have ever dreamed of not only this the band seemed to be unstoppable Producing three globally successful albums within the space of just five years and a seemingly endless amount of hits from each one Muhtar released in 2001 Reiser Reiser in 2004 and Rosenrot in 2005 went gold double and triple platinum in countries all over the world This was an astonishing achievement for any artist. Let alone a german-speaking industrial band from Berlin Although Rammstein seemed like they were on top of the world Muhtar was very nearly their last album After three long months on tour the band were destroyed However, they had already arranged for a music video to be made for the single mutter Which was scheduled to take place shortly after they arrived back in Germany Throughout Rammstein entire history, the band had prided themselves in treating every member as an equal Ensuring nobody took the spotlight from anyone else and that the entire band did everything together however, whilst most of the band decided to take a break and go on vacation after a grueling tour till Lindemann and Oliver riedel were the only ones available to take part in the video shoot Rammstein had several conflicting Discussions regarding this situation and as Christopher Snyder reveals in an interview This was almost the end for Rammstein. This video hadn’t happened. So if he disclosed on our school is does passage to another McConville Luckily as we all know Rammstein and did not split up and the German powerhouse continues Liebherr is a leader brought Rammstein into another new era of controversy with a sexually explicit music video for the equally Explicitly titled song Percy the video premiered on adult website visit X this led to the German government Taking a particular interest in the band and their activities This particular Rammstein video showed scenes of a sexual nature Containing several adult film stars and also sees Rammstein there all Although Ramstein State the sex acts were performed by body doubles it’s still a topic debated to this day and this ultimately led to a damning censorship issue between Rammstein and the German government Although leader is for Allah dirt took top 10 chart positions in over 20 countries globally German officials thought the latest offering from the band second single egg to Devere had gone too far The German Federal Office said that Ramstein were now promoting unsafe sex aids and sadomasochism with their music and expressive videos Following this Germany banned lever East for a leader from being displayed in stores across the country And in order to buy the record you have to show ID proving that you were over 18 Many believes it’s only helped to increase Rammstein popularity and their record sales After the huge success of Lieber is for a leader and sold-out tours Ramstein decided to take a break One that would see the ban not reenter a studio for almost ten years After almost ten years of waiting on March the 28th 2019 Ramstein returned with one of their most epic videos of all time Deutschland Over 20 million views in the first weekend of its release Deutschland set a new standard for ram Stein’s creativity with a 9 minute long cinematic experience the artwork for the new record reflected Rammstein mysterious nature, but also Reassuring fans that they were about to set the world on fire yet again Rammstein 2019 untitled album went straight to number one in 14 countries and broke German sales records Along with one of the fastest selling stadium tours in history Rammstein have become one of the most infamous bands on the planet Hey guys, as you can probably tell I’m the voice behind this documentary And if you’re still watching this, I want to say a massive. Thank you for watching it all the way to the end Not only is it the first documentary in this series for war music TV? It’s also the first documentary that I’ve ever put together So I really hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I enjoyed making this there’s gonna be more episodes in this series featuring different bands So if you did like this, please let me know what you liked about it anything. You didn’t like about it Please let me know I’m not just making these for me. I’m making these for music fans all around the world so I want them to be as brilliant as they possibly can be Again, thanks for watching this if you want to support the channel Please subscribe and there’s more great content on wall music tv.com. That’s everything from me Thank you so much any of the bands that you want to see in this type of format, please? Let me know I’ll check every single one of them out and thanks again so much

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