Ryko Voyager (Factory Video)

Ryko manufacturing company acknowledged
worldwide as a progressive leader in the vehicle cleaning industry recognizes
that crucial to the success of many petroleum marketers is merchandising
equipment that is dependable and flexible in addition to having the
capability of generating a consistent level of high revenues
Ryko manufacturing company is once again proud to usher into the vehicle
cleaning industry an unequal level of performance system dependability and
technological advancement introducing The next generation
Ryko Voyager Automatic Vehicle Wash system originally introduced in 1987 to
the petroleum marketing industry the Voyager has since been elevated to the
preferred choice in quality vehicle cleaning while many companies may become
complacent with success Ryko chose to come up with a better
more advanced generation of Voyager vehicle wash systems today’s new
generation Voyager offers something more profound than just a car wash in fact
with the development of the Voyager XL package we like to consider the new
Voyager more than just an improvement maybe a reinvention the operational
integrity of a vehicle wash system can often be judged by the level of
dependability designed into it Ryko engineers had this in mind when
they designed the new generation Voyager like its predecessor the new Voyager
boasts an aluminum frame construction that is unmistakably Ryko this frame is
light enough to allow the Voyager to operate continuously with uninterrupted
ease yet sturdy enough to provide support to today’s finest in precision
crafted components the ul-listed high-efficiency motors are totally
enclosed providing years of maintenance-free operation while the
standard programmable controls serve as the hub for all Voyager wash activities
the voyagers unique 5 cleaning arms featuring tall side arms are equipped
with soft poly filament strands field-proven
at providing full coverage cleaning to a wide range of vehicles for oil marketers
and convenience store operators flexible vehicle cleaning equipment
means a system that can provide all the popular multi wash options on one
space-saving machine the Voyager operates completely attendant free for
only pennies a wash the fully self-contained design allows the Voyager
to operate in most bays since it occupies less than half the equipment
space demanded by today’s typical conveyorized system the motoring public
of the 90s is placing a greater value on vehicle wash services and is willing to
pay extra for them these demands along with Rico’s unyielding pursuit of
engineering excellence have combined to produce a wash system possessing the
capability of offering a vast array of popular wash options let’s take a closer
look at all the exciting Voyager options that can be combined in any fashion the
under car wash directs a steady stream of water under the vehicles
undercarriage removing salt and other corrosive materials the high volume foam
bath option enhances the quality of the wash by applying a rich layer of
detergent onto the entire surface of the vehicle the customer pleasing wheel
scrub can wash wheels of most sizes including today’s popular decorative
wheels the wheel scrub is fast becoming one of the most requested of all car
wash options the hot wax and high volume air dryers combine to provide the
ultimate in quality vehicle cleaning after the rinse cycle a layer of wax is
applied to the vehicle preparing it for the dry cycle the Voyager then begins to
glide over the vehicle while high volume ambient air is directed through the
oscillating nozzles and over the vehicles removing rinse water rather
than merely relocated during the entire wash cycle the
Voyageurs standard LED signs prominently displays the exciting wash options to
waiting customers enticing them to purchase additional revenue-generating
wash options to complement the wax cycle as an aid in providing a quality dry
raikou has made available other exciting voyager features the water removing
wiper assembly accompanies the dry option and removes excess rinse water
from the drip tray prior to the dry cycle
additionally the top brush spin rids itself of water with a high speed spin
while the optional top brush shield reduces the amount of water collecting
on the ceiling and dripping on the vehicle the new generation voyager can
also be equipped with other innovative options like cold wax and frost
protection these as well as many other voyager options are yet another example
proving that at raikou technological evolution is a constant force and our
reward is to share it with the dynamic petroleum marketing industry for todays
typical oil marketing location survival means having merchandising equipment
designed for maximum speed and flexibility rankle manufacturing company
recognizes this and responds by unveiling its new Voyager XL automatic
vehicle wash system the Voyager XL is the perfect solution to the problem of
traditionally slow and inflexible equipment the Voyager XL adds to the
Voyager Line the capability of offering all the exciting multi wash options with
amazing speed flexibility and thoroughness without sacrificing quality
car wash customers will be pleased to hear that they can now receive a high
volume foam bath under car wash wheel scrub hot wax and dry in less than three
minutes what does this mean for low and high volume operations for low volume
locations it means the voyager can provide vehicle
cleaning to customers who prefer longer concentrated wash cycles while
maintaining the flexibility of adapting to higher volumes for high volume
locations it means faster wash cycles with an
increase in customer throughput more importantly however it means raikou can
custom tailor a voyager wash system to match the speed and volume requirements
of any location regardless of its size the result is an increase in car wash
gasoline and c-store revenues the new Reiko Voyager and Voyager XL wash
systems if we consider these the vehicle wash systems and will not only
outperform their closest rivals but completely out think them to further
increase the merchandising potential of any location Ranko provides the latest
in revenue generating accessories let’s take a closer look at just a few of
these accessories that will help create a full service profitable vehicle wash
program renko’s thrust pro dryer is the perfect merchandising companion to the
voyager wash system because it promotes maximum vehicle throughput the truly
unique thrust Pro is unmatched in the industry for overall drying quality it’s
also one of the quietest air dryers available today
another supplemental profit center to accompany the voyager is any one of
rico’s high-efficiency vacuums the aluminum Reiko vac – is easy to operate
and can be custom painted to match the unique color schemes of individual
locations the new stainless steel backs are aesthetically attractive and can be
equipped with custom color decals both vac styles can be equipped with an air
compressor for on-site tire filming the last ingredient to a full-service
profitable vehicle wash program is the industry’s most innovative carwash
activation system rico’s patented co2 wash 3 is a computerized carwash
accounting and merchandising system that promotes car wash flexibility
accountability and profitability from one convenient point-of-sale location
with the kuda wash 3 the customer receives a printed code and proceeds to
anyone of Rico’s exciting activation systems like the dollar bill acceptor
coin box here the customer is greeted with a recorded message and asked to
enter the code for activation but that’s not all with the Reiko multi message
system or mm 16 the customers asked to enter quarter or dollar bill carwash
upgrades and many are willing to do so the MM 16 can also provide recorded
messages promoting other car wash services other activation systems
include a coin box with speaker that can be tailored to accept any combination of
code order and token activation a voice interactive speaker can be added to
assist in providing instructions to appreciative customers Reiko also has
available a host of other fine accessories like its evie to a water
reclamation system automatic door opener kits and a complete line of safe
detergents and cleaning aids Reiko stands behind the new Voyager and
Voyager XL vehicle wash systems with the support of the industry’s most
professionally trained national service network each technician is factory
trained in all areas of service beginning with on-site installation to
coordinating any one of franco’s comprehensive preventive maintenance
programs additionally a full-time factory based customer service staff is
just a phone call away from lending professional technical
assistance Reiko service it’s our commitment beyond equipment the new
generation Voyager and Voyager XL vehicle wash systems by ryko better
more advanced vehicle washing tailored for the progressive petroleum marketing
industry and another example of Ryko’s commitment to its leading role in the
vehicle cleaning world Ryko manufacturing company over 8000
worldwide locations combining to wash over a million vehicles a day each
designed by professionals who have proudly achieved new levels of technical
excellence Ryko a global leader through innovation
and dedication reliable proven accepted

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