Rowan Atkinson – Google Search History – Johnny English Interview

I’d be an app about real alien life. Johnny doesn’t have much
of an online presence. Is the internet magic or mayhem? For me, it’s more mayhem actually,
I think, particularly social media. I avoid social media, so in many ways
I shouldn’t have an opinion about it, because what do I know? I’ll have to go for magic, I think. The day that my fridge
can order the things that I don’t have in my fridge-,
– Yeah, that it hasn’t got. That’ll be glorious. Yes, look forward to that day. If someone looked
at your Google history, what kind of person would they find? I look up the most ridiculous things. Often, I find I now look up
phrases that I use. I suddenly realised recently
that I use so many phrases, like ‘Pete’s sake’
or whatever it is, and I have no idea
where it came from. I’ve got into a bit of an obsession
of looking everything up. Cars, I’m afraid, would be mine. Just a ludicrous amount
of window-shopping for cars. I’m a fan of iPads. Which bit of tech
couldn’t you live without? I like to think that I couldn’t do
without a mobile, but then sometimes you do
without a mobile for half a day and you think, ‘That was great.’ (laughter)
I really like that. Or sometimes, when you’re trying
to make a phone call and you’re on a landline, and you
think, ‘Oh my god, this is great.’ You know,
the reception is perfect. If you were an app on someone’s
phone, which function would you play? I think I’d like to be a science app. I have quite a hobbyist’s
interest in science and particularly biology, actually. I think I’d be an app
about real alien life, what life on Earth can tell us
about life on other planets. That sounds fascinating. Not the sort of aliens that you see
in cartoons and movies. – You mean real aliens?
– Real aliens. (laughter) Thank you, yeah.
I’d be an app about real aliens. Good luck with that one. That sounds like a very good app,
I would definitely get that. You see this enthusiasm here,
that’s great.

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