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Welcome back to my channel TheCandyGuy where i talk about treats for the sweet tooth Today I’m going to talk about
Rocky Road The Annabelle candy company produces five candy bars and I’ve already covered four of those candy bars Look!, U-No, Abba-Zaba, and Big Hunk you can check those all out in the description there’s a reason I saved
the Rocky Road bar for last unlike the other four bars, they were acquired from other companies and found their home at the Annabelle company the Rocky Road bar though was originally created by the Annabelle company The Annabelle candy company was created in 1950 by Sam Altshuler who named the company after
his daughter…Annabelle It was at the start of the company that the Rocky Road bar was introduced but I’m not too sure exactly it it was right in 1950 or a year or two later so early 1950’s is how long the Rocky Road bar has been around The Rocky Road bar is a marshmallow filling with milk chocolate and cashews let’ dive in There’s the inside of the Rocky Road bar There’s small pieces of
cashew on the top layer of chocolate and the the rest is just super soft
marshmallow the milk chocolate on the top is where the tiny pieces of crushed
cashews are but mainly you get the milk chocolate flavor and the yummy
marshmallow flavor. Like oh my gosh like this bar is so soft I’ve never had a
Rocky Road bar before (laughing while speaking) and it’s delicious if you crave the marshmallow and milk
chocolate with a little bit of cashews come try this bar out Thank you for watching
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