Robert Oberst’s RECORD BREAKING Shot Put Throw | The Strongest Man in History | History

ROBERT: This week I’ve
set us up to compete in our very own Highland
Games, and to take on one of the greatest of
all time, Donald Dinnie. The Highland Games
are festivals that go back centuries where all
the clans would come together. And their strongest men
would compete to see who is the fittest and most athletic. The King would choose members of
the security and his entourage specifically from those games. This field in Braemar
is hallowed ground for Highland Games. This is the Super Bowl
of the Highland Games. For our first
challenge in Scotland, we’re going to challenge Donald
Dinnie’s record for shot put. Hello, there. How are you doing? Nice to meet you. Having the judges
on the field this week means that if any of us were
to break a world record, it would actually count. Donald Dinnie threw the
Braemar stone 31 feet 7 inches. I mean, 28 pounds is a lot
of weight to throw 30 foot. Right, especially with guys
like us who’ve never done it. Yeah. Yeah. But that’s kind of what we do. We show up. We take on a legend
we’re unprepared for. And we win the day. I threw shot as a senior in high
school and one year in college. I was actually
pretty good at it. In Highland Games,
putting the stone is almost exactly like
the shot put in America. All right, boys,
let’s get cracking. Let’s do this.
– OK. Let’s roll. We’ve got the 31
feet, what Donald Dinnie did back in the day. So who’s up first? I’ll go first. ROBERT: Get it. All right, Nick, we’re going
to mark right where you land over here with the judge. 31 feet, brother. Come on. I can’t even get
my arm in position. That’s all my arm goes to. This is it right here. So not my event. [GRUNTING] Nice, Nick. Good job, Nick. Nice, Nick. 23-feet five. Nick went first
with a stone put. And his throw was not good. Let’s go, Eddie. Nice. Nice throw. 29-feet, 10. 29 feet, 10 inches. Nearly there. I didn’t get Donald Dinnie’s
record for the 28 pound stone. I nearly did it, but just
not quite enough momentum. Close only counts in
horseshoes and hand grenades. But I grabbed it this
way because I wanted the thick end on my neck. A little further. A little further? Down. When I first got into the
sport, I looked up to Brian. I studied the way he moves. I studied what shoes he wore. I knew what shoes Brian
wore before I met him. Keep it on your head
as long as possible. And the last thing you
do is flick your fingers. I did everything I could to
actually emulate what he’s done, because his
strength grid is one that I can only dream of. Keep it tucked, nice and tight. I knew Robert had
done shot put before. So I really wanted to
beat him at that because I knew how much it meant to him. [GRUNTING] Nice. Good. 31, 10. Smoked the record, dude. 3 inches is 3 inches. Nice. Yeah. Yes! Brian just smash that. I’m glad that I was able
to set the new record. I definitely wanted
to beat Robert. You’re the one with the
Scottish blood in your veins. Yeah. You better beat this now. He’s a beast, man. I’ve been competing against
Brian for about four years. I had to work hard to
get up to that level where I could compete
against Brian. You know, I really
want this one. Go get it. All right.
Go on. We’ll get fired up
and go knock this out. Let’s go. Here we go. Good job, B. BRIAN: Thanks, guys. Come on, B. Blast this thing. Let’s go. Competing against
Brian on a regular basis is like constant fuel for me. This actually means a lot to me. So I’ve got to do this. [GRUNTING] Good. I think that’s a record. This one’s further. Oh, yes. 34, 11. Oh, wow. Robbie– There it is. Well, done, there, B. Nice job. You just beat Donald
Dinnie’s record. ROBERT: Breaking Donald Dinnie’s
putting the stone record was pretty cool. But beating Brian? That’s the cherry on top. You smoked the record, dude. Man, that felt good. I guess you weren’t
lying about throwing shot put before, huh? Right, right. I thought that was
just a story you made up. No, I’m telling you– With some training, I
feel like I could get him. But today, second
place, first loser.

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