Robert Mueller Report: Outline For Prosecution | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  • Get this man out of the public eye. Yep damned man not woman in my opinion .

  • You people are delusional, TRUMP 2020.

  • I no want muslim in india.
    Or usa

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  • why is it so white around your eyes
    that is the important question

  • Help us mueller

  • trump: "Hey corey i have a great idea on how you can ruin your life and serve as a pawn for me! Listen up!" XD He uses people like bathroom tissues.

  • The trump tax forms was more exciting from this show

  • What a gentleman going up the plane before his lady and even before checking whether she needs a hand. Send.Him.To.Space.

  • Get a real job Rachel! You're getting old fast!

  • Get over it woman you’re looking crazy and sad

  • And you think this breathless wind-bagging and wild gesticulating, 11 minutes plus, of you rehashing debunked conspiracy therories is going to somehow bolster your ratings, Maddow?

  • Rachel is a mentally ill boy wannabe.

  • A sitting president who has demonstrably committed crimes that would be charged against anyone ELSE, is a president whose capacity of the executive branch SHOULD be frozen. His actions were very adequate to issue subpoenas and indictments. The evidence is all laid out. Indictment SHOULD IMMEDIATELY FOLLOW, except that a policy (NOT a law) opposes indicting a sitting president under any conditions. That, on its very FACE, is irrational. A president who could be indicted is NOT a president to whom you could WANT to be allowed to continue his executive functions, because doing so would let him commit MORE CRIMES. Which that policy has now enabled, as he continues committing crimes. A policy that is irrational, had to be obeyed by Mueller, who always goes by the book. Maybe he didn't DARE not do so after Barr was appointed. He'd know exactly what that would mean to the continuation of his probe. It would all be rendered invisible. So because Barr was his BOSS, AND because Barr may have actually ORDERED Mueller to stop the probe, Mueller did the only thing he could. He turned over ALL the evidence he already had to Congress to finish probing, because Congress does NOT answer to Barr or Trump.
    What good is it to us that we can indict Trump EVEN 18 months from now? Much less 18 months plus 4 more years.
    So…WHEN does the statute of limitations start running on these criminal charges? Does it start NOW? NO. It starts from the date when the chargeable offense was committed. Some were committed over 2 years ago. Bet that's what Rs are working for. Especially if he gets another 4 years. 4 years + 18 months equals 5 1/2 years. If the statute of limitations is five years, we're going to lose it all.

    By the 2020 election, unless they are stopped, the Republican fascists will OWN US ALL. They'll OWN the government, they'll OWN justice, and they'll OWN both executive and lawmaking functions. They'll own – and cancel – all future elections.

    The public will be dead meat. We can't AFFORD to rely on that election.

    And that includes the rubes, who will no longer be needed, and the Rs can do anything they want to them. Anything AT ALL.

    We know the rubes don't have the capability of understanding these things, and that they wouldn't WANT to if they did. But that's not true for the rest of us.
    Even after HEAVILY EDITING the Mueller report, there was abundant evidence for Trump's crimes. The evidence was pre-packaged and ready to be used. It only needed someone NOT under Barr's or Trump's thumb to carry it out.
    Barr then actually DID try to control what Congress could see. That's brazen obstruction of justice. He was meddling in an area where he had ZERO authority.
    Thus, the case of obstruction of justice now fully applies as much to Barr as to Trump. Plus charges of conspiracy between them, and very likely, a lot of other Republicans.
    Wanna bet that every Republican in Congress has had FULL ACCESS to the unredacted report – within DAYS of Barr receiving it?
    That, too, was done against the law.
    There are so MANY crimes being committed in this administration, I doubt it's humanly possible to investigate them all in the next 18 months. Which is what these conspirators WANT. Drag your feet, slow everything down maximally, interfere, obstruct – anything to keep the public ignorant of as many crimes of this regime as possible.
    I think the entire GOP should be investigated as a criminal organization under the RICO Act, which was written SPECIFICALLY to nail organized crime. The GOP is bigger, and WORSE than the mafia. It's actually global in scope.

  • 😂

  • It was Cambridge Analytics through Russian Oligarch Gesher funding Trump Campaign through billioner Sheldon Adelson dual American/Israeli national to rig the presidential 2016 campaign ,see Blackstone Intelligence of Jake Morphinos on recent Russia gate of Israel /Mossad interference and Trump must be Impeached as Kushner arranged the payments.

  • RussiaGate is the Cover up for IsraelGate uploaded on may 8th 2019 of Blackstone Intelligence of Jake Morpinos.
    He gives evidence of mossad involvement through Jerrad Kushner.

  • What if…why…maybe…this is just a smokescreen to spread more hate Trump propaganda. If Mueller, and his team of 13 Hillary supporters, all Democrats, had anything to hammer Trump with they would have done exactly that. They had nothing because the Hillary paid for fake accusation was nothing more than dirty politics. The dirty politics continues with Rachael Maddow spinning and twisting information into more lies. Why? Because the Democrats can only win elections by making Trump look worse than they are by any means necessary: cheat, lie, manufacture crisis, vilify, marginalize. What a dishonest unethical bunch of people these so-called liberals are.

  • As a member of the human race it breaks my heart to hear an ex-journalist make a total tool out of herself! How does she sleep at night is anyone’s guess…
    BTW, ask her WHAT IS KEEPING THE DEMOCRATS WHO CONTROL THE HOUSE, FROM INITIATING IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS? Muller made clear on his report, even reminded Congress about being bullied by a sitting president??
    Do the world a favour and switch off this unhinged conspirator, what’s next lizard people!

  • Trump and his klan and the Republican party need to go to prison.

  • Like Q and Trump said that those who SCREAM the Loudest have the most to Lose ,that's u crying Panicking MADDOW.PAIN IS COMING

  • Yah it's called SPYGATE because the Obama administration SPIED ON THE TRUMP CAMPAIGN and u Fake Lying news covered it up for your Demonrats but now the REAL TRUTH IS OUT ,u have no ESCAPE. DECLAS OF FISA IS COMING,Comey Report is coming,oig Report is coming then JUSTICE for the American citizens and our great WINNING President Trump.enjoy the show Clowns

  • This guy speaking is a lunatic

  • He's not going to stop breaking the law until he's stopped. The statues run out five years after his last crime which will be the last day he's in office.

  • Cohen is one example of Trumps intention to use others as pawns to break the law for him. How did Trump get away with so much bf becoming president. Is this why he chose to run?

  • If it looks like he would not be re-elected, the best outcome for Trump would be impeachment. Then, Pence would become President, and like Gerald Ford pardoning Nixon. he would pardon Trump.

  • Yall might as well call him TRUMP CAPONE.

  • Remember thats why TRUMP WANTED THOSE EXTRA 2 yrs. Remember he said because of this investigation he should get 2yrs.

  • Pretty sure Don the Con had Low Barr close the Mueller investigation. It's strange that the Mueller investigation stopped after Low Barr became attorney general.

  • A narcissist is NEVER wrong, he can't be. So, if anything goes wrong or something bad or undesired happens, it MUST be the fault of someone else.

    Read up on narcissism and you will begin to understand Donald Trump. The real mystery is of course why the American people were given a lose-lose choice between Hillary and Donald, each an absolute no-no to half the population.

  • Oh PLEASE, let charges of obstruction come against TRUMP after hes out as president. That would be soooo sweet.


  • This would be funny, if it wasn't so sad.

  • Isn’t it funny you all admit he didn’t do anything and the investigation was wrong but now….. obstruction 🙄🙄🙄

  • TDS, TDS, TDS that rhythms also. MADD COW.

  • stop u joking

  • idnt like u

  • Trump wins agian 2020!

  • …AND, Corey… (screaming!) 😂😂😂

  • Lewandowski sang like a canary yet he still capes for Trump. That is some seriously weak sauce!

  • Thank you, Rachel. This represents a great deal of work on our behalf. Very helpful to everyone. I could listen to you all day. ♥️

  • There IS enough evidence (or nearly) in Mueller's report to convict Trump for both "collusion" (conspiracy) and obstruction of justice. He may have needed some more evidence on the first, but he had to stop, because Barr would make his efforts worthless.
    But Mueller never had a chance to COMPLETE his probe. He had to quit and filed his "final" report, which was not by any means complete. He had a lot more to do especially going after the "big fish"

    Barr, Trump and lots of Rs are calling the whole thing exoneration.No collusion! No obstruction! Just a witch hunt! Oh yeah?
    When do witch hunts come up with dozens of indictments, plea deals and even convictions? Witch hunt? Maybe so, since the culprits who were caught might be called witches.

    Barr and Trump are CONSPIRING to control the Congress, which is NOT under their control. Its conspiracy and obstruction going on right in front of our faces.

    For the rubes, we have three branches of government. Each is independent of the other two, and they cannot be thwarted by either of the others. INDEPENDENT means independent. Now Barr, in the EXECUTIVE branch is trying to control Congress, the LEGISLATIVE branch, and hopes the SCOTUS (the JUDICIAL branch) is packed enough so they will let any R off the hook for anything. They think they've got it made in the shade.
    But do they? Not as long as we have state courts. Trump can't pardon someone convicted n a state court. He tries to install pro-Trump judges, but he'd need a long time to do it thoroughly. State courts don't have convenient DOJ memos that they can treat like laws.

    The only way they can obstruct Congress legally is to trash the whole Constitution. I know the rubes think the Constitution is just the 2nd Amendment, but their opinions don't count. The reality does count,
    Just tell the rubes that Trump is trashing the Constitution, I.E., the 2nd Amendment. That won't go over well at all. But it's what he IS trying to do.

  • If 45 is impeached, can he then be pardoned right away?

  • Rachel, I like you but, you drive me crazy with your commentary. The voice inflections and animation.

  • Thank you Rachel for laying out the legal pieces in a logical order so we can 'Read the Road Map' and appreciate the nuances required to understand the Legal Process playing out through Congress. We can now see the 'Big Picture' as to how Trump & Co will be charged & prosecuted. It's the difference between 'following due process of law' and a Lynch Mob Mentality. The gallows may still be the End Result, but in a civilised society, Legal Due Process must be followed. Go Long Go Hard Warrior Princess. Cheers from Michael. Australia.

  • Pelosi now has Barr assuredly guilty of impeding a Congressional investigation, by defying a subpoena. Why not prosecute him, so as to disqualify him as head of DOJ?

  • There has to be a clear and resounding message sent to the Republican CULT in November, 2020. The time of the statute of limitations should not be running while a public official is in office. It's a terrible loophole. The clock would begin as soon as Trump is out of office.

  • Beg you loser. Beg them to read it, run it again, waste all your air time. Disgusting and vain.

  • That is exactly my POINT.

  • My name is not Gallions Housing Association Ltd.

  • (Flats 1-30 Trident House) inclusive is Gallions Housing Association Ltd.

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  • That Lewindowsky looks to be real fine fellow.

  • Pure genius! Trump’s ever-so cunning plan has got to be the greatest since a certain Mr Yeshua Bar Abba thought that Golgotha might be a good place to be put up for the night.

  • Does the Congress have the power to put a Federal Monitor on Treasontrumpski at all times? Even the bathroom unless he leaves his phone & other electronics with the Monitor!!!

  • Guilt guilt thy name is tRump!

  • But trump got the Southern District of New York waiting for him patiently!!!

  • i THINK YOU RACHEL ARE GUITY OF CONSPIRING TO UNSEAT A ELECTED PRESIDENT…criminal conspiracy…orders at 4am…talking points with other media houses….OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE IS not important in light of the fact that colluding with another nation is the so called offense…we have moved on…take the millstone from around your neck.

  • The time to Impeach arrived last week.

  • I love you Rachael… At least SOMEONE is still telling the TRUTH… Um, I mean… Fake News… Fake News!!! 😉

  • How can there be so many crooks in our government now, how did we come to this the way all this government employees follow this crooked president remind,s me how Hitler,s men followed him and we all know how that turned out time to change our government!!!

  • Trump is fighting so hard because he knows when he,s time as president comes to a end he will be going to JAIL!!!!

  • Trump really has nothing to lose in lying and cheating and doing anything possible to win the next election. It is no wonder he is willing to take foreign assistance. Because his alternative is a prison cell.

  • Sadness is Americans who supported Trump will not see this behavior as criminal.

  • Like a kid with a new toy to play with age May's different that's Maddow

  • Standing in front of trump and he shot you you would have to tell the police i think it was my falut i know he would never has shot me if i wasnt standing there!

  • Rachel is always on point I love the way she thinks lets impeach

  • We (Americans') have been very close to charging ex presidents with crimes….. In your head maybe Rachel.

  • Your reporting is better than a movie. Keep going it will only get better.

  • The statute of limitations should be suspended during the immunity period.

  • Rachel, you are the! You so elegantly, presented all of this information! You are a true Professional! I can’t wait until Trashident Trump is out of office & in handcuffs & thrown in jail!

  • And the Dems do nothing 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️…

  • So, stop the Russians before our vote.

  • That's why Trump wants to be President 2020…run out the clock

  • Have a Q anyone… When trump gets impeached then charged & pence becomes prez. Does speaker of the house become VP or does pence get to pick someone? Thxs✌

  • Americans need a mini series to act out Mueller report we are too lazy or busy to read. Rob Rhiner is qualified for that project I hope I spelled his name right but he has the means to do it

  • Yeah Rachel, didn't you know? He and his buddy are pinky and the brain "trying to take over the world!!!" They even look like them. Lol. You should find a picture of pinky and the brain and name them trump and putin instead. I think it may be a hit amongst your supporters, myself included, hehe! Can you imagine making it "the thing?" Will you consider it?

  • Do any of you fine listener's actually believe old madcow or do you just like her voices ?

  • Scariest thing of all… we know trump is a liar, con man, racist, homophob, telling ordinary people, cops, ice to be violent, breaks the law, etc & his base continue to support him. So instead of having one of these, there are many…and that is the crazy scary part🤔

  • I have not missed a Rachael Madow episode since November of 2016. She is the best. I can still go back and watch past episodes, and there is so much criminal activity, and scandal, envolved with Trump, his family, and people in his campaign, and people who are envolved with the Russian Mofia, that I can't remember it all. Just pick any week between last month, and January of 2016, and you to can realize that there is too much scandal to remember it all. And Trump piles it on daily. If there is no real scandal, Trump just tweets one up , and off we go to the races. This is why the citizens of the United States of America, can't keep up with it. They have lives to live. Bills to pay, children to feed, jobs to work. I am disabled, and spend much of my time in bed watching and reading about news and politics. Rachael Madow really explains the evidence clearly. She should get an academy award for reading Court transcript. And she asks the right questions, and makes me think about the facts surrounding the evidence. And she doesn't spend hours, clouding my judgment, by repeating what Trump said, or tweeted him for hours on end day after day. This is why I rely on Rachael Madow, so I can keep straight in my mind, how our country is being conned, robbed, attacked and overwhelmed by tsunamis of deception and opinions.


  • If Trump gets impeached and removed from office, he could still be re-electied, and avoid serving any time in prison.

  • Too bad the Democrats won’t do anything about it. It’s amazing they’re allowing all this, and just paying lip service to how terrible Trump is for committing crimes

  • There are none better than Rachel Maddow…. everything she has said will come to bear on our country. The final play is this election results. She nailed it!

  • Mueller is a real genius. God protect him. He is one GOP (RARE!) doing “the right thing” for God and country. Thank you, Mueller. God be with you.

  • talk talk talk yak yak yak. do you ever have days where you don't talk?

  • Of course any of us that have the memory of a gnat recall ample evidence from the horse's mouth that he (Trump) was doing all he could to thwart the investigation.

  • This lying sniveling COWARD DRAFT-DODGER ordering a military parade? Our PATHETIC commander-in-chief!!!!!!!

  • Trump just doesnt get it…Mueller is investigating the past crimes and the future crimes. Trump is so opaque when he thinks of Robert Mueller.

  • Say "Sorry" for lying for over 2 years, Maddow.

  • Totally Fake

  • Pushing the conspiracy…

  • Maddow a PIECE of HUMAN FILTH

  • Mr Mueller was your investigation blocked or hindered in anyway.?……NO.

  • Maddow doesn't seem to know the difference between obstruction and attempts at obstruction. Or, she does and hopes her viewers don't understand the difference.

  • The Mueller report did not produce the desired and promised results so, let's just keep asking the same questions over and over until we get the answered we want.

  • This woman needs help

  • She is WRONG and Over Opinionated as Usual. Terrible show, just horrid !!!!!!

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