ROBERT KIYOSAKI – Rich Dad, Poor Dad – How To Invest In Yourself – Part 1/2 | London Real

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  • Giving poor people money could still help people succeed though. There are plenty of poor people with big ideas and lots to offer to the world and to society, but are limited by their lack of resources. Individual situations are complex, and not everyone can do what's necessary themselves. Especially while cost of living remains outrageously high.

    Robert should seriously rethink his stance on giving money to the poor.

  • When your alone there's always a girl who protect you

  • I don't get all the hate this guy gets. After reading his book (and supplementing it with other books like the Richest Man in Babylon and The Intelligent Investor) I found myself more in financial stability than ever before. Granted my passive income from the stock market is not that big, it nonetheless off-sets some of my daily expenses.

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  • How did his best friend, the son of the rich dad life turn he successful? Never hear of him

  • what`s with the blue glasses?:))

  • wow definitely an eye-opener… for a while I used to say exactly the things his Dad used to say to him.."Oh I cant afford it" or " what do you think I'm made of money" and so on.. after a while of having the same excuses all the time I decided to change myself and I did exactly how his Rich Dad said.." what can I do to get that?" and in all honestly that is when I changed my whole prosepective to life.. I started to be able to get what I want and it changed my life for the better

  • We are all playing Monopoly

  • This Is truly a gift. Thank You

  • What Kiyosaki does not understand is the economics itself. What we need is not more income and wealth inequality by having "more rich", but we need more equality – if you work hard you have a better life, that is what we need. We stop focusing on creating values themselves that we only focus only on money accummulation and printing. Kiyosaki talks in a way that it makes you think that if you are a worker, you are nothing and the only honest job is being a businessman. But let me tell you this, if there were no "ordinary workers" those rich people would have nothing to spend their money on, so their riches would be worthless, because all that stuff is manufactured by ordinary workers. So every person is important and every worker in the economy is very important. We need people especially that create values, not peolpe that are extracting it – Kiyosaki is extracting values, not creating them, he is just a rent-seeker, an idle landlord. What we need is better monetary system and better value that citizens get for their taxes – meaning if you pay taxes you get a house (without mortgage – the government should pay the construction costs), you only pay the running costs. You should be paying only for running costs of your houses, houses should be built by taxes, there is no point in owning it, because if you gonna die one day and that house is going to be used by someone else anyway. If you pay taxes, you get proper housing, you get proper healthcare, if you pay taxes, you get proper education. But I know what you gonna say, it sounds socialist if you want something for you taxes, but it never sound socialist if this money is spent on military or for bailing out big corrupt enterprises such as some banks.

  • If god doesn’t want people to be poor then why did Jesus live the life of a poor man.
    No money in his pockets no house no farm to grow on yet to this day he is remembered and no one talks about how much money Jesus had. ??????

  • Chinese Arnold lol

  • Rickards, Trump, Oprah? You a 33deg Mason now too? Then talking spirituality in the same sentence. You need to find out who those people really are

  • I just finished reading this book today,it was a inspired book,my mentality has changed and i see the life in another way,i thought financial is hard to understand so i didn't want to know anything about it but now i can say i have knowledge how rich people think

  • I'm will strive and take any opportunity that I can get to achieve financial freedom. I do not know where or how I am going to start, but one thing I know is that I will execute and reach my goals.

  • This man is fierce in his emotions. Changes from love to stern eyes. I like him

  • His childhood story of how his rich dad taught him about money reminds me of how Mr. Miyagi taught Daniel karate 😁. LOVE IT!!!

  • He may have business savvy, but I turned off after he spoke of Trump as being equals. His business acumen may be on point, but you are the company you keep! Trymp is a proven crook! Shame on you Robert!

  • common sense is nothing new and that is what this man is selling and I agree with him our society and school's are pushing common sense further and further from our kids we will be a crippled society not long from now and God and spirituality is key though no one can get by without it .There is sad rich men and sad poor men plus positively and prayer opens many doors . Thank you God ❤

  • At the end, depreciation is what the government wants us to do. the irony of that compared to the schools don't teach financial knowledge, and well-timed for the end of the show.

  • I am reading the book poor.. rich dad it just open my mind❤

  • This guy says writers or authors are people who claim to not write for money or to "be on the opposite side of the making money," to paraphrase. It's not that they don't like guys that make money they take issue with people that think it's about the money and then say they don't. Like this guy. He keeps saying he doesn't work for money but that's all he talks about and he makes everyone else out to be someone who takes issue with it. lol.

  • Poor people are not selfish. Just saying that creates or belies a level of anger. It's not about what poor people are or are not its about where you are right in this moment. Just move on and become monetarily rich if you want.

  • Trump is 2 faced. Trickle down economics is 2 faced in and of itself. lol

  • That video was awe inspiring, I learned so much

  • Was his family in the saki business by any chance?

  • What retarded millennial thought it was a brilliant idea for videos to start playing as you scroll past the icon? You miss half the video before you start it!

  • Your ad got me here. Ads work. Fuck me. Lol

  • Almost at 1 Mil subscribers! 😬 Here’s a congratulations in advance!

  • Pound sand weirdo

  • If you are watching this and if u are reading rich dad poor dad and if you take action on your dream then congratulations my friend u will be rich in future

  • Gold nuggets financial wisdom in this interview ! Thanks London Real and Robert for it !

  • You become his rich dad

  • this guy is on another level , smart and very motivational… his thinking he makes it look so simple to make it in the world

  • Social media is anti-social… the reason I never wanted social media was because I thought of it like this..

  • GOD bless me with a home and a better job.

  • So this guy's a writer? Don't writers get a paycheck?

  • Robert, saying the truth from the Bible learning from the Sunday school is not about religiosity but the real truth itself. Since you are quoting "The Word became Flesh" which means that's beyond religiosity and spirituality. You don't have to apologise for it. I guess your word became flesh doesn't come from the Bible itself but a syncretistic belief infused with transcendental meditation. The truth is truth and speak it up regardless of other people's opinion about your standing on the basis of the truth. This is what true spirituality lies within. The truth from the Bible because you quoted John chapter 1:1-2 "the word became flesh.". That is referring to Jesus Christ himself. Kudos to you Robert and keep it up. Find the truth in the Lord Jesus Christ and His very words.

  • Robert . Thank u so much ❤️

  • We are just beginning to recreate our minds to reflect to ourselves the lives that have been taught. Now I am believing my work with just changing outlooks just a little at a time. …..

  • Political correctness is killing the whole west and the morons who imposed it on us (see the Democrats), are nothing but obsessive haters. PC doesn't even make sense, it's just the new form of fascism. Long live the Republicans.

  • you guys inspire me!

  • Glad im only 20 years old learning this shit


  • Gak demen gw sama tatapan pewawancaranya. Seperti menelanjangi. Wkwkk.

  • My question, I don't have any money, my debt are huge, how can I start it?

  • I bought his book read it years ago but didn’t understand it, I will go back to read it again now that I have my own business

  • I wonder how many people after watching this have changed anything about how they think and saw any result?

  • I was relate I lil bit, I can't stop my tears watching this.. Thankyou for letting us know.. Helping god is good

  • As @Real Estate1 month ago
    It takes a rich mind to search for this video. Keep going you will make it.

  • Why are humans so obsessed with money? And why do you want to be rich?

  • If reading this book doesn't make you any good, then no book can help do it. I'm grateful to Robert. Five stars!

  • He is wrong. Almost 60% successful people belong to poor or middleclass families

  • I love this interview,it open my mind more on a lot of aspects. Good job 👍

  • He had me until the "Trump is a fine man" comment

  • The 1437 people are all rich, they dislike because they do not want you to get rich lol ! 😀

  • One of the best thing I've ever listened to…… Thanks for sharing this.

  • Umm, its pronounced pʊr.

  • that's how I got smart

  • A rich mind doesn't seek material wealth.

  • I can’t wait for everyone to be rich.And that day is coming believe that

  • Super inspired!!

  • Is this advice pure based on laws and rules in america? Or is this something you can use no matter where you live?

  • pure profiting on inflation of peoples homes – homes are for people to live in not things to horde and inflate – this is not moral – yet it is prevalent – it would not make me a happy person

  • Bla bla! When your rich its easy to talk about making money. When you have no money making money is nearly impossible. I dont believe none of this. Change my mind.

  • I agree America is way to politically correct. This will be our downfall.

  • Wow, he said Trump doesn't BS you. Well, by that statement he just lost credibility with me. Trump is nothing but BS.

  • The truth is that the tax laws are favoring white men who know how to find loopholes to keep from paying taxes that build our infrastructure and help people in many ways. I much more admire a person who works to care for their family, learns how to make good decisions and loves his neighbors. Such a person learns how to use money wisely, not selfishly. Money is to be useful and spirituality is to be wise to our human frailty and gifts from God.

  • Thank you, brother, for this amazaing interview!

  • Asshole

  • The ACTUAL interview starts at 5.30 in case you wanna skip the ads for his talks or whatever he does

  • Is this con still ripping people off? Don't believe a word he says is a f#$#@$$%@ Jock

  • Summary: Perfectly lobbed softballs pitched to a man who takes advantage of an unethical economic system, carefully designed by corporate-whore lobbyists, which rewards those willing to exploit their fellow man for money.

  • Listen to this at 1.5 speed

  • This sounds interesting but won't help anybody.

  • What a beautiful human being

  • This soo true

  • Realized how much time i wasted studying and my family paying for stupid school.. wat a waste of my best life.. time and money which is my 20's 😡😡😡😡

  • Peanut Allergies are caused by Vaccines, just as most Allergies are the caused by Vaccines and before Vaccines were in heavy use…Allergies were not heard of. How many of our Parents & Grand Parents had kids in their class that were Allergic to things? ZERO It's the Peanut Oil in the Vaccines that's causing the allergic reaction. Mankind has been on this planet for 1,000,000+ years and up until recently, has the Immune System EVER encountered our FOOD within our Blood Stream. Vaccines are designed to create an Auto-Immune Firestorm within the body, therefore it should come as no surprise, that Vaccines can cause Auto-Immune disorders.

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  • buy blue glasses/sunglasses!

  • Who i can make contact. Who can teach me to be succes in my life.

  • pls add subtitles on video like channel 'be inspired'

  • This episode was really informative. Where is part 2?

  • buy the book have your kids read it and just say how can I get my kids to take care of me?

  • luminary

  • I enjoyed this. I only wish he would get better understanding of the word genetics, and use it appropriately. As a science buff, it irritates me when scientific words are misused. I would replace his use of genetic with socio environmental. His success, the effectiveness and propagation of his teaching relies on poverty not been genetic.

  • That is truthhhh Some teachers cannot teach à subject economy

  • especially when I bought my first house i was struggling To do an excellent budget

  • yess teach a poor how do have a fish

  • Why you gotta hate on Trump?

  • I'm mad about the cash flow game.
    Bought the app then all of a sudden it wasn't there anymore.

    Can't download it again. Just gone from everything.

    I played at least once a week to keep myself in the mindset!

  • 3:25 *Poor person says "I can't afford it", Rich person says "How can I afford that?" 😉

  • Business is the greatest game in the world….. IF you know how to play it 😉

  • "You can't make any mistakes and you can't ask anyone for help." This is so true how limiting this mentality has made our society!!!!

  • About 10 years ago he was in Nashville and I just happened to walk by there's seminar so I stepped in to listen to see what they had to say what's in a 1 minute two guys come up and escorted me out and told me I had to leave and I told them I wanted to hear what he had to say they said people in their paid money, buy the book. I can't believe he would allow that kind of behavior Dave Ramsey has audiences in the tens of thousands and I guarantee you if somebody wanted to hear what he had to say he wouldn't throw them out. so this is just another money-grubbing a hole that's making money by telling you what you want to hear.

  • Is there anybody making comments on here that went from zero to millionaire are y'all just a bunch of zombies going he's so right and you're still broke

  • I heard of the book before but didnt read it because title of the book sounds dumb

  • This guy is a crook. Again and again and againg.

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