Ring’s new timeline feature

this is a preview of the new ring app that is coming out in November and they’re making it easier to go back and find things that have happened on your different cameras at the moment you have this event history which should have shows you everything that’s gone on across all of your cameras but new on the app is that you can do it camera I only have one camera set up in this app at the moment but if I click it here you will immediately see that this timeline here is new this timeline didn’t exist before this is a new interface and we can scroll back the orange I think shows when I live viewed cameras and then scroll back here and this will show when the camera detected motion there goes my mailman someone walking down the street I’m getting into my car so it makes it easy to just go go out and find this kind of stuff and what’s going on you can also share directly from this interface so if I want to share this video with people I can send it to neighbors which is rings own social network built into the site or you can go to Facebook to the next door service by email by text message or I can download it to my phone you can also filter based on based on the type of emotion and what you want to see in this timeline so it’s a quick look at the new features in the ring app it’s coming out later this month [Music]

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  • Does this apply to doorbells such as ring pro?

  • I have all
    Updates and don’t see this feature? Do we have to pay extra??

  • Mine stopped doing this and no I cant view the timeline. Tried to uninstall and reinstall. When I click the camera it goes straight to settings instead.

  • I called ring and they said they don't have this feature anymore?

    Update: They dont know what they are talking about. I played around with the app and you need to turn it on. Go to the new features menu in the settings. Hope this helps. Ring needs to get it together.

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