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  • This is not the type of content I want from u guys. I would be surprised if I am alone in this statement.

  • Love the hair bro you should do a up Update Version of my hair goes up my hair goes down.

  • this is amazing.

  • I've absolutely loved listening to these episodes. It completely reminds me of my own journey. When I was going through the totally frustrated/searching/angry/confused/why-isn't-anyone-else-experiencing-this stage (for a number of years) I found this article about Fowler's stages of faith, and it became my lifeline.

  • The next step is to go on Joe Rogan & have him ask you if you've ever done DMT

  • Man these guys aren’t ashamed, love these guys keep speaking truth!

  • I hope you do change your mind, Rhett… at least you’re open to that. God will bring you back.

  • Wow, what a journey! Rhett, that is one taugh story to tell and you did it so well. I just can't imagine how many hours you put in this, there were alot of complicated facts, memories, concepts to put together. I think you can be proud of youself, for how you told your story with honesty, clarity and respect. It did not seemed like you were trying to dispraise the Religion nor the people who still believes. I swear, while listening to you, I had the impression of living everthing you went through with you by your side. Thank you for sharing all this with us, you can be sure that we appreciate it alot. ❤

  • Curious to hear if he took it one step further and learned about Astronomy and learned where the Universe came from through Physics.

  • aaa love the hair and love this💜

    i should say this at some point.its overall about these podcasts. they have been amazing for me, as someone who likes to better themselves and analyze my own behaviour and situations, i often find myself lonely in the way i live. but you guys doing the same and sharing it with all of us, has been inspiring, heart warming, and made me feel less lonely 😊

  • I really appreciate these episodes guys. Thank you.

  • I'm not deeply spiritual but this earbiscuts series has come at a difficult time in my life and it seems to have a purpose behind it and has helped keep me afloat. Thanks R&L 🙏. Anyone else feel the convenient timing of this in their lives?



  • Rhett's notes: an apple laptop

    Link's notes: paperback notebook

  • I'm 35 minutes in and I feel like I'm hearing my exact story! Can't wait to hear how it pans out because so far it has been freakishly similar!

  • This podcast has impacted me more deeply that anything ive ever listened to. Listening to Rhett's story is like hearing my own story. Growing up religious and slowly learing truths that cant be denied. I swear even the ages they were while confronting these things.

  • I really enjoy how thoughtful and eloquent you approached this Rhett. I have also gone on a journey toward an adjusted view of life away from my religious upbringing. I appreciate how candid and well thought out this discussion was.

  • Rhett, I want you to know that all the pain and torment that you have experienced has made you a much stronger person. Thank you for opening up and telling us your story.

  • I really appreciate Rhett's story, as it Heavily reflects my own, and commend him for sharing it. As someone who's been with GMM for almost a decade, I've never felt more connection and respect for you guys

  • Sadly, I don’t think I can watch EB and GMM as religiously, pun intended, as I used to in comparison to now. I’m just unable to see you guys in the same light as before. Idk what it is, but I most likely won’t be able to watch anymore but I wish you guys the best of luck.

  • I've been listening to your podcast from the first season and this is absolutely my most favorite episode. The whole series is so meaningful because it's so personal and something I can relate to even though my church wasn't as "fanatic" as yours were. Looking forward to Link's story.

  • I hear you and see you. I'm so proud of your courage to tell your story, especially to millions of fans. I still hide my a-religiosity with coworkers and in general for similar reasons. While I never was as deep into religion as you two were, I have had a similar path with a quest for truth.
    Re: your comments on sin- my thoughts are that unless you are hurting another person, there is no such thing as sin. Humanism. Just be a good person. Do good in the world as you are able.

  • I'm saddened by this, but not surprised.

  • 1:17:57 key !!!

  • Thanks for sharing rhett~

  • This series really is so worth watching/listening to…ear biscuits has transformed into something really special in the last couple years and it's only gotten better


  • Most dudes with a man bun look stooooopid. Rhett looks fine! And I'm a lesbian! Ha ha! He is a cutie.

  • This is honestly one of the most profound and interesting podcasts I've ever listened to. I sat and listened to every minute

  • If God could be proved, what kind of God would S/He be?!

  • I believe in God AND science. Science is so dang cool.

  • this conclusion is so insanely relatable to me, my story is so drastically different than Rhett's, but I honestly identify the same way and this gave me more context to how I really feel currently.

  • Rhett, you took a serious risk here…I love you for it, my friend (whom I haven't met yet in person! Link, you're included!). So very brave. I love you guys.

  • So Inspirational, thank you

  • Religion are relevant today because they teach us those ridicoulus thing from a very young age.

  • Basically religion is a human tragedy. Your parents were deceived so that a priest could enjoy power, money and influence and they passed the deception on you which in turn came over your family. There's plenty of reason to be angry. You just realized world is filled with assholes who damage the society thinking themselves better than everyone else and having absolutely NOTHING to back their claims up, its all blind arrogant conviction. Just know that in that world you can still be happy, more free and find people who are also free of this mental miasma and in the long run, truth prevails. People get better and better educated and the less people believe the less the sect has a chance to damage their own people and everyone around them.

  • Mythical Entertainment FORVER!!

  • Respect. Thank you Rhett for sharing.

  • This happend to me at 10 years old, it was much easy at that age.

  • We Love You, Rhett.

  • This is so incredibly relatable. Thank you for providing book references as well. This has been a process for me over the last few years as well.

  • I thought I wanted Rhett in a man bun until I saw Rhett in a man bun and now I don't think I want Rhett in a man bun any more.

  • I'm so happy you shared this story rhett. I went through something similar when I was much younger, and I'm 28 now.

  • Stopped what I was doing and wept hearing this story. I'm a pastor's kid who left the church and it was and is incredibly difficult. Thank you so much for saying this Rhett. I loved you guys since your epic rap battle (first saw you when our youth pastor showed us that video on a wednesday night youth group!)

  • I live in Utah and left mormonism and I can definitely identify with this interview even though I belonged to a different faith. Thanks so much for sharing your journey.

  • Thank for being so open about your experience. Your story reminds me a lot of this guy's experience:

  • Rhett needs ayahuasca

  • I am so proud of you for having the courage to lay yourself out for us to know more. I always appreciated you before and even more now. This comes from a fellow searcher. And a preacher's kid. It was nice to hear I wasn't the only one struggling with all this. Ty so much!!

  • Oh man… Guys, I used to be a southern baptist for around twenty years or so. 4 years D converted from, practically any religious belief. (I don't have enough evidence to warrant such belief)
    It is difficult. What is important is to find a support group near you. You're not alone in the conversion. When you've been taught something all your life, you trust it. To go against that feels unnatural. But I promise you it is perfectly natural.

    Good luck yall. 😅❤

  • Rhett this was an amazing and completely relatable story, thanks for sharing and doing so so respectfully. I can see how this would be hard to share

  • We love ya, Rhett.

  • Haven't listened yet, but my wife said, "you've got to listen to this, it's SO similar to my story!". I think it meant a lot to hear these stories from people we've been following for so long.

  • I lost my shit about the instagram Audi story. Tears in my laughing eyeballs!

  • Hi, Rhett. I listened to every word you said. I feel impressed to suggest you read (or listen) to the lyrics to the song “If I Can’t Change Your Mind”, by the band, Sugar, and let the Lord speak to you through them. He misses you, Rhett. Return to Him with all your heart, and you just may come to know Him in a whole new light.

  • Organized religion is incredibly difficult to make into something good.
    On the other hand, the same thing is easy for faith alone, because it is strictly a personal thing and one should have total freedom over it.

  • It would have been better for your eternal soul for you have not to become famous.

  • What would it profit a man to gain the whole world yet forfeit his soul


  • Not Hating at all, I’m a fan and I have also struggled heavily in my faith and am a skeptic as well but you had mentioned at1:28:00 about people thinking that murder is not ok. Im pretty sure that some cultures still do murder in the form of sacrifice. Then there is abortion which will matter based on how you believe. But I respect you for battling with this and doing the research. I hope you continue to research into this topic👍🏻👍🏻 thanks for sharing

  • Thank you so so much for making this guys. I identify so much with both of your stories.

  • I really appreciate you guys opening up and sharing your stories! I have a very similar story and I related to this so much!

  • Hey there. I appreciate you sharing from your journey. There are perspectives that I believe further investigation you may change your stance on principles of morality, being a good person based on natural reasoning and overall view of creation. I personally do not believe in the theology of once saved always saved, I think, a person can choose to walk away from the gift of salvation. I also want to recommend some scripture for you to chew on. 2 Timothy 2;1 (NKJV) Romans 12:2 (NIV) 1 Peter 1:13 (NIV) 2 Corinthians 10:5 (NIV) Also, I believe that God created us to impact, therefore, we either are impacted or impact. We don't get a say in the matter. Food for thought.

  • "I think that they're good people. But they're so committed to their belief system that they have become impervious to pretty straight forward information…" This series is SO good. My husband and I both have gone through our own deconstruction/deconversion processes in order to become our healthiest selves. Love that you both are using this platform to tackle subjects others are afraid to talk about. It's so important to shed light on the complexities of indoctrination. Love you both. <3

  • #earbiscuits on Twitter?

  • It is always good to talk. For someone like me who doesnt really believe in anything, it is very interesting to hear your perspective. For me life is about discovering ourselves and others and sharing positive experiences and having a sense of community cuz thats what we were evolved to do, work as a community, help each other out. So thanks for sharing, I feel like my horizons were broadened.


  • Please watch this response video:

  • Great Earbiscuit, being a non-believer myself it's very interesting for me to listen to your journey and experience with faith. I'm very excited to hear Link's thoughts next episode.

  • #EarBiscuits First of all, what does a particular view on the age of the earth have to do with the fact that, 1. The Universe did have a beginning. And 2. If the Universe (Nature: Time, Space and Matter) did have a beginning, the the cause of that beginning had to therefore, be timeless, spaceless and immaterial? Rhett, which of these 2 point do you disagree with, and why? Do you believe that the universe brought itself into existence? If so, is it therefore your belief that the universe existed before it existed?

  • #Earbiscuits Rhett, I do not believe you are being deliberately deceptive either. In considering the possibility of abiogenesis (life arising for non-living matter), as you know, a 'simple' cell contains at least 100 functioning proteins and proteins are built from a chain of amino acids (of course you know this). Now each of these amino acids must be linked together by a peptide bond, and not one of the many other possible bonds that can link amino acids. The probability building a chain of 100 amino acids all linked by peptide bonds is roughly 1 chance in 10 to the 30th power. Next, as you know, every amino acid has a mirror image of itself (left hand and right hand forms) and functioning proteins can only use the left-handed forms – yet they both occur in nature in roughly equal frequency. Now, the probability of forming a chain of only left-handed amino acids 100 links long all bonded by a peptide bond is again roughly 1 in 10 to the 30th power. But that is not all. The 100 left-handed amino acids must also bond in exactly the right sequence to form a single functioning protein (and a 'simple' cell has at least 100 such functioning proteins). Here's the kicker: there are 20 different amino acids used in proteins. Given the fact that each position in this sequence can be held by any 20 of these amino acids, the probability of the formation of this single functioning protein is now roughly 1 chance in 10 to the 65th power. That's right, 1 chance in 10 followed by 65 zeroes. For the chance formation of just one single functioning protein. Rhett, you and Link are trained engineers. You know what it takes to make complex things. You know that chance is not an option. Come on guys!!!

  • #EarBiscuits Rhett, I am afraid that you have become so committed to you new belief system, that you have perhaps become impervious to the information that I have provided here. So please tell me where I am wrong and why I am unreasonable for believing the scientific reality that the universe (nature: time, space and matter) had a beginning, and for believing that the source of time, space and matter had to itself be timeless, spaceless and immaterial? And please explain to us how, given the fact that every single information code known to man (without exception) is preceded by a prior intelligence, that DNA (the most complex information code known to man) is somehow the magical exception. Can't you see how unreasonable this is? Perhaps you would like to share with us a single example of an information code that isn't preceded by prior intelligence. My purpose in writing each of these entries is twofold: 1. To see if you have thought about these things deeply enough and if you therefore, have an answer. And 2. To demonstrate to anyone who might be reading my entries that a belief in God is, by far, the most reasonable position.

  • I have a question for Rhett and Link. What happened to the sideways painting of Lionel Ritchie that was on an old set. The set was painted green, and the painting was of a man with a blue and white striped shirt. He looks like Lionel Ritchie from the 70s and eighties.

  • Ear Biscuits and Gravy would be tasty.

  • The admirable bottom line of this video: A considerable amount of introspection and the painful, if not excruciating, recalibration of the moral compass of a man endowed with a substantial dose of intellect and integrity. R. E. S. P. E. C. T. !

  • Hey Rhett, I am a fan of y’alls show and I would love it if you could check out this video related to the topic you were discussing.

  • Coming from this same childhood…having these similar thoughts and more…ty for this. I already looked up to you guys for being amazing humans but now this made me appreciate you even more.

  • Rhett: I'm not gonna think abut it. So you stop thinking about it!
    Me: Rhett… Your hair situation is the sole reason I clicked on this video… So I'm thinking about it.

  • The movie Silence has something to say about this

  • If you could prove that the truth is the truth without a doubt, than you would have no choice but to believe it. And that negates the purpose of free will. If love isn't a choice then its not love. And God wants us to love him, just like he loves us.

  • Rhett, thank you for sharing your story. One of the reasons my husband asked me to marry him is so that I could continue teaching Sunday School since we were sleeping together. I soon stopped teaching that class afterwards. So I know where you are coming from and I know the heartache and dilemma you have faced.

  • I'm an enneagram 3, too!! No wonder I understood the way you were framing your concerns so much haha

  • What if you were right to begin with?

  • Im really interested to hear Link's story because he never really talks about philosophical stuff. That's always been Rhett's thing

  • Haven’t heard anything so relatable in a good long while. Thank you for your transparency, Rhett. I think there are a whole lot more of us in the same boat out here than you may realize.

  • I'll be praying for you guys.

  • Thanks guys, for sharing this and opening up and stepping out in courage (which as we teach our kids doing hard things with fear at the tip of your sword). I myself SO get this. I am still on my roughly 2 year journey of deconstruction. Working in ministry for 12 years certainly sheltered me from cracking open the real questions that had been lingering for so long. Once I was open to ask the questions, my world opened up. You guys are doing good work. When you figure it all out, give us wanderers the answers 😉

    Here's to all the True Scotman who are now sailing the open seas.

  • Rhett, we are similar in the sense that I also want everyone to like me. We can't please everyone! That's not socially possible with all the different, funky humans out there. It's not easy saying you don't believe what your family does. Been there – done that. Good for you, brother. Follow the truth – follow your heart!

  • Patterns of Evidence (a documentary) does a great job showing evidence of a great group of people near Egypt but it’s never said that the artifacts are evidence of the Israelites because of when archaeologists have decided how to date everything.

  • Best episode ever! Considering that 30% of the country is completely non-religious…and that now only 49% of the country is Protestant, this episode is really important. It speaks to many that have realized, (or will eventually realize), that truth and empathy are more important than ideology. And Rhett, thank you for being Openly Secular. It's very brave, especially when you are in a close family and social structure….been there myself many years ago. Over the years I have found multitudes of people who were basically living in the closet. They had set aside unsubstantiated, outdated myths, and finally set aside the faith of their childhood. Once they came out it was freeing in a way that faith always promised, but could never deliver. Well done brother! Looking forward to hearing Link's story as well.

  • I am a believer. I appreciate you sharing this.

  • It's almost midnight and I've been listening for over an hour… I'm crying… this is my story. the same basic steps, the same heartache when you're just waiting for anything to respond…

    Thank you…

  • Beautiful moments in this. Thanks for sharing your narrative

  • This is the most beautiful podcast I have ever listen to. The pureness being poured out of your heart is truly inspiring. Thank you Rhett for telling your story.

  • I’m very interested in your story and have been for a long time and I thank you for being so brave and comfortable discussing this hard and complex topic!

  • Rhett, thanks for sharing.
    Very interesting new book You should check out is Joshua Seamidass’s “The Genealogical Adam and Eve”

  • I never comment on stuff, but Rhett your story is close to mine. You sharing this has opened up a lot for me to deal with, and decide to “come clean” to my still very religious family. Thank you for your bravery to share this and the impact your example is having for me and my life.

  • Question: in the Episode where you guys ate the Carolina reaper during a time lapse there is a moment when it looks like u (Rhett) is praying. This was like 5 years ago. Rhett u said uve been a “hopeful agnostic” for about 7 years now. So what happened there? Did u “relapse” Due to the heat? 😅😅

    I’m just curious

  • I can't stop thinking about the hair

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