– Hey guys, how’s it hanging? I’m here with Miss Jennxpenn. Today Jenn and I are reading
your embarrassing stories. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? – I usually like erase them from my brain. – So I was forced to eat a grapefruit. It was nasty as hell so I
flushed it down the toilet. Then after I went to go use
the toilet I had to poop. So I did. When I flushed the toilet
the water kept rising. I called my mom. My dad came in and used the plunger. It was so embarrassing. You could see the grapefruit and my poop. (laughs) – Yeah, that is embarrassing. – I wouldn’t be embarrassed
in front of my mom and dad. – Yeah. – Get over it. This is nasty lol One day in science a really hot boy asked if he could finger me, and I blushed and said yes. Nobody noticed, and I was loving life. He said you’re so wet and took his finger out
– And there’s blood. – and that’s when he realized
that they were all red. I started my period. (finger snaps) (clapping) He asked my teacher if he could go to the toilet to wash it off. I was embarrassed. – Wait, what? – The teacher then asked where’s
all that blood coming from and then that’s when he pointed at me. What the? My whole class figured
out what had happened and my parents had to come
to school the next day and now I live in another country. (laughs) It’s never been the same with my parents. (laughs) – I’m so shook up by that. – What shakes you the most? – Getting fingered in science class. What the (beep)? Oh my god. – Yeah, I would prefer like history. – No.
– Just kidding. Okay. This is very embarrassing so those who know me, it wasn’t me. And those who don’t, it was me. It was. I’m just messing with you. All right let’s get to the story. So one Easter, several years ago, I’m with my crush and a
bunch of other people. We’re playing truth or dare. Then one horrible person says my name. I dare you to put a lip
gloss up your vagina. And everyone goes oh because they think I’m gonna chicken. – I think it’s like ooh. – Oh. – [Together] Ooh. – Like no you won’t! – Like ooh! – That might be a little exaggerated. – I have never been in a situation where someone dared me to
put something up my vagina. Like what kind of pleasure
would I get out of that? – Embarrassing someone maybe? – Are they gonna do it
in front of everyone? Well let’s find out. – Then my crush scoffs and is all oh, my name,
would never do that because she’s not brave enough. I don’t know if brave is the right word. – What? Literal what? I wish I was a teenager again with like the knowledge
that I have now as an adult because I literally, if someone
ever told me to do that, I would be like what the (beep)? – Just turn it around and be
like what’s wrong with you? – Yeah, what? – Why would you want me to do that? – I am brave enough to do it. – I’m brave enough to
say hell the (beep) no. – Yeah, what? What? – And that’s it. I announce loudly I am too brave enough. So I go into the bathroom. I sit on the toilet, and
I put the lip gloss in. – No one’s even looking. She could just not do it. – I’m not gonna give any details, but it wasn’t that bad
if you know what I mean. Then I come out looking very sheepish and thinks that’s it. But then my crush grabs the lip gloss and smells the damn thing
to see if I actually did. He then says something
but very inappropriate. I lose it at him. – What is it? What is it? – Maybe like mmm, like that makes me – That (sniffs) – Yummy. – Pussy. – Yeah. And then he gets mad at me
and tells the entire church what I did from the pulpit. – What? When are they in church? What the (squeak) is going on? – Why would he bring that up? – Wait, I didn’t know this
was happening at a church. – Maybe it didn’t happen at church. – Oh, wait, no it did. – [Together] It’s on Easter. – Jesus just got resurrected, and she’s sticking lip gloss in her pussy. – It’s (beep) disrespectful. (laughs) I made everyone in the church swear that it would never come up in any conversation ever again, and that was the – What? – end of me having a crush on him. – How many people are at her church? Like five? No one tell anyone that I shoved
this lip gloss up my pussy. – It’s between us. Like to a crowd. – Between me and 200 people at my church. Please, please, Alyx, judge me because I feel weird about it. What? – Want someone to tell
me that was disgusting. To be fair I did wash it first, but ew. This is so awkward. I don’t think it’s embarrassing. – It’s not embarrassing. – Because you were like
peer pressured to do it. – And everyone sticks
stuff up their pussy. But not at church. – I had to go to the bathroom really bad at my ex-boyfriend’s house. I never liked going upstairs
to go to the bathroom. My anxiety gets to me so I’d just poop in the kitty litter box. Why is that better? – There’s no way anyone
thinks that’s cat poop. – [Together] Cat poop is small – Isn’t it? – Yeah. Moo, right? (meowing) – Yeah, she said that, not me. – Also, like is it more embarrassing to be squatting down
in the kitty litter box and someone sees that than just like pooping where
you’re supposed to poop? – Yeah, or finding the poop. – His bucket that was his trash can, or I’d go outside behind
their shed and poop. – What? – I was embarrassed to
poop in front of people. Pretty embarrassed that I’d
do something like that though. Oh well. (gags) I’m trans FTM. What does that mean? For the moment? – Female to male. 0h. (laughs) I was like that doesn’t really make sense. And one day at school I
jumped and did a heel kick and my packer, fake dick,
fell down in my pant leg in the middle of the hallway. My friend told me to shake
it out of my pant leg, and when I tried to do
that my shoe fell off and I slipped and fell on the floor with my dick halfway down the leg. Probably the funniest and most embarrassing moment of my life. (laughs) That is so funny. – That is funny. – If I had a fake dick I’d probably just like take it out
and throw it at people. How about you? You’d keep it in your pants.
– Probably not. Yeah. – This story starts when
I was about 11 or 12. My cousin and aunt lived
with me for about a year. During that time I had gotten grounded for a long period of time so I wasn’t able to use my Kindle – For along. – For along period of time. So I wasn’t able to use my Kindle. That’s a weird thing to
take away from your kid. – I know, what? – You can’t read. So in the mean time, my
mom, for some reason, gave it to my aunt. A couple months go by and I get my Kindle. And eventually we are all
moving out of the house. My cousin and aunt were moving
to a different place than us. While we were looking for a
house we stayed in a hotel. This is where the secret comes into play. One day we, my mom, dad,
little brother, and me, were all just hanging out. I was just sitting on the bed, scrolling through the photos on my Kindle, the one that my aunt got
while I was grounded. Then I realized there
was a folder titled cloud so I just clicked it and
realized it was everything that had been deleted
– I read ahead. I read ahead. – You never read ahead. Yeah, I just see my aunt’s
fucking vagina in caps. – I just saw. – So I’m scrolling through the picture when I see something weird looking. So I click on it, and
when I open the photo it turned out to be my
aunt’s (beep) vagina. I wasn’t sure what to do, if I should tell my mom or
that would be embarrassing for my aunt and me. I ended up just deleting it from the cloud and didn’t tell anyone. In conclusion, I saw my aunt’s nudes, and I wish I hadn’t. And I’m the only one who knows about it. – Who takes nudes on a Kindle? Oh my god. – On their niece’s Kindle. – And then like leaves them there. – Embarrassing secret. Last Easter I had just started a new job and wasn’t familiar
with my colleagues yet. One day, a girl finished her
shift 15 minutes before I did and left work while still
wearing her purple work shirt. Don’t read ahead. I finished soon after
and set off on the walk to the bus stop with my
eyes glued to my phone, as I hadn’t checked any
notifications all day. Still focused on my phone,
I arrived at the bus stop and saw my colleague sitting there. Without hesitation, I
tried to start small talk by saying so where do you live? Dead silence. I looked up from my phone and was smacked with the realization that
I, a 22 year old man, just asked a 15 year old
girl wearing a purple shirt at a random bus stop where she lived. I was absolutely mortified,
and the girl looked terrified. She managed to say I,
I, I’m house sitting. The poor girl was so freaked out by me that she had to make up a lie. I just about died on the spot, but quickly tried explaining myself, saying I’m new to the job
and our uniforms are purple. But let’s be honest, there’s
not much that I could say to come back from that. The poor girl rushed onto the bus and sat as far away from
me as she possibly could. To this day, I still feel
awful about scaring that girl. It was a total accident,
but man I messed up. If somehow this girl is watching Ayydubs and sees this, I’m really sorry. You did a really good
job thinking on your feet by saying you were house sitting. God, I’m just digging myself deeper. Kind of cute that he
feels so bad about it. – Yeah. – Nice. (upbeat music) One time in fourth grade my
best friend broke her leg and I was jealous of all the
attention she was getting. So I came to school about
a week later on crutches. I wasn’t hurt, obviously. I told people I broke my ankle and everyone believed me. My friend was so mad because I was getting all the attention, and it was awesome. One day, though, during a
test I forgot I was hurt. I got up and walked to my teacher’s desk to turn my test in. Everyone started staring at
me, and it was so embarrassing. As soon as I realized what was going on I yelled out April Fools! I got you guys! However, it was not even April so of course no one believed me. I think about that time a lot and it makes me cringe every time. It should make you cringe. – Yeah, that is so cringey. (laughs) – One time when I was in
first grade I was bored. I hated this one kid. Let’s call him John,
and he was in my class. I cut out a red heart,
drew his face on it, and wrote to John. Then we got in line for music and so I put the drawing in his desk. My teacher saw me do it and
asked me to take it out. I did, and he was super confused. We got to music and he
goes why did you do that? I said it was for your mom. And I was so embarrassed. He kept asking me and I kept
responding it was for you mom or it was supposed to be
a present for your mom. I didn’t even like John. He was annoying and ugly. – What? – I’m gonna use that from now on whenever I do anything bad. – It was for your mom! (slapping) Ow. – It was for your mom. I tried to break my arm one time so I didn’t have to go to school. I had a wardrobe so I lifted it up, put my wrist under it and dropped it. It didn’t break it, though. It just bruised it so
I had to go to school. One of my teachers saw the bruise and thought my parents were abusing me and she sent me to the guidance counselor and we had a conference with my parents. I was too embarrassed to tell them I tried to break my own arm so I told them I got in a skateboarding accident, which only made it more suspicious. Social services ended
up coming to my house to do a house inspection ad
found my dad was an alcoholic. So they sent him to AA, and that’s the story of
how my dad got sober. That’s kind of beautiful. – That was a rollercoaster. – When I was in
kindergarten, four years old, I brought my mom’s vibrator to school thinking it was a space
ship for show and tell. – No (beep) way. – My mom was called over,
and she was so embarrassed. She could not scold or punish me because I was so young
and innocent as (beep). ‘Til this day, 14 years old, I think she low key hates me and she’s so biased towards my bro. – That is so funny. – A spaceship. Like a midget spaceship? – I wonder what it looked like. Well, I feel like a
vibrator can be bigger. – A spaceship? – Well you mean like a toy spaceship. Like it could be like that big. – Oh, you’re right. – Yeah. – You’re right. I mean it could kind of
look like a space ship. – Well, it depends on what color it is. – Yeah. And like the shape. – Yeah. (laughs) – So pretty much I
hacked my BFF’s Instagram and changed the password. She was embarrassing herself by it anyway so I pretty much did her a favor. It’s been like three years and she still doesn’t know it was me. – Ew. Sorry, but you’re a bad friend. – What if she really was
embarrassing herself, though, you know? – Yeah, but who says that? – I mean, yeah, the way
she’s wording it is rude, but like I could think back
to a friend who’s like, their Facebook could’ve been deactivated. – You could say, you could say something to them. Be like you’re embarrassing. – That’s like kind of mean, too. Me and my fiance have been
together for four years. He’s never touched me down there, and says he’d never touched
another girl down there either, with his hands or mouth. He’s not really attracted
to girls it seems like, and he talks bad about gay people. I think that he’s gay but
too embarrassed to admit it. He doesn’t ask for stuff in his butt–
– But he does. – Oh, he does? He does ask for stuff in his butt, but I won’t do it because
I don’t like ass holes. (laughs) I don’t think you know this, but it’s a tune from another video if you just wanna jump in. ♪ If you’re homophobic ♪ ♪ You’re probably gay ♪ ♪ You say that it’s disgusting ♪ ♪ But you really just want some pussy ♪ – Well he doesn’t. ♪ Or some butt play ♪ – Oh. – I know. – Wow, that’s so good. – Um, all righty. Well, you should probably not get married. (laughs) A secret. ♪ Hell yeah ♪ – I shoved 18 marbles
up my vagina one time just because I wanted to. And only 14 of them came out. – What? Oh. – I was way too embarrassed
to go to the emergency room so I just kept them in there. I hooked up with this
guy like a month later and while we were having sex the rest of the marbles came out. I would much rather have
gone to the emergency room. – You really lost your marbles. (drumming) (snapping) Um, I think I’d rather have the marbles come out during sex than going to the emergency room. – Yeah, because then you
have to like pay for it and like tell your
parents why you’re going to the emergency room. – And then like everyone knows– – At the hospital. – Yeah. They’re like, everyone’s
there for a different reason. And they’re like okay, there’s the girl, we have to get the
marbles out of her pussy. – We’re about to go film
another revealing your secrets on Jenn’s channel. But it’s not your secrets. It’s Jenn’s subscribers’ secrets. – So let’s see. – Who has more marbles up their pussy. – Which fan base do you
think has more marbles up their pussy, mine or yours? – Definitely mine. (laughs) Definitely mine. All right. I will leave that link down below. Make sure to watch Jenn’s video. Subscribe to Jenn. Subscribe to me. Leave a comment down below. Let us know your embarrassing secret. And give this video a thumbs up. – Yeah, comment your
embarrassing secret down below. Non or anonymously. – Bye! – Bye! (upbeat music)

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