Retrieve Deleted Web Content Using Cached Pages

today I thought I’d talk about finding
deleted Items on web pages for example maybe the
website decided to delete an article or a picture or something like
that that was on the web page and they deleted it and you can no longer find it well here’s a way to find it this way will involve no extra web sites like archive dot org but we’ll talk about
that later and basically what you do is use
Google’s cache and what you would do is for example
we’ll use real grumpy cat’s tumblr page so you
type in real grumpy cat and then hit enter and as you can see where my
mouse is right now there is a little green down arrow and that shows up by all the results that Google has given us and alls you do is click on that down arrow then you select cached and as you can see it is showing a snapshot of the page that we were
looking for from September 21st at 12:28 now that’s two days ago so for example if you wanted to find
something and it was up a day or two ago you may have luck finding it out through Google cached content
so if you wanted to save this picture for example you could just
right click it and then go view image or save image as and then you would be able to retrieve
something that has been deleted this will not work for things that are
being streamed for example YouTube videos or downloads of whatever file you are looking for the best thing to do for videos or
files is try to find them somewhere else for videos someone may have reuploaded it somewhere else or for the file the same thing someone may have reuploaded
it somewhere else and you may be able to find it but this
is the way to see cached pages more recently then what archive
dot org shows as you can see we are on archive dot org forward slash web or
Wayback Machine which is considered an internet archive and
here for example we’ll use real grumpy cat again and you’ll type in
real grumpy cat dot tumblr dot com and then just hit enter and as you can see here the most recent page they have is from September 20th at 10:50 and ours that we just saw was September
21st at 12:28 so Google cache is a little bit more recent i’ve seen
other results from Wayback Machine that were actually fairly
old or there was only one or two results over the whole entire
year and so Wayback Machine isn’t as
accurate or recent as using Google cache itself and Google cache does not involve going
to a specific website and then typing in the URL that you’re trying to save the cached page for this Google cache you would just go type
in the beginning of the URL hit enter find the
appropriate URL or the one you’re looking for and then find that little down arrow beside the link I showed you earlier and
just click cached and then you’d be able to see it just in
case you’re looking for a picture or some sort of item that was on a web
page that you would like to save now sometimes you may not be able to
right click the image and save it so you may need to take a screenshot if it’s that important to save subscribe, follow or visit my YouTube channel

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