Restricted mode on YouTube

Hi, I’m Rebecca and today I’m going to
go over YouTube’s restricted mode and show you how to enable it on your computer and
mobile devices. You can think of restricted mode like a parental control setting for YouTube. It helps filter out potentially objectionable videos and comments that you or your family might not want to see. While it’s not 100% accurate, we use signals
like community flagging and age restrictions to screen out inappropriate videos. And here’s something you’ll want to keep in mind – restricted mode works on a browser level, so you’ll need to enable it for each browser on your computer. Some browsers, like
Chrome, support multiple user profiles to keep browsing history and bookmarks separated. If you use multiple profiles on your browser, then you’ll need to enable it for each profile. So let’s say my nephew comes for a visit. If I have restricted mode enabled and locked on Chrome, he won’t be able to change this setting when se’s on his YouTube account. Only I’ll be able to turn
it off. However if I didn’t turn it on in Firefox, he might be able to see objectionable videos and comments there. Now let’s go over exactly how to turn restricted mode on. To get started, just scroll down to the bottom of any YouTube page. Clicking the “Restricted
mode” button turns this feature on or off. When it’s on, you have the option to lock
restricted mode on your browser. When you have restricted mode locked, no one else will be able to change this restricted mode but you. This means that other people using their YouTube accounts will have restricted mode enabled and they won’t be able to disable it. Here’s another tip – if you don’t want this to be tampered with, it’s best to sign out of your YouTube account after locking restricted mode on your browser. This way no one can sign in as you and disable it. Now let’s go over restricted mode on phones and tablets. Unlike desktop, you can’t lock restricted
mode on mobile. It’s tied to your account and not the device. So if my nephew wants to use my phone, I’ll make sure that I turn restricted mode on when he signs in with his account. When you’re on the YouTube app or mobile site, just tap the menu icon at the top to get to Settings. From here you’ll see options to enable or disable restricted mode. Before we go, I want to give you one final
tip. Computers found in public places like schools or libraries may have restricted mode turned on. If you’re using a public computer and can’t disable Restricted Mode, you’ll
want to contact the system administrator for help. And that’s it! Be sure to subscribe
for more tips and tips. Thanks for watching!

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