Restore website from wayback machine. How to choose a timestamp on

I want to show you how to fill that forms – To time stamp and Fom time stamp on Archivarix system Firstly choose website for example this one. Year 2013 27th of March. Here is our site. It’s okay and Pay attention on time stamp of wayback machine. Here is year 2013, months, day and time – hours, minutes and seconds. But it doesn’t mean that whole side was cached by the wayback machine on this date Wayback machine is very slow. For example This picture was cached on 3rd of March and This page – Munich Hotels was cached on 2nd of April So to get more content from Wayback Machine you need to feel like that 2013 0 4 it means that we will get content from the end of April 2013 Field – From timestamp is better to leave empty. But if you don’t want to get some very old content Let’s check our webside for example on year 2009 We have not good content. So let’s fill here 2009 and Now it means that we will get content from wayback machine from the beginning of year 2009 until the end of April of 2013 Now, let’s press Restore button

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