Respected Historical Figures Who Were Actually Terrible People

Nobody’s perfect, but some people aren’t even
close. This includes some of the most beloved figures
in all of history — they look great at first glance, but a closer look reveals the deeply
flawed, kinda terrible people they really were. Gandhi Mahatma Gandhi, probably one the ten most
peaceful men of all time, had a much bigger problem than the British ruling India. According to Gandhi biographer Jad Adams,
Gandhi was actually an addict — he even left his dying father’s side just to make love with his wife. He was fifteen at the time, she was sixteen,
and the grief of abandoning his father caused him to abandon “lustful love” forever. Kind of. “It is time you left.” At age 38, he took an official vow of chastity,
but regularly tested it in unusual, creep-tastic ways. His preferred method was to sleep alongside
women while naked. That might sound to you very unchaste, and
you’d be right. He was a middle-aged man sleeping in the buff
with girls half his age — sometimes more than one girl at a time even. “You dog!” Of course, this behavior wasn’t acceptable
for anyone else — in his mind, every Indian should practice strict chastity, to the point
of never marrying. If they must marry, they should never make love with their spouses. His married followers, meanwhile, were segregated
on his compounds, told to never make love, and should take cold baths if ever they feel
their mojo rising. That’s the real Gandhi — great for Indian
independence, bad for keeping the young women in your life company. Mother Teresa It’s borderline blasphemous to criticize Mother
Teresa, who became Saint Teresa in 2016. No one did more to help the poor and the sick,
right? Well, not quite. According to reports, Mother Teresa’s true
motives were actually kind of selfish, with less focus on helping people, and more on
boosting the numbers for her own religion. “Right from the very beginning, I wanted to
serve the poor purely for the love of God.” Mother Teresa’s missions rarely actually helped
poor, sick people become healthy. In fact, most of these places were dirty,
short on doctors, low on food, and largely bereft of medicine. Nevertheless, Teresa found the suffering beautiful,
like it was making the world a better, holier place. We know this because she said it herself. “There is something beautiful in seeing the
poor accept their lot, to suffer it like Christ’s Passion. The world gains much from their suffering.” Naturally, this didn’t apply to Teresa herself,
who received ample medical treatment when she needed it. “Nothing further, your Honor.” Winston Churchill We all know Winston Churchill for his efforts
in fighting Germany during World War II. But as it turns out, he was a white supremacist
who had way more in common with his enemies than history wants to let on. “We are the chosen few.” According to Richard Toye’s book Churchill’s
Empire, young Churchill took part in what he called “a lot of jolly little wars against
barbarous peoples” in Africa. He believed Africans were violent against
the British not because the Brits were invading their land, but because they had a, quote,
“strong aboriginal propensity to slay.” Later, when he joined Parliament, Churchill
advocated more war against minorities, claiming that “…the Aryan stock is bound to triumph.” Of the Kurds, who tried to gain independence
from Britain, he said “I am strongly in favor of using poisoned gas against uncivilized
tribes … [it] would spread a lively terror.” Jolly little wars, a lively terror — who
knew Churchill spoke exactly like a 1980s cartoon villain? “Oh no, Thundercats. I am not so easily disposed of!” Churchill also wasn’t a fan of Gandhi’s effort
to rid India of British rule, admitting, “I hate Indians. They are a beastly people with a beastly religion.” He didn’t mellow out as he got older either. In 1943, in between rousing speeches about
never surrendering, he refused to help India survive a severe famine that ultimately slayed
around 3 million people. Churchill blamed the Indians, saying it was
all their fault for “breeding like rabbits.” No wonder President Obama didn’t want that
man’s bust in the White House. “All of you will be damned. There is no place in heaven for you.” Steve Jobs If you own anything Apple aside from an actual
apple, you owe a debt of gratitude to Steve Jobs. That said, he probably shouldn’t be put on
the lofty pedestal he so often is. He was ruthless. According to the documentary Steve Jobs: The
Man in the Machine, Jobs was basically a jerk through and through. He fathered a daughter, but denied she was
his, so she didn’t see him for years. “Well, after the paternity test he then pays
for her schooling and upbringing.” He also contracted Apple with Chinese factories,
whose conditions were so bad they drove the workers to exhaustion — several wound up
taking their lives over the breakneck pace they were expected to churn out iPads and
iPhones, among other devices. “They run to the press and tell the story
about oppression and it gets written up and they get their fifteen minutes of fame.” Speaking of the iPhone, a prototype model
once went missing, and a journalist returned it to Jobs. Rather than be grateful, Jobs instead had
the journalist’s home raided, and his files and computers were all confiscated in the
process. “You can please some of the people some of
the time.” No word on whether any backup turtlenecks
were lifted during the raid. Walt Disney He created Mickey Mouse! How bad could Walt Disney really be? Plenty bad, as it turns out. He was more Wicked Witch than Snow White. As Neal Gabler exposed in his biography Walt
Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination, Walt had a dark side, and not just because
he let Song of the South happen. “HUH?” He was reportedly the kind of person to refer
to the Seven Dwarves as a “n-word pile,” which isn’t just terrible, it doesn’t make any sense. He also used terms like “pickaninny” in meetings,
which was an old-timey, and offensive, term for black children. Then there was his issue with women. As Ward Kimball, one of Disney’s associates,
said, “He didn’t trust women or cats.” “Keep the faith sweetheart.” In a letter Disney sent a woman named Mary
Ford, who wanted work as an animator, he confirmed that suspicion by rejecting her outright simply
because of her gender. In a letter, he wrote, “Women do not do any
of the creative work … as that work is performed entirely by young men. For this reason, girls are not considered
for the training school.” Snow White and the Seven Dwarves appear on
the letterhead, almost like they’re mocking her for her silly woman chutzpah. “Woooh!” Caravaggio He may have been a highly respected Renaissance
artist, but Caravaggio was also a maniac. A 2002 expose revealed why it was that Caravaggio
slayed a man named Ranuccio Tomassoni. It’s been long accepted that Caravaggio slayed
Tomassoni in 1606, but most thought it was due to an argument over a tennis match. According to new evidence, however, the issue
wasn’t Caravaggio being a bad sport — it was a woman. Specifically, a prostitute. Apparently, Caravaggio had a woman named Fillide
Melandroni over for a painting session, and fell for her. Problem was, Tomassoni was her pimp, and Caravaggio
took umbrage to this. He felt inclined to fight for her honor, which
meant castrating Tomassoni. “Agh, that was way harsh Tai.” The problem, as it turned out, was that Caravaggio’s
steady painting hand wasn’t very good at castration, and he severed his opponent’s femoral artery
instead, causing him to bleed out. So there you have it: Caravaggio slayed a
pimp by slashing an artery when he meant to slash his baby-maker, and that’s why they
never named a Ninja Turtle ever him. “Hello, cruel world.” Aristotle The great Greek philosopher Aristotle was
a wise man for sure, but when it came to women, he was like a lot of other ancient philosophers:
a total misogynist who pretty much had zero idea what they were talking about. “Philosophize with us. All we are is dust in the wind.” According to Charlotte Witt’s essay, “Feminist
History of Philosophy” Aristotle held views of women that went beyond typical masogyny. In his mind, women were hardly even human
beings — at best, they were “deform[ed]” men. For some reason, he decided that women have
fewer teeth than men, rendering them incomplete, which obviously isn’t true. And even though they give birth, they “contribute
only matter and not form to the generation of offspring.” In other words, they birth the kid, but only
men can shape them into actual human beings. Of course, that can only happen if the child
is a man because — and these are his direct words — “…a woman is perhaps an inferior
being.” It seems like there was no “perhaps” about
it in his mind, however, because he was just a jerk like that. “Shut it down.” Thanks for watching! Click the Grunge icon to subscribe to our
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  • Anyone seen Trotsky i think he made this video.

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    Churchill is the one I'm most familiar with here. So he had some weird views on race in the 1940s? So what? Without him and his extraordinary courage, which almost NO other British politician of the time had any of, the UK becomes a Nazi vassal state the likes of Vichy France. You want to talk about nasty views on race? Wait until you hear about those guys!

    Anybody who knows anything about Churchill at all knows that he had views on race and empire and civilization that don't meet modern PC standards. He's admired because of his incredible (and lifelong) bravery and wartime leadership; in the face of those accomplishments, his ideological "flaws" are absolutely irrelevant.

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