Republicans Vote To Sell Your Internet Browser History To The Highest Bidder – The Ring Of Fire

This week, Republicans in the House and the
Senate voted to allow Internet service providers to sell your Internet browser history to the
highest bidder. Now before I get into this, let me make this
perfectly clear. This was a bill to repeal a rule that the
FCC have put in place that went into effect this past year just a few months ago really. Not a single Democrat voted to let ISPs sell
your browser history, not one. Every single person that voted in favor of
this legislation was a registered and elected Republican. Having said that, they’re arguing, the Republicans
are arguing that this legislation allowing these companies to sell your browser history
is all part of the free market. That’s their freaking excuse for everything. “It’s a free market. Well, we can’t do anything. It’s a free market.” What does that mean? No. Selling your privacy to someone is not free
market. It’s unconstitutional. Why don’t you check with the Supreme Court
on that one. We do have a right to privacy and it doesn’t
matter what you’re doing online. Maybe you’re looking up recipes for dinner
or maybe you’re looking at videos that you look at in private. It doesn’t matter. All of it can not be sold to anyone willing
to pay for it. Why? Don’t know but we do know that Internet service
providers like AT&T and Comcast and Verizon lobbied extensively for the passage of this
bill along with advertising firms. Those were the two largest lobbying groups
in favor of this legislation and with the exception of, I believe, two Republicans who
voted in favor of this legislation, all of them had taken some money, usually thousands
of dollars, in many cases, tens of thousands of dollars from the telecom industry. has actually put a list together
of every Republican who voted for it and how much money they’ve taken from the telecom
industry. A link to that chart can be found in the description
of this video. The Republicans sold your privacy for a few
thousand dollars. That’s the bottom line here. You are no longer private. You no longer have a sense of self. Everything you do can now be sold and they’re
going to use it to send you targeted advertisements maybe in the mail, maybe in your email. Who knows? Maybe it’s just going to be annoying pop-ups
online. The bottom line is that your privacy is gone
and it is 100% because of the United States Republican Party.

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