Rep. Max Rose On The Importance Of Diplomacy Throughout History | All In | MSNBC

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  • Trump is the twitter twit president, he offers nothing but chaos..he could not think his way out of a McDonald's

  • Trump is playing stupid on what would be the consequence after the killing of the Iranian Military Leader. And the Iranians would play dirty afterwards

  • Yet ANOTHER 'beyond-shameful sidenote' for #45 that the civilised world's historians are duly notating with wryest sorrow.
    #45 – So very embarrassing for America..and very possibly 'hazardous', as well. πŸ˜’

  • More distractions and hoaxes,
    What the next headline
    Your going to land on the moon on 2020 for real this time? lol

  • CNN/MSNBC are SICK IN THE HEAD! We killed ANOTHER top terrorist that rapes and kills thousands of people and you show him on TV has a leader and phrase him, YOU TWISTED SICK PEOPLE!

  • The pathway to stability is honest news the exposes corrupt politicians like BIDEN, Pelosi, The Clinton/Bush crime cabal, laundered tax dollars , exposing oligarchs behind corrupt agendas UNLIKE MSNBCannibal news .. It all starts with honest/objective media not MSNBCoverUp NEWS .. MSNBCannibals will be sued into oblivion for their crimes against THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!

  • Thank trump for the successful mission that killed a terrorist general. Soliemani was behind attacks that killed hundreds and injured thousands of Americans. He made the region unstable. Iran last year took over 6 oil tankers, attacked a Saudi oil field, shot down a drone. Just a few days ago, seiged the American embassy. They sure won’t do that again. This just goes to show you that democrats are anti-American. Their response is disgusting. So woke they’ve become terrorist sympathizers

  • t'rump's idea of diplomacy is a photo op and nothing more.
    Case in point: North Korea.

  • the guy was a terrorist and leading the attack on the US embassy. No choice but to ice him

  • Great job Trump

  • Think of what started WW1

  • Like Trump said Americans doesn’t have clean hands. America is not smart under Trumps failure to lead.

  • Hi MSNBC.πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ

  • Now for those Republican fools who think that Suleiman was a imminent threat to US security, choose what he could have done…explore your minute brain..
    1. Suleiman could have bombed white house overnight..all the way from Iran.
    2. He could have killed military forces of NATO who are already leaving middle East.
    3. He could have forged an alliance with other Islamic forces against US.
    Well choose carefully as this might test how foolish you are. Down in the comments for more weirdo choices.*edit

  • "We The People" can make a difference !!!!
    PROTEST in all States
    People !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Only the people of America can put a stop to this otherwise the outcome is going to be lose of many innocent American people there is nobody you can trust but yourselves politicians want a war to make more money and keep the economy going which Trump has to do

  • This is the Trump revenge to the House of Representatives for being an impeached-president, and if he can't win 2020 because of it, here is what he will do to America's existence on this planet. Trump is now a domestic terrorist. He is dismantling America since day 1 of his presidency. What did he really do for Americans or his country? His entire family enter the White House and profit from it! It's disgusting and repulsive to have them representing America! They are representing themselves!

  • How does Trump mess up the coming elections for the democratic party?

    He starts his war.

  • BOLTON: "Giuliani's a hand grenade that's going to blow everybody up…"
    TRUMP*: * throwing pin over left shoulder * "Way ahead of you…"

  • The days of diplomacy are over we cannot negotiate with terrorists period!

  • Yes more diplomacy less war!

  • Diplomacy is not working on Iranians
    Only making bbq is working on Iranians πŸ˜‚ like BBQ SOLEIMANI πŸ˜‚

  • Why do you need to have a military footprint anywhere in the world? You need more money? Nobody wants you, just go home already. A world will be a much safer place

  • Imagine if Nancy Pelosi and the squad were to focus on homelessness in our country πŸ€” the Democrats would be outraged!!! #impeachhomelessness πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Another interviewee who does not understand what he is talking about otherwise he would not comment so. There are only three things you need to understand when speaking on in this case Iran & Iraq; they are Islam, Islam & Islam!
    Teza from Sydney Australia

  • Yankee terrorism is a worldwide problem.

  • The USA assassinated someone travelling on a diplomatic passport. That is an act of war and a war crime. The USA needs to be sanctioned.

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