Remove Junk Files to Cleanup Your Windows 10 Computer

Hello YouTube. This is Praveen for TechEmpty. Here in this video I will be showing you the
process of removing cache or junk files to clean your Windows 10 computer manually. I suggest you to take the backup of any important
files that are in temp folder like games related files or games saved data. So, without any further ado, let’s get started. Firstly, let’s delete the Windows update
data. To do that, open C drive, then Windows, then
Software Distribution and here choose Download. We have around 1 gig of Windows update data
and we don’t need it. If the system needs any file, it will be downloaded
again. So no issues. Let me delete everything here in this downloads
folder to remove junk files to cleanup the Windows 10 computer. So now the second one. Let’s delete the temporary & prefetch files. To do that, open Run by right clicking on
the Windows icon and here choose ‘Run’. In here type %temp% and choose ok. Now you will see all the temporary files and
delete them all by saving any of the work that you are currently doing with any of the
applications. Again open Run by right clicking on the Windows
icon and now just type temp. This is the another location where the temp
files are stored. Just, delete them all to clean up the temp
location. Now we’re going to delete the prefetch files. To do that, open Run dialogue box by typing
Windows + R keys together and type prefetch. Select all the files and folders here then
proceed to delete them. This is how you remove junk files to cleanup
your Windows 10 computer. Now, the third one. If you have any issues with the Windows store
then just do this thing without changing account settings or deleting installed apps. By opening the Run dialogue box, type wsreset
and hit ok. Now you will see the command prompt with a
blank screen. You need to wait for few seconds to complete
the reset process. Once done, you will get the Windows store
on the console. Fourth one is clearing the browsing history
of Microsoft edge and chrome as I have them. You can try clearing the browsing history
of all the browsers that you have. So, now going with Edge browser, Open it and
choose these three dots right here and choose settings. Now at the center, click on ‘Choose what
to clear’ under ‘clear browsing data’. Tick what you want to delete and choose ‘clear’. Alternatively, you can opt to ‘Always clear
this when I close the browser’ option if you wish to clear browsing data regularly
to remove junk files to cleanup your windows 10 computer. If you are using Chrome browser, do these
steps to delete the browsing history. Open chrome and choose these three dots to
expand the available options. From the menu, choose ‘More Tools’ then
‘Clear browsing data’. You will get a window with basic options. Navigate to ‘Advanced’ tab and choose
the time range, what things you would like to clear etc and click on ‘clear data’. That’s it. Fifth one is to clear the DNS cache. If you have any internet connectivity issues
you can run this command to flush the DNS cache. To do that, search for cmd and right click
on it to run the command prompt as an administrator. Now here type the following command. ipconfig/flushdns and it will instantly clear
the DNS cache for you. Sixth one is to clean up the disk. To do this search for Disk cleanup and open
it. Choose the disk you would like to clean up
and here I’m choosing the C drive. Now choose the files that you would like to
clean up and select ok. It will then clean up the junk files that
are in C drive. Seventh one is to free up the space using
restore point. To do that, search for restore point and then
open it. Once you have the system restore point window,
choose the C drive and choose ‘configure’ to look for the space that was occupied at
restore point. Now I have around 2 gigs here and you just
need to delete it by choosing delete and press ok. Now create a new restore point and name it
as you like. I’m here naming it as restore and it will
take less space now. This is how you can remove cache or junk files
to cleanup your Windows 10 computer manually without using any software. That’s it for this quick video. I hope you find this video useful. If you do, please hit the like button and
subscribe to this channel for more awesome videos like these. Your contribution is more to us. This is Praveen signing off. I hope to see you in my next video. Thank you!

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