Reflecting on moments from The Globe’s 175-year history

The Globe and Mail marks its 175th
birthday on March 5th, 2019. The publication was founded as The Globe in
1844, with George Brown as publisher and editor. The Globe was originally a weekly
mouthpiece for Brown’s liberal-leaning Reform Party, but the newspaper evolved a
more independent voice and became a daily in the 1850s. In 1936 The Globe
merged with The Mail and Empire to become The Globe and Mail. Current
publisher and CEO Phillip Crawley joined The Globe during the newspaper wars of
the late 90s. I came in ’98 because of the launch of the National
Post, and the whole nature of the business at that time was; how do we make
sure we win, and that we do not allow the National Post to become more successful than the Globe and Mail. But Ken Thompson who was the owner said famously to me if
this is a battle of deep pockets, I like my chances. The most remarkable piece of
production that we did was the night of the the blackout. One big chunk of North
America had no power, and here we were plunged into darkness as we headed
towards getting a paper out, keeping our websites going. And thank God, but also
thanks to a very good electrician, the generator at the back at 444 Front
Street, sprang to life. There was enough light to rig up a emergency room on the
ground floor where we gathered people together in special teams to help to get
the pages out. And to get that paper out in a dark city and get the presses to
roll, I mean that was I think a minor miracle. The Globe introduced colour printing in
1998, but used colour in an unusual way to celebrate the Blue Jays World Series win
in 1992.
We produced a blue section to commemorate the Jays winning the World Series. It looks ghastly, the blue wash, and we
thought it was so good that we did it again the following year
when they went again. After a hundred and seventy five years we’ll do some celebrations over the course of this year and we look forward to what the
next 175 years are gonna bring, but my firm forecast is The Globe and Mail has a
long future ahead of it as the source of the best content in Canada

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