Recover Deleted Files Mac Computer QUICKLY and EASILY [Working 2020]

Hello there, folks! Today I’m gonna show you how to recover deleted files on your Mac hard drive. This includes files that you might have accidentally erased, files that have gone missing, files that you permanently deleted, or maybe just empty the trash and you need to recover something from it. Now contrary to what most people think, just because a file is missing or has been deleted permanently from your hard drive, it’s actually not completely gone. It’s still there. You just need data recovery software in order to recover it. But just keep in mind you need to act quickly. Although the files are still on your hard drive, they can be overwritten at any time. So if you want to recover them, I recommend using Mac data recovery software as soon as possible. So what we’re going to do first is you’re going to click the link in the description box below or simply visit the website On this website, you’re gonna find your Mac data recovery software. If you click the link in the description, it will bring you to the direct site but if you go to the main site, all you have to do is click here down at Mac Data Recovery. Now once you get to this page here, you’re just gonna scroll down and click the “Download” button and this should begin the download. Once it finished the download, simply install it and then follow the instructions. And here is the software! First thing we’re gonna click is “Recover Data” and that’s gonna bring up a whole bunch of different options. Now this is really gonna depend on what you need to recover and how you’re doing it. I usually like to do ‘Quick Recovery’ first. It’s by far the fastest and you can see if it’s going to recover your data that way . You can change this based on if you want to do Photo Recovery or iPod Recovery. Raw Recovery is more or less like a last-ditch effort if none of these other recovery options work. Also I want to show you quick thing in the Preferences. If you do only want to recover, say photos, you can actually select which types of photos you want to recover. This will really cut down on the.. how long it takes for the scan to go along. You can also change to “audio” so like you know, if you just want to recover your mp3s, if you want to recover your videos, if you just want to recover certain types of documents, I would highly recommend selecting these in the Preferences if you’re just recovering certain types of files. So for the sake of time, we’re just going to select Quick Recovery because that’s the fastest and you just want to select your hard drive here, and then click the next arrow button here. and here are the results! These are all the files that were recovered through the Quick Recovery option. I like to organize them by clicking here and that way you can select if you want to recover the videos, text files, photos, audio, whatnot. Say you’re just looking for a specific file you can go inside and look for it. These are all JPEGs. If you want to recover one of these, you just click here and then click the ‘Recover’ button here and that will recover the file. One thing to keep in mind is that you want to recover the files to a directory that is on a different hard drive from the one you’re currently on. So if you have an external hard drive, you could plug that in. If you have a second hard drive on your computer you want to recover to that one because the software might not let you recover to the same drive that you’re scanning. That’s basically all there is to it! If the files you’re looking for aren’t here, I recommend trying one of the other recovery options like Deleted File Recovery, Formatted Media, Media Lost File Recovery or Raw Recovery and the other in the previous options. Just keep in mind it’s going to take a long time to scan so you can either select which files you want to recover or just scan overnight. Scan when you don’t have to use your computer for a while because it might take several hours. So that’s really all there is to it. If you need to recover deleted files on your Mac, I highly recommend using Mac data recovery software and by selecting the ‘Quick Recovery’ option and then the ‘Deleted Recovery’ option or ‘Raw Recovery’ option if all those fills and you can’t find the files that you’re looking for. So simply just visit the website and select Mac Recovery or simply click the link in the description box to go to the direct link. And there you can get a free scan and see if it finds anything. So once again, just type in that address or click the link in the description. Try it out and see if it helps. Good luck!

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