READ THE TRC REPORT (Delivery of child-welfare service page 189)

Hello. My name is Charlie Flowers. I’m from Rigolet, Nunatsiavut in northern Newfoundland and
Labrador. It’s an honour to be reading to you from the Truth and Reconciliation
Commission’s report and I’d like to thank Joey, Zoe, and
Erica for making this project possible.
Delivery of child-welfare services. there are over 300 child-welfare
agencies in Canada operating under provincial and
territorial jurisdiction. In addition, Canada provides funding to over 100 agencies delivering child and family services to
First Nations families under the framework of provincial
legislation. In 2011 2010 and 2011 there were 9,241 First Nations children outside the parental home and in the
care these First Nations child and family service agencies,
representing 5.5% of on-reserve children. A few larger
Canadian cities (such as Toronto and Vancouver) also have Aboriginal child and family
service agencies. In Manitoba, there is also an agency
serving Métis families. There are, however, no
Aboriginally controlled agencies in the three
northern territories; child-welfare services to Aboriginal
families there are provided through the same government
agencies that serve all children. In two out of the three territories, Aboriginal people make up a majority of the members in their legislatures
and cabinets. Although the federal government
acknowledges its responsibility for child-welfare services to First Nations families, Métis
communities are not well served. The Commission believes that adequately
funded, Métis-specific, child and family services
must be made available to Métis children and families. The Government of Canada
should not let unresolved jurisdictional disputes stand
in the way of the acceptance of such responsibilities.
Similarly, the Commission believes the Government
of Canada should ensure the development of adequately resourced
Inuit child-welfare services in the North and in urban centres such as Ottawa and
Montreal that have a significant Inuit

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