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Hey, how’s it going, guys? So in today’s video
we’re gonna talk about how to read more books. Now, maybe you’ve
already seen my video on how to generally increase
your reading speeds. If you haven’t, you can
check it out right there. But maybe you have, and
maybe you’ve integrated some of those tips into your
life, which have helped you get your reading speeds
higher and higher, maybe even up to that
generally accepted cap of 400 to 500 words per minute. And yet, you haven’t
filled in the other part of the equation, which
is building a consistent reading habit. So this video is all
about how to do that, and I’ve got seven specific
tips that will help you become a more consistent reader. So in my experience,
the most important thing you can do to read more
consistently is to have a certain number of pages
you’re going to read every single day, and
to turn it into a habit. I was actually out in
Colorado a couple of weeks ago on a ski trip with a
few friends, and we
were in the Airbnb one day after skiing
ended, and I remember my friends Matt and Ben
were talking about books they’d read recently, and
both of them are entrepreneurs so they’re really busy, just
like me, and yet they had all this time to read all
these books, and I was asking like, dude, how do you guys
find so much time to read when you feel like you’ve
got all these things to do? And Matt told me, dude, I
just wake up every morning and I have my coffee,
and I read 25 pages. And after four days that’s
100 pages, after 40 days it’s 1,000 pages. It really adds up over time,
and it works better than goals like saying I’m gonna
read one book a month or two books a month,
because then it’s really easy to justify pushing all your
reading off later into the month because you’ve got a lot
of work to do right now. Moving onto tips two and
three, I’m gonna group these two together because
they have to do with how you schedule your reading time. Now, personally I know the
later that it gets in the day, the less likely it
is for me to read. My motivation starts to
wane and other things start to take up my attention,
so I try to schedule my reading time very
early in the morning. But, tip number three here,
I do it after exercise. And that’s because the
book I’m reading right now, which is called Spark: The
Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain,
talks a lot about how exercise primes your
brain for learning. Exercise balances the levels
of chemicals in your brain known as neurotransmitters,
which in turn improve your ability to pay attention
and prime your brain to more efficiently absorb
and remember new information. And I take advantage of
this by going to the gym first thing in the morning,
and then doing my reading. Now tip number four is
to do whatever you can to make the process of reading
as enjoyable as possible because from what I’ve
learned about how motivation is affected by the rewards
of tasks, rewards can really be split into two
different categories. Number one, the reward you
get at the end of the task, whatever the result of the
task is, but number two, the enjoyment you get from
doing the task itself. So personally I go to a
coffee shop and I get a latte and I read while I have
those things with me and that makes the process
much more enjoyable than trying to do it at home. Moving along to tip number
five, now if you’ve chosen to read after exercise, your
ability to pay attention and inhibit distractions
is at it’s peak, but you do wanna cut out as many
distractions as possible just to give yourself
the best possible chance for focusing on your
reading until you’re done. So, for me that means
turning my phone onto do not disturb mode, and
packing it away in this bag here, everything goes in
this bag and it goes down by my feet. Everything is off the
table except for the book when I’m reading so it’s
just focused interaction with the book and nothing else. Now, distractions are
one of the biggest things that can derail your ability
to get your reading done, but there are certainly
others, so tip number six is to anticipate and
remove as many barriers to your success as possible. For me that means making
sure my bag is packed every single night before I
go to bed, and making sure the book is in there, and
also making sure I have everything I need, like my
book flags for making notes and highlights, and my
headphones just in case the coffee shop is noisy. Basically, I want to anticipate
anything that could give my brain an excuse to
not read, and cut it out. And, finally, tip number
seven is to externalize your motivation, and sort of
take the choice of reading out of your hands by
making yourself accountable to somebody else. Now I do this in a
couple different ways. Number one is I have
told my roommate Martin, who reads way more books than
me, that if I do not read 25 pages a day every single
day for at least the next three months, I
will pay him $100. So if I skip even one day,
I’m gonna lose out on a lot of money. And secondly, I have made
a public page on my website where I will be updating my
progress every single day in an embedded Google
spreadsheet, so every day I have to record how
many pages I read, and anybody can see that
and call me out if I don’t. Now in last week’s video
we talked about why it’s a bad idea in general to
tell people about your goals, but I do think when you
build accountability into it, and you’re talking
to people about your progress, rather than your big grand
vision, it can actually be much more motivating than
if you kept it to yourself. And I’d be curious to hear
what your thoughts are on that. Anyway, if you’d like to
have a look at my progress page, there’ll be a link in
the description down below, and you can do this yourself
even without being publicly accountable by using a tool
like Habitica or There’s lots of habit-tracking
tools that can basically get you the same result,
but I have decided to be publicly accountable about it. Hopefully you enjoyed this
video and found it helpful. If you did, give it a like
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picture of the book. And if you missed last week’s
video, we talked about why in general it’s a bad idea to
tell people about your goals, so check it out
if you missed it. You can check out the full
article for this video and get the link to my
reading progress page by clicking the orange
button right there. And, lastly, if you wanna
connect, I’m on Instagram and Twitter @TomFrankly,
or you can leave a comment down below. Thanks for watching.

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  • am the type of person who likes reading one book and take a lot of time .I read novels much of the time that is why I love to take my time to perceive the beauty of the language. but I wanna read different kinds of books simultaneously with concentration. is it a good thing or a bad thing to read one book ?cuz I wanna make progress.Can you help. gimme advice.

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  • What works best for me is "take the plane more often" because it's while waiting for boarding or when uncomfortably squeezed between my chair and that of the person napping in front of me, that I read most. This might sound like I'm making fun of the question but I'm not. An honest answer can get you a long way. Flying around the world is probably too expensive a hack, but there may be substitutes for it, like taking a bus around town, go to a public library or sit in your fav' pub. With a book.

    On a higher level note: WHY do you want to read more? In my case it's because stuff I read in a book tends to rush through my head for a longer period of time and have a bigger impact on my thoughts and actions, than stuff I watch or read online. So, in my case it seems to be a proper goal. If you want to read more books because some guru told you so but you don't really feel the benefit, then I would find another goal.

    If it is so beneficial, then why is reading not the most natural thing to do? In my case it's because of the ubiquity of brain candy like youtube and because reading often makes me sleepy, while youtube demands less mental energy and can get me halfway through the night (and I don't want to go to sleep just yet).

    There's usually a lot of psychology and work behind "how to read more books", which cannot be replaced by giving yourself a daily goal or telling others about it. At least that doesn't work for me. I'm in tune with 4, 5, 6.


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