Oh my god.I just got a little emotional looking at this! This is so crazy! Okay. Ah, good day everyone and welcome to todays video. Umm.. Where I am at my gaming computer because I am going to be doing a way, way, back machine video! Where I’m gonna be looking at my channel Through its years of existence, there’s this really cool website Where basically you could go back in time, like a time machine and look at your YouTube; any website actually do my youtube channel on and you can
just look at it see what it looks like at that time I’m not sure how it works but it work
somehow so without further do let’s get to it alrighty so let’s get to it shall we
shall so we’ll do slash show we
grab haha and there we go ok so we can start
the earliest that we can start is 2010 and then it would have to be April
sixteenth oh my gosh look it look how many views i
would get a hundred six two thousand wall hi role are back in the day ok so let’s
see only subscribe oh my god of the four thousand
subscribers guys now i have five millions something like five almost six
million i think this is in this was ok october twenty fifth two thousand nine I
mean my background Vegas because i was obsessed that oh my god is my old try and return our
second channel actually perform in spring grove now oh my gosh this is so weird ok so my videos back in the day we’re
awful like they were terrible on this is the old video player this is so weird to see you oh my god I
wonder what cool kid 00 is doing these days I wish we could
combine things but i don’t think the leave me back machine works like that oh my god I wonder if any of these
people still watch my videos ok let’s move on we’ll go to this next
date ok moving on up so this is sep tember 8
2011 so this is like the time that I was like
I’m going to take my channel more seriously it’s so I had this like
background made for me with like pokemon in and you can see me after the show they can stretch that doing the thing
where you can you can see me oh la la you look at me we have the pokemon down here ok ok i
had 46 thousand subscribers mhm you could put a picture here look at
me i put like a little posing in black and white no big deal about i would still probably
do that this is so the this is one like the other channels like took up a big
part there was a lot of customizability back
in the day on youtube but I loved that was so cool oh my gosh and now it’s just generic everyone has
the same it would show your activity on your page i missed this i mislike having
like customizability i have seen my videos are they doing ok so 28,000
wallet that’s probably I was shopping with
Selena Gomez it wasn’t ok so my views are about 20,000 so in
two years they went from like a couple thousand to
20,000 a video and i don’t know i don’t think i
was daily blog at this point now I was just posting on here randomly
this is crazy to see I don’t know if this is interesting to you guys but I
guess this is kind of interesting because like for people trying to make
on youtube you can just see the progress of how I came to be ok so let’s move on a little bit further
another new background oh my god it’s fucking through field
background cool ok so who we did I go back in time oktober 2009 all right I must have had a
downfall in viewership at this point see how many subscribers 846 before ok I went up by ten thousand mesh I live
for this background for all I miss it totoro so pretty this is what i was doing daily vlogs i
think i just had started right and yeah i think this was right when i started
daily vlogging for a Z tah or by ordinary ok so still have that picture
going bring back memories ok let’s keep moving
on ahhhh okay moving on to january of that next year I have kind of like advanced my style is
a little more sleep it’s like back and why it’s really sophisticated we still
have a coat row but you guys can’t see oh wow this is like really stretch for
you guys let me see if I can fix this ok I don’t know how to fix it whatever
on but this point I had sixty nine thousand subscribers so channel is on
the up-and-up it was a slow progress use were about the same they weren’t really changing but this is
kind of like when they change the model of the layout to you guys remember it
was just like all over the place and now it’s like a little more like just
smaller on the play list smaller on the featured channels mostly about the
videos which i like i like this design because it’s like Oh big thumbnail it shows off what that video is wow oh
my gosh these thumbnails you know what I’m not bringing don’t
love grows ok on all right let’s get going I think
this was also the year that i had my biggest growth maybe 16 reveals the next year ok so now
we’re up to ninety three thousand users still about the same they kind of
moved up to 30,000 interesting ok let’s keep going oh ok new background
i have a hundred eighty thousand subscribers at this point this is july
of 2012 Wow ok so now my videos are getting
around 50,000 video still doing daily vlogs got way to go Joey ok cool Oh another new background look
at changing all the time so about 300,000 well you don’t know
what good my channel is growing I’m feeling the pressure I want to stop this but I’m going to
keep going goodness i did this is crazy oh this is one of my gaming gentleman
even feel had 37 thousand at the time crazy oh my gosh this is just such a
stall job ok so 2013 was definitely my biggest
growth year so i think this is the part that’s going to be most interesting to
you guys and also to me because I’m curious as how it all happened so i
started in january i had three hundred fifty thousand subscribers pretty crazy these are doing descent oh this is when i was on the race I
didn’t know that this was happening yeah this is when i was gone oh my god no I just gotten back yeah okay um so
cool this is January let’s move on into April ok so from those four months i cain’t
200,000 subscribers which as you can see that took me a really long time to get
to 200,000 i would haha musze this is when everything changed for my channel when I went to playlist I met all the
British people and this is when things started to really pick up this is a
crazy year for sure ok so about half a million insane ok skip to july seventeenth i went from
500,000 to a million . 3 that’s like a little bit more than
double yeah something more than double our
crazy I released the music video started
collaborating with Shane that definitely helped me out a lot oh
my gosh how a new layout to like videos are allocated youtube changes so
freaking often it’s crazy wow good thumbnails that home is what I
like to start working on my skills ok so still in 2013 let’s move on to
September oh my gosh two million another few months so i went from half a
million in January 22 million by September let’s take a look at what the videos
where that caused this I guess it was just collaborations that
really gosh i was my views were good oh my gosh they’re almost like seems
hotel crazy ok so two million let’s see what happens at the end she
doesn’t work oh my god i just got like a little
emotional looking at some amazing ok so i’m now at 2.6 at the end of
december i just started releasing the storytellers of the stress the trailer
at this point two point six million so I basically grew two million a year which
was insane it was such an awesome year at everything was happening was so crazy
i got to create a YouTube web series Oh such a good day okay let’s skip 2014 alrighty so first time raising the
wayback machine doesn’t want to go anymore forward I guess it has to have a
certain amount of time in between but we saw all of 2013 and almost the start of
2014 so it’s been like a year since then or
yes more doesn’t fortune 52 years uh-huh um so most of you guys are
probably from those two years you know kind of what happened on but it was cool
to look back on the past and remember where you started and i just want to
thank every single person who has been there a part of the way speaking to you you will have to subscribe to me whether
it’s been from the beginning or recently again just thank you so much it’s crazy and if any of you guys are
interested in creating a youtube channel just do it you never know what’s going
to happen like again this thing takes time it’s not something that just
happens overnight I mean it kind of happened over a year for me but before that I just had to keep going
ahead keep pushing myself so that’s something to take away from
this video but i hope you enjoyed it please give it a big ol thumbs up if you
did let’s see if we can get this – 30
thousand likes and I yeah i’ll see you guys next time
good and I liked you better get over there to acting and grab another one oh yes you are so funny today you’re scaring them maybe they’re not
going to come out if you just look at that ok once thank you wow you’re working really work I know
I’m ya at eight

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