Re-drawing manga with Emirichu SPEEDPAINT; My first manga was a Tokyo Mew Mew rip-off

Heads up headphone users. This is gonna be podcast like audio. It’s the first time I’ve done audio like this and I wasn’t aware enough of my volume So sometimes it gets loud cuz I get loud. Be warned and otherwise, sit back, relax, and enjoy me and my special guest both redrawing pages of tokyo mew mew! 2 for 1 special y’all! Howdy hey guys? I’ve been wanting to try to do a collab speedpaint for the longest time, and I had the idea to to redo a page from manga that I used to read and I thought tokyo mew mew sounds great You know who else really likes tokyo mew mew it’s Emirichu! So, I’m so happy we could share this together wait am I supposed to record on my side too? No, I got it don’t worry! Oh (3x) god! Okay, I was like *PANTS * *rea giggles* She doesn’t record the speedpaint, she doesn’t record the AUDIO! *both laugh* *both laugh*
Emirichu mumbles something. For context, later on in this speedpaint you’ll see she forgot to record a good chunk of her part, but that’s fine You know, we’re all here. We’re gonna have a good time. It’s good *Emirichu laughs* so, uh before we get into any plot and so, uh before we get into any plot and and Obsession nonsense, how did, how did redrawing the page go? How’d that go for you? It was actually a lot of fun. Um, I feel like But because my style is so heavily influenced by like all the anime I was watching when the kid as I was drawing it, I was like wow like *laughing* I really took a lot form this style *Emirichu laughs* I’m just like redrawing it. But like with the same style *Emirichu laughs* I definitely, I think my style definitely has gotten away from the whole look But when I was starting to draw, I already told you but like I would like copy pages all the time like I was very VERY inspired by this art style and something I remember like very vividly is how often they used blushing? like there is this *Emi inturrpts* YES the crosshatching that like *crosshatching noise?* Yeah, but like all the time when like blushing wasn’t even like a thing like there was one really, it was supposed to be really intense scene where Mint had found a Mew Aqua and she got up to it and she was blushing and I was like, yeah Like that’s what I kept for all these years as people are blushing all the time, like great all the time constantly flustered. Yes, exactly! They’ve all got anxiety So I wanted to tell you about I was so inspired by tokyo, mew mew that I made a quote unquote Manga back in the day. I’ve got some receipts to share with you. Oh my god! it was, I got a set the ground works here, it was a self insert because of course A self insert. That was basically tokyo mew mew where characters were being experimented on with DNA I called it DNA, the antagonists were experiments gone awry and they were Lashing out because they were like, I want to be human but for some reason I didn’t think to have the scientists Who were working with the quote-unquote protagonists team be bad scientists? You know that makes sense but so here’s an old drawing of the the main cast Oh my go-*rea laughs* Oh my god wait, would you do that thing like where you where you would create like like a team but based off of your like IRL friends YES!! *both laugh* So the main character is me of course, right?
Emirichu: Yes The second, god, some of these characters were swapped out actually It’s kind of like super petty, uh, not even petty just like I made new friends So I just swapped him out up. The Fox was a friend that I had made on neopets. But her name was Jill and the Rabbit was another girl on neopets named Deanne like I’ve got drawings of the three of us because we were like a little Neopets trio and then uh, The the owl was based on my friend Kristen who I met in Anime club, of course an anime club in my library things come full circle I actually met Jill in person because she showed up to our little anime club’ s convention and I am putting so many air quotes on that the sheer like early 2000s that’s like the early 2000s vibe was like hopping from that one *incoherent talking and laughing* Anime club in the library the Fox ended up being replaced by a school friend who also had short brown hair and aw my god I am awful *incoherent* well it was as sliver fox this time Okay, I got it up isn’t Silver Fox like a term for like a hot old guy thing, is that the Kentucky Fried Chicken guy *Laughing* Did you see that Kentucky Fried Chicken KFC that they got like they made a mascot and it’s just like one old guy honestly honestly could get it Just saying! MEEE!! See I replaced the replaced The first Fox Jill with friend whose name I can’t remember. I’m the worst. Oh my god that improvement what! I didn’t know how to use Photoshop but I sure did try this was the new bunny It was based on an another friend. Whose name. I can’t remember. I really suck. Oh my god. Here’s a here’s the antagonist. So Real quick. The main character’s name the the self insert. I named her katsumi I think the name is typically kasami, but I put a T in there cuz I think HAHA CAT!
*both laughing* But then, It gets worse cuz the villain was just named Neko You just named him cat? While I’m on it, here’s a character this is the only one that wasn’t based on an actual person I just threw in like a 7 year old because of course I did Rea: She got a redesign
Emirichu: AWW this is really cute! That was the running jokes all my friends are like you need a cute one. And I am like here’s the cute one Lil mouse Where’s her redesign? I redesigned Necco out of Nowhere, and I made her like total You’d think I was using Internet Explorer. These are all loading so slowly here we go. Here she is Updated OOOO!! Okay, I like that. Yeah, that’s a good wow All I had for her character was at some point I had her cry and that was like the big moment for her I don’t know why she just did I redesigned the owl at some point to make her snowy owl because people on neopets said she was to goth She was supposed to be like that that surprise That surprise 5th character that you didn’t realize is part of the team, but then she showed up as part of the team Everyone else just got like like a procedure done to get the DNA injected to be part animal She had a gun like they they shot her to make her part of it. I don’t know I wanted it to be dramatic and I thought it was SOO cool here’s the last redesign I got Am I so happy that you saved these oh my god, wait, what are these genuinely so cute? Honestly, I kind of like I’m dying to actually redesign them again You should. I kind of really want to oh, it’s her tattoo on her stomach? Oh, no, that’s uh, that’s a light part of the dress. Ooooooh! So, I tried three separate times to write it like I remember I would set aside Notebooks to write it in so I had like I was like the big one I was like this is the one I’m gonna finish it in was like a bleach spiral notebook And at the time, I was drawing so much in class that I remember My math teacher was going to hand out our tests again and she suddenly went on this huge rant about how she’s like, well some of these grades are dropping and uh, You know if you’re doing things like for example Drawing dragons, then you’re not really paying attention and I’m sitting here. I’m like I I don’t draw draaagons. Yeah, I was the only one in class who failed so my dad literally grounded me from drawing and he like emailed All they teachers he’s like she’s not allowed to do it. If you catch her tell me. I had to like sit there and like think about my manga. I’m like I want to work on it so bad I want to work on it so bad, but I’m grounded and I was like so emo about it *Emirichu: laughing* I love that I love that every artist has that experience with being the one kid who like physically could not stop drawing during class. Oh, yeah Thank you for sharing this piece of history with me Thank you for listening They’re so good Definitely gotta try redesigning these so back on the subject of tokyo mew mew so My my iteration wasn’t so good. How is the iteration of the the anime that you watched that I didn’t? OH, I’m actually surprised you didn’t watch the anime I um I went through that phase where I like I watched things just because they were anime But for some reasons like if I had read the manga I just I didn’t have interest I don’t know why Why when when I was a kid, I I was first exposed to the English dub version of Tokyo, Mew Mew mm-hmm and then later on shortly after I found the original like Japanese version and I remember I added like comparing the two when I was a kid and I’m like this is Why is it so different and I felt really conflicted cuz I’m like wait But like I discovered like the English one, and I loved it But now that I see there’s like this way better version. I feel like I just got robbed, you know There’s just like I don’t even know okay. Oh my god *rambling and laughing* *incoherent* The name, they changed it to Mew Mew power Right, uh-huh All right, I get it. You want it to be set in like America? I can forgive that, whatever, you know, and like slowly changed everyone’s names as well. Mm-hmm. I know Zoey that’s it yeah.. ZOEY AHH!! All they were so not inspired but it’s okay Like at least would like to Sailor Moon like changing her name to Serena like, okay, that’s a moon thing fine It should go to Zoey. Yeah, what’s the correlation? Like no and like the thing is like I hated their last names, too it’s like it’s as if they went on like generic movie name generator just like click to go and Pick these random basic names. So her name is Zoey Hanson Yeah hmm, dear Zoey Hanson
(Dear Even Hanson reference) ZOEY HANSON *laughs* *laughter* Dear Zoey Hanson!! ♩We have been way to out of touch♩
(Also a Dear Even Hanson reference) And then I like to Mint’s name, it’s Carina like it still sounds like it suits her I think That sounds like a dancer. Zakuro was called Renée Roberts Roberts is a little weird but Renée kind of fits What confused me was that Mint, Lettuce, and Pudding already had English names? *laughing* Why would you change it? Wait what were pudding and Lettuce’s names? Um so Mint was Corina, Lettuce was Bridget Aaand Aaand
Rea: alright pudding was Kikki KIKKI!! *laughing* NOOO!! *still laughing* Were Quiche, Pie, and Tart still Quiche, Pie, and Tart? Nope, uuuh The names are awful
Rea: Oh no OH NO Quiche is named, I am not *incoherent* this, Dren WHAT!!! THAT’S NOT A NAME!!
(this hurt my ears while subbing this) Wait, it gets even better It gets even better (x2)
Rea: no… You know why
Rea: no… why..? You know why (x2) they named him Dren? why?…. *weakly* It’s nerd backwards. NEE…!!! WHAT!!
(this also hurt) I am not shitting you (x2) I am going to cry… *almost crying* That is literally like their reason for naming I am cancelling this video, I need a fucking *incoherent* Emi: What
Rea: I got a no forgettable Loverboy’s name too *I can’t tell what they are talking about* uh-uh-uuh Masaya. His name was Mark. MLEH!! *followed by laughter*
(I am now going to count how many times rea screams: 3) I couldn’t control that noise that came out of my mouth. *more laughter* *Wheeze* They changed Tart to Tarb Trab? Tarb with a “B” But why?! I don’t know OH brat, it is brat backwards, I remember WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING!!?
(Rea scream counter: 4) *almost laughing* it’s brat backwards that’s right. What is that!? What!? How do you go from nerd to Brett?! Brett is a fucking name!!
Go with Brett!! I think they were just like they were just picking like insults and then reversing them. Is Brett an insult? Am I? Brat? B R A T? BRAT!! Oh my god, I thought you said B R *E* T
(Rea scream counter: 5) *Laughter* I am like: That is a naame!! NO-O-O-O Okay, that makes a bit more sense now *Laughter* Um, Pie’s name is changed to Sardon I don’t know why he was… his name was changed to Sardon Wait, so it’s not backwards for anything?! It’s not WHAT ARE THE RULES!?
(Rea scream counter: 6) *laughter* WHAT ARE THE RULES!?
(Rea scream counter: 7) *more laughter* I dont know *weakly* Oh my god!! I want to die. Oh, okay. I looked it up Sardon was short for sardonic Alright fine Means grimly mocking or cynical. Okay, but hold the fucking phone here like a sloppy little flip phone shut Sardonic for Pie makes sense, right? He was like an emo bitch fine. It makes sense. Brat for Tart makes sense. Literally a brat. Fine! HOW IS QUICHE A NERD!!
(Rea scream counter: 8; this is going higher than I expected it to) *laughter* What are they doing!? *laughter* Those are the name changes, I can’t really forgive Because *incoherent mumbling* Fucking mark… *laughter* You know mark suit him though. Oh my god, I hate this. You’re right, you’re right and I hate it So the voices you know, their overall pretty good Name changes overall pretty good minus the villains I don’t know what happened there *Rea aggressively mumbling something* They so 4kids is notorious for going absolutely ham on like the censorship, right So Zakuro’s weapon is just sticks no longer a cross. I get it. You don’t want to piss off super like religious parents Mm-hmm. I can understand so like her in her cross necklace. It’s just like a silver stick. All right Yeah, it’s still trendy kinda like a baton almost, you know, kind of works. Yeah, so it just looks like a regular whip, right? That’s not much better actually. Hold on *laughter* They they edited out like so because they wanted to make it as American as possible They would edit out anything that was remotely Asian This feels like like hint of racism like like little bit Yeah you know? Accents of *laughter* You know ten-year-old Emily felt a type of way about it But she quite understands what this feeling was and now I know you know jelly doughnuts No, yeah So they would literally like I don’t know how they did it But they would edit out the scenes where they had like bento or like rice balls and they would somehow replace them with like sandwiches Mm-hmm. So okay. Yeah, all the food was changed. Which all right, I get it Um any any like Japanese letters, even if it was in the background they would just remove it. So it was just blank Excellent. Wait, so Okay, I can hang no. No you go first. Oh no. No you go you go No, you go first!
(it is a polite-off) The one thing that really like rubs me the wrong way out of all those edits was How they tried to completely remove the fact that pudding was Chinese Really? Yeah, so which like makes no sense? Cuz in the episode where she’s like like all her siblings are in like she’s wearing like Chinese attire and oh, yeah, like yeah and you know how in her transformation like like music it’s like Kind of like a like Chinese sounding music in the back. Yeah, they changed it to like bongos Because she is a Monkey You know how in tokyo mew mew she has a dad who is like training in the mountain that’s right, right They completely removed that in english dub So she just doesn’t have a dad. Me too (Well that got dark fast) OH NO!! NO, I ACTUALLY SAID THAT!! NOT THAT IT IS ACTUALLY RELEVANT!! I AM SO SORRY!! SH-SHIT!!
(i am not counting this) *crying/laughing* I am so sorry… This has been brought to you by bad life choices But it’s choices like that where I’m like, what why would you get rid of that? Like what was its it’s to me, it feels like during some kind of board meeting at 4kids They were like, we can’t let the children know that Asian people exist. They’re not ready for that information That’s like doing Pocahontas and for kids and they’re like no. She’s not Native American. She’s just you know a TAN. Yeah They edit like like polos on their clothes, like on top of them like geez I Was gonna ask uh, misuh.. the love interest does he, I think the sports called kendo. Did he still do that? Oh, ma- they- but yeah that was still in the What I don’t know if they called us something else though, cuz that’s definitely not American for sure. Yeah I don’t know how they dealt with it you know how else they Disrespected the aliens. Oh, no you can’t do worse than dren Well, I ?fisher? dren was like the worst of it Oh my god… They changed their motive Um, so you know how in the original if I remember correctly they they were like disgusted with how human- cuz they like so the aliens used to live on the planet and Then they moved and they were disgusted at how humans were like destroying the planet all hippy dippy yes very much so Yeah, they were like we need to take it back. Super environmental, you know we really should really get this everyone should take a read It’s a type of motive where it makes you kind of feel for them. You’re like man like I I can’t even be mad at you that much. Honestly not too far off from devil man Cry-baby just saying, you know just saying Mm-hmm. Okay. So in the English dub their name was changed to Cyniclons What?.. Cyniclons *almost laughing* Cyniclons *monotone* Is that supposed to be a play on cynical I guess What and what was the Cyniclons motives? What did they do? Um they came from an un-in-ha-bitable Uninhabitable. I didn’t have a breath, one, breath, one, two breath, one, two, three
Emi: planet *Laughter They came from an uninhabitable planet, and they were jealous of the Humans, so they decide to conquer the earth and make it their new home. So it was jealousy that was their entire motive They were just jealous with these humans and they wanted to take what wasn’t theirs. I mean, that’s on brand for Quiche. You know, he’s already going after girls that aren’t his so. yeah, that’s true. Oh I’m sorry dren *sarcasm*. *laughter* With debate did the series even go on long enough for deep-blue to be a thing. Uuuh No I-I remember it went on to where Deep blue. Oh my god, I remember two years ago when I cosplayed mew Ichigo And I was walking around Anime Expo it always broke my heart a little bit Every time someone was like: “oh my god. I loved watching mew mew power, Can i take a picture?” You can take a picture with Ichigo I don’t know about Zoey. You took all your anger out on the art thieves Man I’ve always wanted to try cosplay I’ve never actually done it. It’s always like so interesting You should! I I could see you like tabling at a convention too. I’ve always wanted to do that, too I know me too. That’s like that’s on my bucket list before I die. And we do a table with me. Yes we could we could continue to bitch about tokyo mew mew at the table and sell like We could just redraw the entire book together the first book and we’ll just sell that you know Is that legal? uh, is any of anime conventions legal? I don’t think so So like it was really gonna stop us Funded by crowdmade y’all Right, you know ,you know what 4kids did well though like I have to I have to give something to him cuz leave shitting on them a lot ~~MARK~~ They, 4kids had a weird like nack for changing soundtracks of anime but making it like catchier? I really like their uh I liked their 4kids anthem That was fun. I remember for the magical girl sequences in particular they changed all the, changed like the music of everything But I remember her tokyo mew mew specifically the transformation sequences They made the music more upbeat and like it was just more memorable That’s fair They like they they did they really did do theme songs well though Though like there’s a reason everyone remembers the one piece theme song, the one piece rap Was one piece 4kids? it was I thought one piece was like super vulgar they changed a lot. Oh, oh, I’m sure. Oh, I’m absolutely positive. Oh, that’s so funny. It’s really funny they they they didn’t know that one piece was like Violent (rea: UHH), they just they didn’t know the source material when they bought it and uh oh They literally judged a book by its cover that’s that’s like watching the first episode of devil man and being like this looks fun YEAH!! What if the rio from devil man is the same rio from tokyo mew mew Oh, man, there’s another boy that I total you forgot existed Just blonde boys doing what blonde boys do What was real and what was what was long-haired boys name? What was oh, well long hair boy’s name was Wesley Wesley and Ryou was changed to Elliot grant *Rea is angry* It’s like I see what they were going for I appreciate the effort but disagree is yeah, I can’t disagree expect mark. mark is fine. I wanna die ~~dren~~ I Can’t do this I need to go to bed We- thank you guys so much for watching this speedpaint never watch any more channels cancelled. We’re done. Oh Emily thank you so much for collabing with me her channel. You already know it anyway We- shut up! I am doing an outro If you somehow don’t know where she’s Emirichu to there’s gonna be a little card go watch her she’s great. I love her She’s fantastic Yeah, go subscribe to emi! thank you so much for watching. Good. Bye Bye, thank you. And of course, thank you to all my patron donors, especially the $10 tier which are the following (I am not subbing this part, the names are on screen if you care) (Subs by Arcadia_Artrix, you can just call me artrix or art) (This took so much time and effort….)
(subbing is alot harder than it looks)

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