Rand Paul and Aqua Buddha!

David Gregory on meet the press. this
this is this is got me scratch my head the news
everybody’s buzzing about the fact the Rand Paul is going off on bill clinton
monica lewinsky something that happened what seventeen years ago or something
like that and and that we litigated as a nation book Bill Clinton was impeached in the
house representatives and and you know he was not convicted in
a Senate by one vote same as Andrew Johnson aunt but he was a
beach for this any lost as his license to practice law
and he was you know roundly humiliated knowledge
kinda stuff for having an affair with us younger woman who was working in his
office much younger woman arm I’ll issues 20th time so why this is why I don’t get him Rand Paul kinda made himself the poster
boy for bashing the clinton’s by saying well you know he’s predatory
this is terrible stuff in the context of hillary first ball we
judge people by their spouses really second ball it’s like to almost two decades old third it was
litigated through the American press but the the
Fed the past many bird this is not Rand Paul’s response in which he said oh yeah bill clinton he
was a predator you know if 20-year-old girl in his office he’s is you know having an affair with her
that’s terrible this by the way the same Rand Paul who Richard A alright but that thing any up while all well I’m finding this
out ok it’s on the one she here in 1983 who want to go back into it in time you
know it’s step step into the Wayback Machine that’s
right excuse me this is some any Davidson writing those who is aqua
Buddha Rand Paul went to Baylor which is a Christian school down in
texas college and he and nosy that was his the the fraternity in a fraternity
brother paid a visit to a female student who is one of Paul’s teammates on the
bill a swim team according to this woman who requested anonymity because a perk
right job is a clinical psychologist quote he and Randy be Rand Paul came to my
house they knocked on my door and then they blindfolded me tied me up and put
me in their car they took me to their apartment in trying to force me to take
bong hits they been smoking pot after the woman refused to smoke with
them Paul and his friend put her back in their car and drove to the countryside
outside a waco where the stop near Creek quote they told me there God was aqua
Buddha and then I needed to power down and worship Him the woman recalls a blindfolded be in may be bowed down to
aqua Buddha in the creek I had to say I worship You aqua Buddha I
worship you at Baylor she adds there were people
actively going around trying to save you and we all had to go to the chapel so
worshipping idols was a big no no more nearly thirty years later the woman
says the whole thing was kinda sadistic they were messing with my mind year so so why in a given that history the Rand Paul has which is a little odd and then bill clinton you know I mean we
all know his art history wide is David Gregory asked this
question Kelly the wife of Senator Rand Paul
practically cut him off to say the bill clinton’s relationship with monica
lewinsky should complicate his return to the white house even as first spouse I would say his
behavior was predatory offensive to women she tells me are these issues i mean that you the
really think would be fair game in an appropriate part of a campaign should
she be the nominee and you know Rampal and I think most
politicians in america would say the it would say no I think most Americans obscene but Rand
Paul know he answered yes that’s it is fair
game in it is a terrible thing in bill clinton and let’s beat up on bill
clinton EL say what you want think we await
whatever maybe I’m missing something here and I’m curious what you think about
this bill clinton was behaving like a doc in heat i mean you know he was just be
was behaving badly in the white house does that disqualify his wife from
running for president should this be part of the political
dialogue discussion I’m curious about your thoughts on and whether you agree with Rand Paul pictures part of his answer I think well
you know i mean the democrats one other big issues as they have concocted says Republicans are
committing a war on women. wanna go workplace laws and rules that I
think are good is that %ah bosses shouldn’t prey on young
interns in our office and I think really the media seems to be
a and given president clinton a pass on this he took advantage of a girl that was 20
years old and in turn in his offers there is no excuse for that and that is
predatory behavior it should be it should be something we shouldn’t want
to associate with people who would take advantage of a young girl dissolved this has been having an affair so I mean
so this this is this is Rand Paul’s take a curious Europe’s will be back it’s
twenty eight minutes past

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  • Has Hilary spoken to Jesus about this yet? Oh yeah, she's a democrat.

  • Ol Rand musta caught hold of some of that Texas Resin Company gear… Aqua Buddha? Really?
    Randannabis Paul… he's not as think as we're stoned he is.

  • They're trying to find something to attack Hilary on, since she may very well run, and that's all they've got.

  • He's right, if this had happened in a private work place liberals would've gone crazy and called for regulations. The feminists too should've been up in arms, but instead they worshipped Monica. If Monica was 2 years younger, we'd all be calling Bill a pedophile.

  • No, but what does disqualify his wife from running for president is that she is a Wall Street whore

  • Only thing Aquah Buddah did was cost a good candidate his chance to be in the Senate. Jack Conway was retarded to do this on Rand Paul

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