QUICKEST GUIDE: MONA LISA DECODED, after 500 years of waiting!! -18 New Undeniable Proofs (2019)

The Mona Lisa is AT LAST DECODED!
Wait for it… Just like the first two letters of their names! It’s a well known fact that Da Vinci
signed both as Leonardo and as Lionardo. Here is for example, Lionardo da Vinci’s
signature on the “Vitruvian Man.” And here is: “Codex Urbinas”
by Lionardo da Vinci. Furthermore, Vasari, the most reliable historian of the Renaissance,
calls him ONLY Lionardo! To return to the Mona Lisa,
try to compare the two different half faces with each other. Da Vinci’s “St. Baptist” painting,
is also split into two different half faces! Try to compare them to each other! One Self. Second Self! Li-onardo.
Sa-lai. The 1st proof out of 18 that Lionardo and Salai left behind for us,
is found in the “Monna Vanna.” Salai’s Self-portrait. Because, the two left half faces of the “Mona Lisa”
and the “Monna Vanna,” ARE IDENTICAL! Feel free to pause and compare. Therefore, Salai is FOR SURE
Mona Lisa’s left half face! And the other half face is of Lionardo da Vinci,
because he named her “Li-Sa.” As Lionardo writes poetically: His Face is: “The Prison of Love,”
between himself and Salai! Don’t reveal it, because their freedom is at stake
in those times, which outlawed erotic relationships
between two males. Love forever,
even if they lose their freedom! And when Lionardo depicts
the anatomy of the human skull, he also splits it into half, and both of its sides are clearly
of a different type, just like in the Mona Lisa. The Decoding of the Mona Lisa
was always right in front of us! Unbelievable? As with her eyes,
in the Mona Lisa’s famous smile, the right side of her lips is straight and serious
and we can see here where that stops… While the left side is obviously smiling. And… That’s why
we find it Enigmatic! And… This is:
Lionardo, by Lionardo! At last, we now know, how Da Vinci
really looked like, and by his own hand! And that is why Mona Lisa is
Lionardo and Salai! And if you look deeper, behind his paintings,
Da Vinci hid, AN INCREDIBLE SECRET! For example.
Can you recognize him? It’s of course:
J.F. Kennedy! His left side looks worried,
while his right side is very confident. His left chin looks a bit chubby,
while his right chin is thin. His left face is unknown,
while his right one is pretty famous! Please, comment on how YOU reacted
when you first saw your two half-faces. This left half body is hard as stone,
while its right one, definitely has more meat! Also, the nipples are
at a different height . And the abdominals naturally create two different shapes,
even though they belong to the same slim person. It actually never is XX.
It’s always two different chromosomes, united in one. Just like us! The most important thing is that you can NOT ignore
the new Anatomical facts that I’ve just showed you. Because, we can now even see our other half self
with our eyes and our microscopes. The goal is to fully understand them. Another proof is that we cannot have internal
conflicts, if we have just one personality! Otherwise, who are we fighting with internally? All this is explained in the novel thoroughly. Therefore, our Two Different Personalites may also be
the Foundation Stone of Psychology, in order to become a science,
since this is the first time that we learnt any Natural Law about our inner world! Meaning, that the anatomy of the Mona Lisa
is exactly like our inner world. We couldn’t have two different half faces,
but just one personality. It’s obviously a division which occurs
from the beginning of our creation, to its end, and that’s why we can see it,
even in our faces! Unbelievable? Right? To me, this is evidently
a defining moment for: One must now, split everything in two different sides, united in one!
Just like in the Mona Lisa! Please, share in the video’s comments section what you make of this insanely groundbreaking and self-evident theory! I don’t think that it’s a coincidence that all major search engines have ranked this theory first, when one searches for:
“Mona Lisa Decoding” or “Decoded.” Furthermore, did you ever wonder,
why they built the hugest face in the History of Mankind? Well, yes! The Great Sphinx of Giza
is also split into two definitely different half faces! Meaning that even the ancient Egyptians knew about our two anatomically different half sides, 4,500 years ago! Trippy, right? Makes you wonder: Let me proudly repeat: Also, the Turin’s Shroud is definitely not an Artwork,
since it’s also split into two very different half faces! Awesome, right? And this is just the beginning! This is the Key for the Epic Adventure of
Rediscovering the World! For Example: Please, like, share, comment,
or subscribe. Aren’t you curious of what your friends make of this theory? And, if you want me to go deeper at any aforementioned subject,
let me know in the comments. Have a great day! 🙂

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  • How did you react when you first saw your two very different half-faces?

  • I'm already convinced by the first, full video! I wonder how come the media outlets haven't picked that up yet! I have no doubt that this is the Mona Lisa's decoding! Best of luck m8!

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