Quem foi Abraham Lincoln? [+16] ( subtitled )

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Let’s find out who Abraham Lincoln was! Have you ever stopped to ask yourself who Abraham Lincoln was why he became so well known? Not?

So let’s know this and other curiosities! Attention: The video is for informational purposes only! The person: Born in Hodgenville, February 12, 1809, Abraham Lincoln was raised in a needy family, but as a self-taught person, he studied hard and became a lawyer, leader of the Whig Party (a protectionist party), was a deputy for Illinois in the decade from 1830, and also a member of the House of Representatives, during the 1840s. And after running for president in 1860 for the Republican Party, even with little support, he traveled the North and ended up being elected president. But how did he manage to accomplish all this? Let’s see below! The story: Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809, in a room in a cabin at Sinking Spring Farm, in Hardin County, Kentucky, USA, being the second child of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Lincoln. At the time of his birth, his father was wealthy, he had several hectares of land, cattle and horses. However, it lost everything due to faulty property titles. That is why they moved north, crossing the Ohio River, seeking non-slave territory. Abraham Lincoln’s childhood was needy because of the loss his father suffered and when he was 9 years old, in Indiana his mother died on October 5, 1818, from eating milk contaminated by the toxin of a plant. His sister Sarah was in charge of looking after him until the following year, when his father remarried. His sister died in 1828, after giving birth to a stillborn baby. Years later, in March 1832, Lincoln would begin his political career, running for the Illinois General Assembly, but shortly thereafter, he had to serve in the Black Hawk War. However, he returned on August 6 to his campaign that aimed at the Illinois General Assembly, but failed that year, although he had a good vote. He was against slavery and sought to help the causes of the poorest people and in 1846 he was elected to the United States House of Representatives and on November 6, 1860 he managed, even with very little support and resources, to be elected president of the USA. After a management with several difficulties, including the First Battle of Bull Run and the search for the end of slavery, Abraham Lincoln ran again for the presidency of the USA and was reelected. He sought the reconstruction of the country and the liberation of the slaves and after winning the war that occurred, he ordered his generals to leave the defeated opponents in peace. He was a politician who emphasized the Declaration of Independence as the basis for political values, considering it as an “anchor” for republicanism. He joined Whigs’ presidential bill, about Congress legislating, while the Executive enforced the laws. However, on April 14, 1865, Maryland’s Confederate actor and spy, John Wilkes Booth, who had a plan to kidnap Lincoln, decided to change his mind and kill him when he learned that he was going to watch a play at the Ford Theater. Lincoln went there without his main bodyguard, and the moment his other security guards went to have a drink, John Wilkes noticed that the president was unprotected in his cabin when he went in and fired a firearm, for example. behind Lincoln, who hit him in the head and killed him on April 15, 1865. Curiosities: Abraham Lincoln has the well-known phrase: you can deceive everyone for a while; you can deceive some all the time; but you can’t fool everyone all the time. Because of his performance and political importance, he was recognized in various parts of the USA, in monuments, such as his statue at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C., USA. Another well-known tribute to President Lincoln is that his face is one of the faces of Mount Rushmore. Do you know other curiosities on the topic? Leave your comment! Conclusion: Abraham Lincoln was an important US politician, having been elected deputy by Illinois and subsequently president of the USA twice in a row and, after his government that faced difficult issues at the time, Abraham Lincoln ended up being shot in the head from behind in the Theater Ford, on April 14, 1865, dying the next day. Today’s video ends here, i hope you liked it! Until the next!

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