Quantum Theory – Full Documentary HD

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  • When my mom walked in I immediately switched to porn cause it was easier to explain

  • 28:51 what if it stopps at border than what will happen

  • 29:11 what if instead of transmission of any kind of signals what if it is like magnetic field between those two if 1is north pole than no other magnet is connected to it having N-pole on that side
    What if dimensions work on same principles gust a little different but same rooted
    Like if N-N repels than N-S of other magnet attracts also at same time if brought close

  • 30:00 what if they uses same fields like that of magnet but
    Having a tendency of long range

  • 31:54 you know about other case only after getting yours case open not untill it's closed as at that time there is a probability that glove might be stolen during its journey to you

  • Which Physics topic is hard to understand For u?
    YouTube #TechnicalPhysics can make it easy.

  • I’m tryna sleep

  • I knew I was Spartacus.

  • This is so awesome and close to God, it makes me cry!

  • I need to visit a phycologist after this video

  • @ 52.33 karma, Mesopotamia, and onward realms and underworlds have existed for well a long time before Quantum Theory– it seems they all centre on atoms and light- just saying 🙂 its not the newest of ideas, the newest of physical explanations 😉 Great video our children will learn much more than you and I ever will- True words Louis Armstrong. thank you for this

  • This is what weed was made for

  • when you see the first glove that is certainty then you know about the other glove.bt if you don't see the first glove u are on possibilities. that's how it's work. you see the moon that's why it's there in your view but moon isn't there where you think cause earth and moon also moving.
    "my thought" after watching this video

  • Everyone who wants to make some sense of quantum mechanics must know from the beginning that (a) physicists do not know yet why it works; (b) there are DIFFERENT interpretations of it – so whoever tells you "I KNOW" – is a lair. https://www.cognisity.how/2019/10/entanglement.html

  • So quantum can be true and false st same time

  • This is the stupidest shit i ever saw. All based on theory aka bullshit

  • This is so stupid. Ever heard of multi-threaded computer applications? This guy is a retard, don't listen to him

  • But then where are the uncertanities in astrophysics and classical mechanics.

  • when I first learned about Quantum Physics is about a year ago, I was tripping on LSD and watched a Quantum Physics documentary called "What The Bleep We Know". I was so deep into the rabbit hole and Steven Weinberg is right, life is not just the same anymore and I am glad actually. The World that I lived in has never been the same ever since, reality shattered just to see another reality but in a fantasy way, wtf but fucking amazing LOL if this comment make sense to any of you out there.

  • How far away is reproducing 2 brians in france can it b repeated once scaned can brians b downloaded and reproduced can brian info b shiped to else where and then reproduced
    Just a fyi Google has announced quantom supremacy

  • I find the distances staggering the distance between a atom and the plank length is bigger than a atom and the edge of the known universe amazing distances

  • To fellow needs brians book a elegant universe is amazing to nerd out to

  • Other theories exist.

  • Nova gotta chill on these shout outs lmao

  • Aight imma head out .

  • Quantum Mechanics : https://quantum-physics-hub.blogspot.com

  • no jam

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