Pyramids True Purpose FINALLY DISCOVERED: Advanced Ancient Technology

Mainstream historians will tell you that the Great Pyramid of Giza was a glorified tomb for the Egyptian pharaohs The only monument left of the original seven wonders of the world This structure was created with impeccable Mathematical precision and is a unique mysterious feat of construction and of engineering There’s only one problem the Great Pyramid has none of the characteristics of tunes including Extravagant artifacts Ornate wall art sealed entrances elaborate coffins Or even mummies themselves it was however built with unique materials the same materials that are used today for electrical conductivity These facts are leading more and more historians to believe the pyramids may have had a far more useful purpose The Pyramid of Giza was not at all a tomb but a power plant Generating and transmitting electricity to the civilization surrounding it impossible Join the universe inside you for a closer look You To start, it’s important to comprehend the tremendous effort that went into creating these monuments The pyramids of giza are among no less than 118 of these structures in Egypt alone and that doesn’t even include those pyramids in other parts of the world given our current understanding of how early civilizations built their monuments It would have taken no less than 20 years to build these so-called tombs, and that’s if no less than 20,000 workers worked daily to this day Historians still can’t prove exactly how or when they were built This leads us to ask what resting place for the dead could possibly be so important that it would warrant such phenomenal effort time and precise engineering Even without knowing that they have nothing in common with regular tombs You only need to stand before them to realize that’s a lot of work for a cadaver Naturally, we make conclusions based on the assumption that ancient civilizations were more primitive than us but what if intellectual evolution isn’t always linear can advanced technology be lost and Rediscovered centuries later is it possible that an ancient culture had knowledge of and used electrical power to Know for sure let’s look at another case where technology of power generation Appears to have been used and then forgotten We know Edison and Tesla brought electricity into common use moving into the 20th century Yet in Iraq in 1934 three artifacts were found together a ceramic pot a tube of copper and a rod of iron which when combined with a liquid acid can be used to create chemical reactions that produce an electrical charge Known as the Baghdad or Parthian battery these materials date back 2,000 years ten years after their discovery Someone using grape juice with similar materials successfully generated a few volts of electricity this process has since been demonstrated on the Discovery Channel’s program Mythbusters where lemon juice activated the electrochemical reaction between the copper and the iron producing 4 volts of electricity Nowadays you can simply search online to find instructions on how to create your own battery using these chemical principles But historians have long assumed that thousands of years ago. There was no knowledge of this technology That this archaeological find is mere coincidence Even though we’ve long marveled over artifacts with intricate gold plating which requires electricity to be created quite simply Energy generation happens as a result of simple chemical properties and can be done by anyone with four basic materials So here are some important facts about the structure and the materials of the pyramid For starters it contains angled tunnels which lead not only into the pyramid, but deep underground To areas claimed is still to be unexplored What too needs a shaft directed into the earth? We also know that centuries ago. There were enormous swivel doors that weighed no less than 20 tons But miraculously it was so well engineered. It could be moved to enter with a push of a hand Since no Egyptian tomb has ever been found to be deliberately accessible What was their interest in? continuing to visit the mummies or Could such a door have served the purpose of perhaps containing and insulating the space inside Though you’d almost never know it the Great Pyramids of Giza were once covered in white polished limestone Referred to as casing stones The cuts made in this reflective stone were angled perfectly so it would have a smooth flat appearance This would have made the giant structures brightly reflect the light of the Sun like a mirror it also would have made perfect insulation inside the structure a large earthquake in 1303 disrupted the casing stones And they were removed to use on other structures today all that remains is the inner core of the pyramid The image of the incredible amount of light that would have reflected from the monument Raises curiosity as does the reason for the insulation was there a desire to draw attention to their dead To keep mummies warm or cooler perhaps something else Next the material dolomite was used on the inner surfaces Dolomite is known to increase electrical conductivity Directly relative to the amount of pressure on it high pressure creates more electrical current Next lining the passageways and underground tunnels of the pyramids is granite, which is slightly radioactive Granite contains high amounts of quartz crystal with metal and it’s a well known conductor of pzo electricity piezo electricity occurs as a result of stress or pressure on the quartz as Demonstrated by the wristwatches which can be charged simply by rapidly shaking them This granite actually ionizes the air inside the pyramid creating a chemical reaction which again increases the conductivity of electricity When such electrons are given the chance to bypass sections of rock via metal wire quite large currents can flow Another important material used to construct them is the mysterious mortar half a million tons of it Which holds the giant stones in place? Though it’s been analyzed many times modern technology is yet to exactly recreate this gypsum Which comes from sediment? This chip some can withstand Tremendous pressure and astoundingly is even stronger than the stones themselves Clearly it’s contributed to keeping the monument intact for thousands of years But could there be another reason why they used a material which could withstand such a high pressure So limestone dolomite granite Supposedly constructed for a tomb are in fact analogous to the exact materials we use to make electrical wires they also share a relationship with pressure which increases their electro conductivity Just northwest of the Great Pyramid is the syrup and Here there are 20 huge granite boxes each weighing 100 tons Classic Egyptologists say these are coffins Yet, the granite here came from 500 miles away and each box is so large and so heavy that there’s no possible way it can fit through the existing tunnels and entrances These supposed sarcophagi were therefore Somehow built into the structure with such precision They’re within a ten thousandth of an inch of being perfectly flat in the meantime Any electrical engineer will explain that a container serving as an energy capacitor or battery? Must be made entirely of the same substance, so there’s no interruption in the magnetic field could these boxes be just that if So there’s a centuries-old granite sarcophagus on Display in an Egyptian Museum, that’s thought to be unfinished Unlike those in the pyramids this one’s cracked Suggesting that perhaps it wasn’t unfinished But simply abandoned because the crack which occurred would have interrupted the magnetic field Permitting it from successfully serving its purpose So there is clear evidence to support the possibility of an Electrical use Since the supposed Sarcophagi are clearly way too large for a human being the accepted theory is that they were Yes, believe this bull coffins for the pharaohs prized bulls Makes you wonder who came up with the bull coffin theory to add to the mystery in 1993 a mysterious and inaccessible room was discovered after remaining hidden for thousands of years appearing to have deliberately been concealed by the structures engineers the room came to be called the Queen’s Chamber and was finally explored in 2011 with a small remote camera to reveal a long-lost mummy hardly it contained carefully crafted copper wire and More importantly there were instructions painted as symbols onto the floor which appeared to show a clear wiring diagram Look at any battery from those used in large power plants to the smallest pellet batteries in wristwatches and you’ll see that they require a metal such as copper to create the chemical reaction known as potential difference You can run an electric current through copper wire and the coil will produce a short range magnetic field at a second coil and the power is transferred from one quill to the other a windowless room with copper wiring Could create a higher potential on one wall which transfers energy to the lower potential on the other wall consequentially releasing electromagnetic energy into the confined space of the so-called Queen’s Chamber sadly these wires have since disappeared entirely and Mainstream Egyptologists claim there’s no functionality whatsoever to this room as they also claim There’s no functionality of anything in this structure beyond the ways it serves as a tomb good place to note however That the foremost Egyptologist Zahi Hawass was indicted for theft of Egyptian antiquities It could still be argued that the electrical materials used to construct the Great Pyramid are simply coincidental Because an energy generator still requires a catalyst from another source perhaps Then this explains why the pyramids are geographically located over a powerful natural generator underground rivers and aquifers physio electricity could be harnessed from the power of the current as the water flows and It has been proven that thousands of years ago the Nile River passed directly by where the structures now stand of Course this brings in a debate about the age of the pyramids themselves along with the weathering on the nearby Sphinx Indicating that the monuments are actually double the age. They’re currently assumed to be Perhaps that would explain why there’s no mention of the pyramids or their creation in any of the Egyptian writings So if water was a source of power it would have traveled up the limestone based on the principle of capillary action Which happens when a small area of a substance that gets wet? Absorbs into the entire area of that substance So water flowing near or underneath the pyramid could have been absorbed as it passed over the limestone even traveling upward to the top of the structure the Quartz and the tunnels of the pyramids would subject to the stress or vibration creating pzo electricity The high force speed of the rising water and the pressure would be analogous to filling a syringe generating electromagnetic energy within the structure by the materials within it and conducting it upwards to the now-missing capstone but why The geographical location of the pyramid may give us some clues It is located exactly at a point Which magnifies the electromagnetic forces on the planet where Talia recurrence are at their strongest? There’s an electromagnetic field at the bottom of the pyramid which would rise to the upper layers with these chemical reactions We don’t know for sure what capped the pyramid, but there is speculation that it may have been gold Explaining of course why it’s long since been missing If it were gold this could have created a conductive path for energy to be directed upwards high into the ionosphere If Super conductive materials were used to create this monument for energy then the potential for something even more amazing Might have been possible Wireless electricity Sound far-fetched One bold and extraordinary man swore this was possible and he may have showed us. How we Know of Nikola Tesla as the solitary genius responsible for the electric engine radio laser radar and for creating a tremendous competitive spirit in Thomas Edison We know Tesla sought above all to serve mankind in fact despite his extraordinary Contributions, he’s scarcely known or credited for his genius At the 1893 World’s Fair Tesla transmitted electricity naturally to a light bulb He held in his hands, and he created the Tesla coil which is used more today for show than for the function It was intended to serve Most importantly we know that Tesla claimed Adamantly that he had perfected the method of harnessing and transmitting free wireless energy using the electromagnetic nature of the planet in a patent Tesla file in September of 1897 he Claimed that at 30,000 feet altitude There’s a stratum of rarefied air that would conduct electric currents at high voltages In this proposed system was a transmitter, which would transmit millions of volts into the atmosphere Then he had something received the electricity and reduce the voltage to a convenient potential to be used by consumers in An experiment the last week of July in 1903 Nearby residents claimed to have witnessed Tesla successfully conduct his experiment at the warden safe tower while Tesla himself Sharing his new method of conductivity Said that it lit up the night sky as if it were a giant fluorescent tube It’s even been said that he successfully wirelessly transmitted pictures and sounds though all of his work has been Mercilessly destroyed this cannot be proven Sadly Tesla’s technology was confiscated shortly after his death he died in poverty and the US government destroyed his tower Claiming it was being used by German spies Had Tesla succeeded in his mission the distribution of power on this planet would have been very different today Compared Tesla’s technology to the pyramids the location height and electromagnetic materials We’ve seen induction between copper wires work for short distances for a long distance Transfer the same principle can be applied when acoustic energy is converted to kinetic energy and the frequencies match The way an opera singer can shatter a glass when the sound wave he is singing matches the resonant frequency of the glass so if there’s a magnetically oscillating current And you create a second possessing same frequency the wireless transmission can pass through solid materials and through long distances The frequency which would have been released from the pyramid would have to have been in the surrounding area Perhaps this would explain the obelisks the tall monuments, which could be acting as receivers Particularly if there’s a quartz stone at the top of them This would also explain the ancient carvings in Egypt, which so clearly indicate light sources It’s boggling to think anyone would even argue it in The Hathor temple the Dendera light is one such image it Perfectly resembles modern electrical technology showing a wire inside of a bulb like area and a box which appears to be a receiver Across from this carving is a similar image but the system appears to be falling into the hands of a reptilian-looking being as Though it’s a warning of the potential to abuse as technology Mainstream historians scoff and make more primitive conclusions, but still the pyramids show no sign of sit from flame torches Instead there are multiple carvings, which show these antennae like objects that appear to be a transmitter Near another object shaped like the famous symbol the ankh which appears to be the receiver Given all this it seems so much more believable that the Great Pyramid functioned using the same principles and conditions as Tesla sought to demonstrate That they conducted and directed electromagnetic energy into the ionosphere where it generated and transmitted electricity wirelessly to receivers within the civilization We’ve long believed that the pyramids were just tombs, but this theory raises more questions than it answers Why do they have nothing in common with other tombs? Why do unique construction materials made to build it including the very materials required for conducting power? Why the oversized granite Boxes proven to have never contained any mummies or the ones that are clearly too large for humans Why the alignment with the North Pole that 20-ton swivel doors? Intricate tunnels and chambers shafts and areas still yet to be discovered Why is there no soot from fire torches anywhere inside the structure and why do the tunnels protrude deep into the earth These mysteries still elude our understanding But more and more people are accepting the possibility that the Great Pyramid of Giza had a more important function than we understand We know there is a heightened electromagnetic measurement around the pyramid. That’s equivalent to that made in an electrical storm We also know that if you look at them from space you can see that They’re actually eight sided not four sided and that there are strange heat spots observable only with special equipment They have unique electric materials Including copper and a design that suggests high pressure and water power They have a powerful magnetic structure and placement over the telev occurrence They’re aligned with the stars and the unique art of the area shows clear depictions of wired light sources All these things suggest there’s a lot more to this story than we’ve been told all these circumstances make the likelihood high that the pyramid was created to be a compact energy generator and a broadcasting system that transmitted electricity wirelessly The implications for this understanding of electrical power by an ancient culture is huge It would rewrite history as we know it Do you think that free energy could be transmitted wirelessly around the world ? and whether or not you do believe that do you think that if it really could do that we would actually know about it Thank you for watching And hit the like button if you enjoyed this video if you’re new please hit subscribe And the bell next to it to be notified of future releases

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  • I have reasons to believe that if the pyramids are brought down, the moon will no longer be held to earth's orbit. The intelligence that built the pyramids must have created the moon to harness energy from the earth's magnetic field & channel it elsewhere for purposes only known to them. The geoposition of the pyramids 29.9792458°N is equivalent to the speed of light which is 299792458m/s which basically means that in relation to the assumed purpose of the pyramid and the speed of light. The Moon's distance from the sun is roughly estimated to be similar with that of the Earth, this drove me to think that maybe the central core position of the moon can be connected directly using a straight line to the top of the pyramid of Giza. Anyone who can connect this will find it fascinating that the hollow moon theory could be true. There is intelligence in the moon not on the moon & this intelligence harness energy directly from the earth. Hiding in plain site.
    Theories of Extraterrestrials.
    Magus Njihia

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  • During my 1st trip to Egypt, in the mid 1980s, spending time in the king’s chamber of the great pyramid ..the energy was palpable.
    – During the “Arab Uprising,” Dr. Hawass was personally responsible for organizing a group of men in Cairo, as he had them surround the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, link arms, preventing an angry mob from destroying and/or pillaging the museum, literally robbing Egyptians of their extraordinary heritage. These men put themselves on the line.
    – I’m not familiar with the allegations against Dr. Hawass, however, during the 15-20 years we have known each other, Dr. Hawass has consistently been a man of honor.
    One who cares deeply about Egypt, the people of Egypt and the heritage / future of Egypt, for they are eternally linked. 🐫 🌴

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  • This video is educational the sound off voice is inspirational english language is liek wisper off trill and joy missed that talk with love an joy and sympathy nefree is nice mom to thanks!

  • Actualy this is how US society should be even on Hardward educational with love and care starting from highscool education bringing new values off love and inspiration is like mild wisper in ear is actualy a nefre dream about life elsewhere too thanks jawdroped that US girls give so much care about society and education and care , sounds like first sex educational aproach to life love care that opens mind through education and country in vision nefre was high and thinking about scfi message to universe and more preaty kids that is genuine maessage off love or love from outher side off world or how we experience it or showing love or courage and reason for beacon in space is educational for people , so distant future speak a lot off inspirational based society on love and educational science which hypoteticaly says chess on board llaying with nefre chess or enjoyjng love was her dream and entire egipt so cool so so great even with small bateries how perminent they were ?

  • Actualy what puzle is english type language is kind off call and describtion despite off nation with scfi vision could theybbe just society off beer and working people and actualy a girl in the night or lesb at joy is is always blessed and entire balance is based on this since they in egipt didnt now but lived established life and offer their vision off future why is this thought because off egzistance off girls whomwanted to be preaty and drink beer anrpd had lesbian life just to be in life comodity and actualy this reason defeted nefre but she left he thougts in future and kinf off trends o beauty for girls to oractice to be preaty so basicly the thoughts are same that we should watch on people who we close are and have some light in space as view that is why woman organ is life in space and direction for sex ahead as beauty dsespite thhey were nio modern and possibly describing modern way as birth as on knee funy it is possibke or modern you should ask docs if it still futuristic or good for country actualy they describe world health by birth or stars view and good wishes to kids which are respectfull and big wishes for faraons but simple in terms off tehnology in that times hugh but not lies, also society hooked on power in search for stars vsion and healrh with misterious view acording to girls and plots. So treasons and jealousy also possibke which today in tech is a bit limited but not imposible, and more and more realistic as people or civilzation improve also pyramids for beacons off light are so artist inspiration and then she is nefre and despite the faraon under pressure, and not so much love with spirit police , helpin on wishes secret pleasure etcn wealth lost in economy rich at night with light in habit

  • stating the obvious: there is too much greed for there to ever be "free" wireless electricity for any society. We live in evil times. And that is unfortunate. The elite of the world want to keep those below the elites in servitude.

  • thats because they were designed by the original fallen angels, who created their own civilisation in many forms, including the giants, and the spirits of the giants who are evil spirits also called demons and also known as 'aliens' children..

  • Not enough Body BaarDs to Spook You will suffice i'm canswering that IU Q.

  • Debate between AI + HI Both ALL good.

  • Be REAL You will Be Fine.

  • Now this is the first bit of info on the pyramids that I believe

  • remote veiw the pyramids find the truth for yourself

  • What is the true purpose of pyramid and what's is inside here???

  • Siguro pag napagana yung electricity na NASA luob ng pyramid na Yan may lalabas na malakas na puwersa hanggang kalawakan may madidiscover tayo na iba pa Sana mapagana siya para malaman na ung itinatagong secreto ng pyrAmid 😁

  • Subokan Kaya nila lagyan ng tubig o subokan nilang paganahin para malaman Kung ano talaga Ang gamit ng pyrAmid

  • Where did they pee and poo in the pryamid?

  • You know it makes me laugh. We could have had free energy so long ago and life would have been so different right now but what went wrong. GREED and CONTROL or POWER.
    We follow like sheep and allow those that control our day to life to manipulate our daily life style. The earth is a giant generator but we have been made forget earth true potential in giving us free energy and so much more including cannabis derivatives. So many inventions have been made vanish like the engine that runs on 16% fuel and the rest water with an agent combining the two together to make it combust and release the hydrogen energy within. So go on tell me where all these idea's have gone. Locked away to never be seen again until our other fuels have run dry.
    What was the first fuel used in an engine, where was it made. Is this oil renewable. Rudolph Diesel thought so and used it in his first designs of his engine.
    Where have we gone wrong.

  • merci

  • Getting real tired of being really engrossed in a video and all of a sudden "HI, IM ESTHER…" with her big dog face. Hey Esther, kiss the crack of my actual ass; I'm plainly trying to learn something here-nobody gives a holy royal sparkling fuck about whatever it is you're selling.
    Ahem…pardon me. I just couldn't carry on without spewing forth that info. My apologies to all except Esther. Carry on as you all were.

  • People will ONLY see what they want to see.

  • The Egyptians were contacting the Aliens 😂

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