Protect Your Online Privacy Now With ExpressVPN

This is Todd. Hi! This is Todd’s mom. Hi! In a moment, Todd’s mom will read her son’s
internet browsing history. What? Aloud, please. Um… No! Why don’t girls like me? How to overcome an overbearing mother…? Okay, cut, cut, stop! If you wouldn’t want mom looking though your
web history, why would you let hackers, ad companies, or your internet and cellular provider
do the same thing? Why does my junk burn? They can track and record everything you do
online—but not if you have ExpressVPN. Why did you buy a $200 ninja outfit? For fighting… ExpressVPN apps keep your activity and identity
private while you browse, stream, email, or download. Protect all of your devices with just one
click. Are my hands small? Okay, I’m done. You guys are all terrible people. To learn more and get three extra months of
ExpressVPN protection for free, go to ExpressVPN—take bake your privacy today! Woo!

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