ProList | Ultimate Impostrip® and Ultimate Bindery® Case Study

Prolist was founded in 1989, primarly as a
data management and data processing company. And over the last 30 years, we’ve added direct
mail services, fulfillment services and most recently digital inkjet capability.
The challenges we ran into when we first invested in our digital inkjet press were, number 1,
we really didn’t have much of an idea of how to efficiently impose one page on such a large
sheet. We needed a solution that was robust enough to give us all the capability we needed
and also has to optimize the use of every sheet of paper.
We came across Ultimate imposition through a partner of ours Konica Minolta. We got a
digital press from them, the KM-1. The unique thing about that digital press is that it’s
23×29” sheet size. We got with Konica and we said: ”Look. We need to be able to impose
all these jobs. We don’t have a prepress department. How can we do it?” And they connected us
with Ultimate Impostrip and the solution was perfect. If you have an 8.5×14” letter, you
could impose it 4-up, but you’re loosing paper and ink costs by not being able to get 5 of
those legal size letter on a sheet. We knew that. We tried to do it ourselves with some
of the software we currently had in house. It just wasn’t working. And we knew what we
wanted in a solution and Impostrip actually offered exactly what we wanted.
The imposition software Ultimate Impostrip will automatically impose the job in an optimal
way so that we limit the paper waste as much as possible. Impostrip takes care of all the
printer’s marks: crops, bleeds, whatever other marks are necessary. The registration is always
spot-on, perfect, we never have any issue with that. Most of our output is variable
and we have to maintain the proper stacks sort and that’s the other critical thing that
Ultimate Impostrip does for us. It keeps the jobs in the exact sequence it needs to be
in for postal pre-sorting all the way down to the rest of the process.
The implementation was pretty easy. I don’t really even think about it anymore. At the
operator level, it’s one drop of a file into a hot folder. The time there is minimal.
We have another solution, Ultimate Bindery, ties into. Ultimate Bindery creates a JDF/PDF
and sends it automatically in a hot folder to our bindery cutting solution, and it works
seamlessly. The Ultimate Bindery software creates the
instructions necessary for our bindery equipment. In our case, it’s our 40-inch cutter. It communicates
to the cutter exactly what needs to happen on the cutting portion of this job, to the
point where the operator sees an image of the piece, the software shows how to rotate
the piece on a cutter and automatically adjusts the cutter so it’s always making the exact
correct cut. Cutting is a big headache. You have to have
experience. So the automated solution that we were being offered, I was like: We have
to jump on it. To program 50 cuts into a cutter; even the best person doing it, it’s gonna
take 20-30 minutes. You’re gonna hope their math is right. You’re gonna hope that they
actually set the right cuts. But with Ultimate Bindery, we don’t have to worry about that.
Training is very easy. We can take somebody off the streets as a new hire and put him
on the machine and show him what to do. They are often running on their own right away.
We don’t have to do jobs twice. We don’t have people cutting things wrong. We cut it right
the first time and it’s right on point. One of the things we were concerned about with
the 23×29” sheet size that we had no experience in cutting at all. Ultimate Bindery seamlessly
creates our print-ready files and our cut-ready files. The operator really at that point just
has to load the paper and makes sure they are turning the paper the right way.
We’ve been using Ultimate Impostrip and Ultimate Bindery for over a year and a half. It’s so
easy to use. It’s kind of a set-it-and-forget-it. You don’t need to use all these other different
programs. It’s just one solution and it does it all.
In the end, it’s better quality, less labour, happier customers and a better bottom-line.
The importance of an end-to-end automated workflow is critical in our business, and
the staff at Ultimate has really been dedicated to our success from day 1.

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