Primitive Technology: Mud Bricks

Cutting timber Stuck on branches Measuring 50 cm Splitting wood with stone chisel Carving tenons (a type of carpentry joint) The two ends of the mold Carving mortises Assembling mold Lashing with cane to hold it together Clearing weeds Water Digging mud pit Palm fiber stops mud cracking as it dries Forming a brick Setting out bricks to dry Stacking semi dry bricks Making half bricks by cutting with bark fiber string 140 bricks were made Assembling bricks into a kiln Fire box level Ware chamber level Plastering kiln with mud Making fire Drying out kiln Ash Making tiles from mud (not clay) 30 tiles drying Tiles in kiln Covering with broken tiles Half an hour in 1 hour 1.5 hours 2 hours 2.5 hours 3 Hours Finished. Closing up kiln (stops cold air getting in) The next day Stones in the tile melted slightly due to the heat The mud was high in sand and silt so there were 7 broken tiles They can be used as grog next time Tiled roof over kiln Brick and mold

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