Potato Bombs recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

sausage I got a lotta cute shoes on go down to the house a sausage a gamma bomb me a fraud and a red hot dog welcome to barbecue pit boys calm today we’re cooking up our potato bombs on the grill and they’re real easy to do all right what I have there’s some bacon potatoes these here are russets they’re the perfect potato to use for our potato bombs doing this recipe you want to use a bacon potato like these russets are just a good quality bacon potato now here I’ve got a yaa apple corer and what we’re gonna do here is a core these russets right down the center it’s real easy just give it a good twist I’m gonna pull these plugs right out just like that simple enough and let me core out a couple more just to show you how it’s done [Music] now these potato bombs are real good as a side dish for their meal on their own we’ll see you get finished stuffing these [Music] all right just a couple twists push that plug right out [Music] now let me warn you you’re gonna wanna make a bunch of these up through your next pit party your family picnic for tailgating because man you’re gonna go real fast all right taters have been court now we got some stuffing now this is uh potato bombs 101 so we’re gonna pull out a full tray of stuff in here just to show you what you can do now here I’ve got some sliced turkey here I’ve got some prosciutto I’ve got some corned beef here we’ve got some dogs we got some sausage dogs we’ve got some Italian meatballs sausage here got some Spain oh yeah I’ve got a have some spam here I’ve got some breakfast sausage real good for breakfast got some cooked bacon here I’ve got some cooked salami got some roast beef here I’ve got some country ham I’ve got some sweet butter here I’ve got habanero cheese I’ve got some green onion I have some sweet onion here and here I’ve got some blue cheese oh yeah use your favorite jeans here’s some cheddar right here and here I’ve got some smoked sausage got some chopped garlic there we’ve got some barbecue sauce oh yeah here we’ve got some bacon we’ve got some pork belly bacon we’re gonna need this some of your potato bombs all right now let me show you how do we stuff these potatoes making up some potato bombs what a tickle a slice of meat here and uh they’re out here I have some cheddar cheese you can just wrap this cheddar cheese with your favorite meat whatever else you got going on like I said I’m gonna show you a few of these how to put it together then it’s up to you you want to make your potato pies yeah you stuff that meat and cheese in there yeah grab a little bit of onion a little bit of garlic put plug in on the other side just like that here’s your basic potato bomb [Music] do a couple more will speed it up all right put plug in start stuffing whatever you want the habanero cheese lolani more minced garlic here I’ve got some sweet butter you know where we’re going with this then you want to take a slice of bacon on some of your bombs and give it a good rap now this bacon is gonna get nice and crispy wrong with the tater skin it’s real good now that we’ve shown you how to do this is really not much more I need to say so you just kicked back and relaxed watch us make a bunch of potato pie [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] all right all the potato bombs have been wrapped in aluminum foil and we’re placing it on a grill we’re gonna want to cook at about 375 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit it’s only gonna take about an hour hour and 15 minutes [Music] now about halfway through your cooking we’re gonna flip these potatoes so we get some nice even cooking [Music] all right another half-hour to 45 minutes to go [Music] all right through the miracle of time these barbecue pit boys potato bombs are dumb start pulling them off the grip [Music] take a look at that crispy bacon tater skin Oh baby [Music] [Music] so the next time you’re looking to eat up some of these potato bombs you check out a barbecue pit boys pit you you [Music]

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