Why do you like three musketeers? Mars Mars: You should all be careful the invisible mosh pit right here. You might get hurt. Titanic Sinclair: There’s an invisible mosh pit Doritos Sandwich Poppy: Doritos! Sandwich Doritos Sandwich Poppy: Doritos! Sandwich Poppy: Doritos! Sandwich MMmm Mars Agro essentially was the first Poppy *LAUGHING* Doritos! *snazzy music with chips* Doritos! Doritos Sandwich *snazzy music continues* Poppy: Plants are our friends. Zack Sang: I agree, I’m a succulent guy! I have plants all over the studio. … Poppy: I don’t see any – feel so many things that human beings feel like DoRiToS Zack Sang: Who’s they? I’m Mars Argo. I’m Titanic Sinclair. Welcome to our computer show. When you go back in time, what’s your favorite, era to join? Welcome to our video blog. Is Titanic your love? *LAUGHING* NO Subscribe for more Peace out fam

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